Upton Ave No
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My mother rented this double bungalow from 1964 to 1969. Totally opposite side of Minneapolis and a very long drive to work for both of us. Why there? Because her boyfriend was 4 blocks a way. I was given the basement. Angi and Chris had to share a room. I was able to put up walls to create a room for me, a party room with bar and when Angi came back from the Marines she had the other half.
Next door was an American Indian mother with two teenage daughters. On the other half was a drunken bar owner, his massive wife with way too much makeup and hair. And their teenage daughter who was a hooker and ended up having a kid. On the other side of the alley was a policeman with a teenage son and I would shoot buckets with him once in a while.
No garage which was bad in winter. Luckily the other house across the alley had been vacated and the owner allowed me to rent his garage for $5/month when I got my convertible. Down the block was a family of policemen, so even though we were in a poor part of town you kind of felt secure. Worst that happen was battery being stolen out of the car and another time the rear window smashed in.


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