De La Salle Classmates
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John Andrychowicz
When I tried out for the basketball team I had to go 1-on-1 against him and he was better than me.
In gym we had this 660yd race. Three times around the track. Going into the 3rd lap I was the hare showing off to the crowd in the bleachers. I noticed up ahead at the first bend the John was making a move and getting into the front. So I made my move and worked my way through the bunch. Once clear I turned on the afterburners and managed to catch up with him at the final bend and scorched home in a comprehensive win. Set the school record.
Mr Miller in Junior history used to call hi "An-drick-o-witz" its actually "An-dri-chow-witz". Sophomore year he was voted "Best Student".




Richard Bastyr
Dick was a fun guy. A relative of his was pastor at my family's church in Bechyn, On Novembr 7, 1961 he and I went to Dayton's after school where he bought a sliderule.

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