Erie St
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Rented this one bedroom apartment with Darrell Johnson. It was close to the university campus which was handy for my computer course as I spent many late hours there, punching in cards to be fed into the IBM 360. On the way home I would stop at a small grocery store and buy a bottle of Coke and a dozen doughnuts. The building smelt from Asian cooking. There was coin washing/drying machines in the basement but I brought my stuff home for mom to do. It was an excuse to visit. We went through roommates: Darrell's future brother-in-law, Chuck, then Dave Narlock from work and lastly Wayne from work.

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Dave and cousin

Tom Kelley and Christine 1968


After (May 1969)


April 1969

May 1969

Steve Newstrom

Darrell 1968

Chuck 1968

Bob 1969