This is a record of my Greeting Cards
From a letter to the Bette and Frank in 1984:
"Christmas cards?  I am always putting ideas aside in my head, saving cartoons or clippings that could be used.  I have a great number of MAD magazines and comic books.  So when I have an idea I look through trying to find something that I can use in the drawing part of it.  I like to think my better cards take me a very long time (weeks of brooding).  Then when I have it all straight in my mind and have some sketches made, its just a matter of half an hour or so to do the finished card.  I make one Christmas card a year, about two birthday cards which I make multiple copies and then about 5 one-of-a-kind specialty cards (unique to the person or situation)".

That was a while back. Nowadays, I tend to make individual cards whenever I can do so, with an annual Christmas card.  Having sworn off computer graphics for many years I am using scanned photos and the much better computer generated text more and more and I rarely open my drawer of felt tips to ink in a hand-drawn card.
From a fan: "Thank you for remembering the children's birthdays - they find your cards a refreshing change from the store versions".
Another: "Thank you! You make the neatest cards!" - KK

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