This is a record of my Art work

I have always been a draftsman, a copier not a creator; so I have never said that I was an artist. At an early age I recall using watercolors to paint copies of the exotic animals in a book I had, but it was always the pencil that I used (probably because you could erase errors). I did try an "oil" painting using the paints for my plastic model kit sets. It was Gail who thought I should paint and forced me into it by buying me acrylic paints in 1973. When we took a year off in 1975 I set up a studio in Dawson, MN and got stuck into oils. Back to work and a break until 1981 when I took up the brush once again for a few years. Sometimes I think I might be an artist because there is always a yearning to set up an easel, but I never do.....

Oil Sketches Acrylic

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