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After the CrashAbert GeoffreyHow To80-5Survive depression of 80s2.50re-read 2015 tossedpic
Watership DownAdams RichardF79-9life in a rabbit warren2.25 pic
ShardikF79-12bear thinks he is God2.75 pic
LandformsAdams & WyckoffRef95-10Golden Guide0.99re-read 11 gave awaypic
Half of a Yellow SunAdichie Chmama NgoziF16-4Nigerian Civil War pic
New MathematicsAdler IrvingMath61-12counting numbers, then shows why we need zero, negative numbers, fractions, irrational numbers, imaginary numbers and complex numbers0.30  
Great Pierpoint MorganAllen FredrickBio71-2Banker0.00  
Mark It and Strike ItAllen SteveABio12-6with philosophy thrown in3.50 pic
Stories of Eva LunaAllenda IsabelSS05-6 0.00Gail'spic
Flying Saucer from MarsAllingham CedricUFO70-7a spoof of "Flying Saucers Have Landed"0.00  
Dukes of Hazzard Gone Racin'Alter EricF10-11 0.00tossedpic
Gridiron CourageAlton EverettF59-3  Lib bkpic
Mathematics in Fun and EarnestAltshiller Court, NathanMath63-6 0.00 
Passage Of ArmsAmbler EricF - Adv79-6Gun smuggler wants to set up a legit bus co in Malaysia0.00Gave away 1996pic
Dark FrontierF73-4scientist invents atomic bomb0.00 
Dirty StoryF74-10white mercenary in Africa0.00pic
Railroads In The Days Of SteamAmerican HeritageHist70-1 0.75gave to Davidpic
Men of Science and InventionsSci70-3 0.00  
Story of Yankee WhalingHis70-4 0.00  
Notes from the FutureAmosoff NSF75-9Russian placed into a cold sleep and wakes up in 19910.00  
Anderson's Fairy TalesAnderson Hans ChristianF71-11 0.00  
Corridors Of TimeAnderson PoulSF92-820th century man becomes involved in a time war1.60Gave away 1995
There Will Be TimeSF92-7group of time travellers led by a bigoted and ruthless American, whose aim is to break the Maurai domination, and re-establish industrial civilization0.00 
Trouble TwistersFF76-Master Merchant's Falkayn, becomes confidental associate of an uncrowned prince Nicholas van Rijn, and ruled entire planets. An alien posse rides hot on his heels0.00  
After DoomsdaySF74-5events after the destruction of Earth, from the point of view of two returning starship crews0.00 pic
Tau ZeroSF92-6spaceship goes faster than light - ends up in a new universe0.00 pic
A New Continent and a New Nation His71-3Eye witness accounts of early America0.60 pic
All About WhalesAndrews R CSc60-2 0.00lib bk
All About DinosaursSc60-3 0.00lib bk
Tom Swift and the Appleton VictorSF 0.00 
Maori Customs And CraftsArmstrong AlanREF95Picture dictionary1.50re-read 2014pic
A Night of WatchingArnold ElliotF77-8Danes protecting Jews in WWII0.00 
Lucky Starr & Pirates Of AsteroidsAsimov IsaacSF79-6Lucky prevents war with Sirians added by pirates0.75Re-read in 01pic
I, RobotSF SS70-73 laws a robot can't break0.00 pic
Pebble in the SkySF71-1in future people are killed at age 600.70 pic
Prelude to FoundationSF91-10inventor must be killed as he can predict future0.00re-read 12-6pic
FoundationSF69-10a branch of mathematics known as psychohistory. Using the law of mass action, it can predict the future, but only on a large scale0.75re-read '12 - tossedpic
Foundation and EmpireSF69-11Galactic Empire, now well into its collapse, launches an attack against the Foundation0.75re-read '12 - tossedpic
Second FoundationSF70-1Mule's mind capable of bending men’s wills, directing their thoughts to conquer the universe0.75re-read '12 - tossedpic
Foundation's EdgeSF92-11Second Foundation and a third force vie with Foundation for the universe0.00re-read '12 - tossedpic
Earth Is Room EnoughSF70-4Short Stories0.85  
David Starr Space RangerSF79-5poisoning Earthmen ex Mars0.75re-readpic
Is Anyone There?Essays70-9Speculative essays: The future, Time travel, Flying saucers, Life on other worlds0.00 pic
Nightfall OneSF71-11Short stories0.00 pic
Nine TomorrowsSF-Short stories0.35 pic
Currents of SpaceSF71-12Rik finds himself on Florina with no memory. He must work in the fields growing kyrt a highly valued plant. With help of a local, manages to rediscover his identity and help free the Florinians from the domination of the Squires of Sark0.75 pic
Martian WaySF71-12Short Stories0.75 pic
Funny Foreign TravelsAsbridge GordonTrav15-4Kiwi author0.00 pic
Avenel Book of SaintsAtwater DonaldRel91-5 0.00 pic
Basketball for Player...Auerbach Arnold (Red)Sport77-000.35 
Fern And The TikiAusubel David P.SocSt92-8American view of NZ - 19601.25 
Jonathan Livingstone SeagullBach RichardF75-4day in the life of a seagull - whoopee!!!0.00 pic
EssaysBacon FrancisE63-3 0.00 
Freedom TrapBagley DesmondF91-4jailbreak by a Russian double agent who then has to follow the clues to a dangerous and tense end 0.00  
Juarez Hero of MexicoBaker Anita BrownHist61-5Mexico's first president0.00Librarypic
In the Midst of PlentyBagdikian BenSoc76-10 0.00 
Small Back RoomBalchin NigelHis71-3WWII Brit scientists inventing weapons0.00  
Hell's CornerBaldacci DavidMM14-7ex-spy ferrets out nanobot bomb0.00 pic
The WinnerMM15-1US Lottery fixed0.00 pic
King and MaxwellMM15-2billion Euros - take over satellite - kill president0.00 pic
The ForgottenMM15-6Puller - slave trade through Florida0.00 pic
Absolute PowerMM15-11President kills mistress - observed by burglar0.00 pic
The InnocentMM15-11assassin and girl being targeted0.00 pic
The Sixth ManMM16-5superbrain set up0.00 pic
Stone ColdF16-9revenge for death of spy who killed Russian leaders0.00 pic
Miss 1,000 Spring BlossomsBall JohnF73-1US engineer falls in love in Japan0.00  
Universe and Dr EinsteinBarnett LincolnSci63-7Explains Einstein's theories in simple language0.50Tossed
Castle UglyBarrett Mary EllinF73-2game of love for the beautiful and restless Sarah slips slowly into a chilling drama of suspense and violence0.00 pic
Echo XBarzman BenSF69-3stumble upon a communication from another planet, one very much like this one but without wars0.00 pic
Travels Through OzBaum L. FrankF98-32nd in series / Girls take-over0.00Tossed
Wonderful World Of OzF98-1Dorothy ends up in Oz0.00Tossed
Look Down in MercyBaxter WalterF73-4WWII - moral and physical degradation0.00 pic
Chemistry of DeathBeckett SimonMM13-9Forensics Dr moves to country job only to be dragged in0.00 pic
Little Big ManBeger ThomasF68-6Humorous re-write of history from Cheyenne viewpoint0.00 
Michael!Bego MarkBio93-6Michael Jackson2.95 pic
Kremlin LetterBehn NoelF73-2US team into Russia thinking they are doing something, but really they are a subtrafuge for a payback1.05re-read 2008 tossedpic
Looking BackwardBellamy EdwardF79-2man from 1888 wakes up in 2000 to Utopia0.95re-read '90 - tossed
HerzogBellow SaulF73-6Jewish mid-age crisis0.00 pic
Seize the DayF84-down and out actor0.00  
Mr Sammler's PlanetF74-1harshness about the young, women, blacks, and the proletarian masses0.00 pic
The VictimF94-2friend blames fellow for loss of a fortune0.00  
Great Tales of Action and AdventureBennett GeorgeF60-12Short stories0.35 pic
Pleasure For MathematicsJacoby and BensonMath-brainteasers0.00pic
Bedside Lover BoyBerenstain Stanley and JaniceCartoons60-12matrimonial mayhem0.35 pic
Call Me MrsCartoons60-12better half0.35 pic
Marital BlitzCartoons60-12 0.35 pic
Have a Baby, My Wife Just Had a CigarCartoons60-12 0.35 pic
Invitation to SociologyBerger PeterSoc65-11textbook0.00 pic
Doomsday 1999 A.D.Berlitz CharlesHis91-4history of Doomsday predictions0.00  
Games People PlayBerne EricSoc76-1transactional analysis as a way of interpreting social interactions. He describes three roles or ego-states, the Child, the Parent, and the Adult0.00  
KlondikeBerton PierreHis18-1Last Great Goldrush 1996-18990.00pic
Surprised By FaithBierle Dr. DonRel00-6Scientist exams the Bible, God etc...0.00Gift ex Lynnapic
Great Rock Pop & Soul QuizBilling JonathanMusic93-7 5.95 pic
Primitive Man and His WaysBirket-Smith KajAnthro66-1Patterns of life in some native societies0.75re-read in '69
Day Christ DiedBishop JimRel63-6 0.65 pic
Shoestring PiratesBlackburn AdrianHis75-2Radio Hauraki0.00 pic
101 Elephant JokesBlake RobertHum-with cartoons1.00 pic
Earthman Come HomeBlish JamesSF77-33rd in Cities trilogy0.00 pic
Chamber of HorrorsBloch RobertSS68-12tales with a twist0.60Re-read 03 tossedpic
Mounties, The Real Book About theBlock IrvinHis59-11 0.00lib bk
Beyond Earth: Man's Contact With Ufo'sBlum Ralph and JudyUFO81-4 1.50 pic
Americans: The National ExperienceBoorstin DanielHis66-12 0.00 
When Legends DieBorland HalF76-11Ute Indian represents changes NA go through0.00 
Planet of the ApesBoulle PierreSF85-4Human ends up in a future where apes rule over men.60Re-read 05 tossedpic
Mission of the BrainsBounds Sydney JSF15-9men from future trying to stop space exploration0.00pic
Off the GridBox C JF19-1Arabs EMP data center0.00pic
Handbook For BoysBoy Scouts Of AmericaREF60Everything about BSA0.651948 5th editionpic
The House of Special PurposeBoyne JohnFic18-05what happened to Anastasia Romanov0.00 pic
Barbarians of MarsBradbury EdwardSF68-10Scientist transported to eon-old Mars0.00 pic
October CountryBradbury RaySF67-1Short Stories0.00 pic
Fahrenheit 451SF67-2Books are illegal - critical thought is suppressed - firemen burn books0.00 pic
Golden Apples of the SunSF-short stories0.00 pic
Hunters of the Red MoonBradley Marion ZSF91-6man abducted off his sailboat in the Bermuda Triangle taken to a distant planet to participate in a kind of gladitorial game. He isn't the first human to be taken0.00 pic
Book of IndiansBrandon WilliamHis83-12pre-history to 19600.75re-read 2006 - tossedpic
If Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries,
What Am I Doing in the Pits?
Brombeck IrmaHumor81-11Same vein as her newspaper column0.00 
Great Indian ChiefsBritt AlbertBio70-11Indian leaders in the 200 year struggle to stop the white advance0.00  
Jane EyreBronte CharlotteF63Orphan/tutors girl/falls for Rochester, but a mad wife hidden away0.50Re-read 00 tossedpic
Wuthering HeightsBronte EmilyF63-2Heathcliff ruins lives of two generations0.45Re-read 99pic
Complete Directory to Prime Time TV ShowsBrooks Tim & Marsh EarleRef88-21946-198716.95re-read 2018 - tossedpic
Modern American ProseBrother Antony CyrilLit60Bios and selected writings0.50Re-read in 99
Encyclopedia Of Rock'n RollBrown & FriedrichMusic74-9Bios 1954-19631.25Gift ex Murphy re-read 2011 tossedpic
Crime And The LawBrown BernardLaw95-10NZ textbook0.00Tossed
Da Vinci Code, TheBrown DanF06-7Jesus married Mary M0.00pic
Lost Symbol, TheF17-8Masonic secrets in Wash DC0.00pic
InfernoF18-7try to stop plague using Dante clues0.00pic
Bury My Heart at Wounded KneeBrown DeeHis79-11from Indians point of view1.95re-read 2007 - tossedpic
Human Teaching For Human LearningBrown GeorgeEd-confluent ed = affective and cognitive aspects of learning flow together2.45  
Life's Little Instruction BookBrown H JacksonPhil93-7 0.00 pic
Process of EducationBruner JeromeEd79-7 0.00 pic
Catch a Falling StarBrunner JohnSF69-5astronomer discovers a meteor headed for earth. He tries in vain to warn people but everyone is too self-centered or apathetic to bother0.00 pic
Lost ContinentBryson BillTrav01-9Travels across 38 states0.00Ne's book
Down UnderTrav11-4Travels across Australia0.00Ne's bookpic
Mother TongueLang14-11The English Language0.00
SonsBuck Pearl SF81-1second book in The House of Earth trilogy0.00 
Pavilion Of WomenF84-5Study of aging women in Japan0.00 
The Tin Roof BlowdownBurke James LeeMM14-10New Orleans-Katrina-blood diamonds0.00pic
More Tales of UneaseBurke JohnSS75-3destroyers of tranquility… they tell of murder, witchcraft, madness, incest and the supernatural…0.00 pic
Men of Science and InventionsBurlingame RogerHis70-10The pure research of scientists who have uncovered the fundamental facts with which the inventors, have later been able to achieve the remarkable things0.15  
Abilene SamsonBurnett W RWest64-11 0.00 
Incredible JourneyBurnford SheilaF63-32 dogs and a cat find their way home0.00 
At The Earth's CoreBurroughs Edgar RiceSF741st in Pellicidur series (David Innes & Perry) mole into earth's core0.50Re-read in 99pic
Carson Of VenusSF76-3Earthman flies into and out of adventures0.50Re-read in 1999pic
Chessmen Of MarsSF76-1Tara of Helium, Gahan of Gathol and a spider Ghek held hostage0.40Re-read in 01 g apic
People Time ForgotSF76-1 Tom sets out to find friend on Caspak - rescues chiefs daughter0.60Re-read in 05pic
Out Of Time's AbyssSF76-7seq to People Time Forgot - Adv on Caspak men w/wings city of skulls0.60Re-read in 00 - tosspic
Monster MenSF76-1man creates monsters on an island with hopes to make perfect man to wed his daughter0.60Re-read in 05 - tosspic
Pirates Of VenusSF91-5Carson Napier - cities on trees - immortal people - princess Duare0.40Gave away 95
Savage PellucidarSF81-7Prehistoric land inside earth0.95Re-read in 99pic
Tarzan The InvincibleF76-2Communists plot to start a black revolution0.50Re-read in 98pic
Moon MaidSF74-11Adventures inside the moon0.80Re-read in 05pic
Tarzan and the Ant-MenF72-1little people only eighteen inches tall shrink Tarzan to their size0.00  
Tarzan, Lord of the JungleF75-12Tarzan finds an outpost of European knights and crusaders hidden in the jungle0.00 pic
Cave GirlSF77-6shipwrecked man find girl and cave men on a SP island0.60 pic
I Am a BarbarianF82-3Britannicus, 25 years the slave of Caligula1.50 pic
Duel in the SunBusch NivenWest63-4half-Hispanic girl goes to live with her Anglo relatives, becomes involved in prejudice and forbidden love  pic
Way of All FleshButler SamuelF80-74 generations move out of Victorianism0.00  
From Bible to CreedByran DavidRel72-6 0.00 
Aquaius MissionCaidin MartinSF83-7deep sea exploration0.00  
When You Think of MeCaldwell ErskineF68-1 0.00  
The Rome Affair.Caldwell LauraF18-4murder blackmailer0.00 pic
MelissaCaldwell TaylorF95-11Innocent woman ruined by father0.00 pic
Captains and the KingsF75-12Irish poor becomes rich in US 1850's0.00 pic
Bright Flows the RiverF81-6poor man becomes rich and troubled by it0.00 pic
Sound Of ThunderF95-7Brother ruins 'genius' siblings0.00re-read '10 tossedpic
This Side Of InnocenceF97-12Post-civil war banker0.00 pic
Testimony of Two MenF80-1Dr at turn of century1.00re-read in 2002 gave to mompic
Devil's AdvocateF64-7Minutemen save US from dictatorship0.00re-read '02 tossedpic
To Look and PassF03-02town hates rich loner who doesn't care0.50 pic
Great Lion of GodF91-3Paul of Tarsus0.00 pic
Never Victorious, Never DefeatedF10-5Railroad generations1.95 pic
Answer as a ManF92-12strong Irish man stuggling to succeed in 1900's in PA as a hotelier0.00 pic
The Eagles GatherF10-10Munitions men pre WWII pt 10.00tossedpic
The Final HourF10-10Munitions men pre WWII pt 20.00tossedpic
The Balance WheelF82-12innocent people caught up in futility of war0.00  
The TurnbullsF83-10Love triangle in NY by Brit immigrants0.00  
Maori LegendsCampbell AlistairMyths96-1 0.50re-read '14pic
EcotopiaCallenbach ErnestF03-9Northern CA, OR and WA cecede from USA0.00loan ex Richard Huson
Outsider, TheCamus AlbertF98-1Algerian kills arab0.00Gave to Laure
World's Greatest Monster QuizCarlinsky DanTriv-mostly movie based1.25 pic
New Writings in SF 6John CarnellSF SS89-01 0.00 pic
Panic in Box CCarr J DMM72-7Dr Fell - 0.00  
Beatles An Illustrated RecordCarr Roy and Tyler TonyHis92-6through 19787.95 pic
Others, TheCarr TerrySF71-2short stories.70re-read tossed in 03pic
Through the Looking GlassCarroll LewisF70-9Sequel to Alice - loosely based on a game of chess0.00  
HotshotCarson JohnF70-5 0.00  
Sea Around UsCarson RachelSci72-5Creation of oceans, life in them etc...0.00  
Under the Sea WindSci72-6her first book - life in oceans0.00  
Silent SpringSci81-11birds dying because of bugs beign poisoned from spraying0.75 
Man's Social StoryCarter EdwardSoc71-2How the World Has Become "One Household"0.00  
Try and Stop MeCerf BennettHumor61-10treasure-trove of best stories and anecdotes.00library 
Don QuixoteCervantesF66-11man of la Mancha - chasing windmills in the air0.00 
Ballad of Cat BallouChanslor RoyWest65-1A woman seeking revenge for her murdered father hires a famous gunman, but he's very different from what she expects0.00 
Glory DaysChapman IanHis11-9NZ in the 70s0.00 pic
Ten Adventures of Father BrownChesterton G KF80-9SS0.50 pic
61 HoursChild LeeMM11-9SDak AF facility filled w drugs0.00 pic
One ShotMM12-2sniper set up in Indiana0.00 pic
The EnemyMM12-10MP solves triple murder0.00 pic
PersuaderMM12-11Gun runners in Maine0.00 pic
A Wanted ManMM13-1Reacher becomes involved with FBI, CIA, State Dept and Syrian terrorists0.00 pic
Without FailMM13-2death threat to VP-elect0.00 pic
Worth Dying ForMM13-2sex slave ring in Neb0.00 pic
The AffairMM13-5murders by special forces camp0.00 pic
Nothing To LoseMM13-9Holy Roller with dirty bomb0.00 pic
Gone TomorrowMM13-10Taleban after a photo0.00 pic
Never Go BackMM14-3arrested for phoney charges0.00 pic
PersonalMM16-1Kott out of jail and after Reacher0.00 pic
Killing FloorMM17-5brother killed by money forger0.00 pic
Make MeMM17-11strange things in middle of wheat fields0.00 pic
Night SchoolMM18-2stolen nuclear bombs0.00 pic
The Midnight LineMM18-7West Point ring0.00 pic
Terminal ManChrichton MichaelF73-8Epiliptic has computer inbedded in head0.00  
Andromeda StrainChrichton MichaelF74-9scientists investigating a deadly disease of extraterrestrial origin which causes rapid, fatal clotting of the blood0.00 pic
Curtain: Poirot's Last CaseChristie AgathaMM93-4Returns to place of 1st case - Poirot dies2.50Gave away 95pic
Three Act TragedyF75-2Poirot - deaths at dinner party0.00 
Death Comes As The EndMM74Ancient Egypt - Renisenb - Nofret - insights to everyday life0.65Gave away 95pic
Death on the NileMM71-1   pic
They Came to BaghdadSpy71-1Terrorist plot to sabotage Summit meeting 0.00 pic
Seven Dials MysteryMM93-7SD society - steals scientific secrets - Jimmy Thesiger and Bundle Brent2.05Gave away 95pic
Ten Little NiggersMM74-11People knocked off one by one on island0.80Re-read in 01pic
Endless NightMM75-1Gipsy's Acre was a beautiful site with views out to sea. Michael R planned to build a house, find a girl and live happily ever after. Yet, a shadow of menace hung over the land. For this was where accidents happened. Perhaps he should have heeded the locals' warnings: 'There's no luck for them as meddles with GA' re-read 84 - tossedpic
Thirteen At DinnerMM62-3actress, is suspected of murdering her husband - Poirot0.00re-read 70 
They Do It With MirrorsMM70-12rehabilitation centre for delinquent boys - Marple0.00 pic
ABC MirrorsMM71-6Letters are sent to Poirot that tell him where and when each murder will take place, but Poirot always arrives too late. Man confesses, but...0.00 pic
At Bertram's HotelMM72-8violent chain of events set in motion when an eccentric guest, Canon Pennyfather, makes his way to the airport0.00 pic
What Mrs McGillicuddy SawMM73-12woman strangled on train0.00  
One, Two, Buckle My ShoeMM74-10Peroit's dentist dies0.00  
Pocket Full of RyeMM74-11Marple realizes the murders are arranged according to the pattern of nursery rhyme 'Sing a Song of Sixpence'0.00  
The ClocksMM74-12Poirot solves without seeing crime scene or talking to anyone0.00  
Cat Among the PigeonsMM74-12Poirot - jewel thief - teacher murdered0.00  
Towards ZeroMM75-1guests at a seaside house0.00  
Three Act TragedyMM75-2Poroit - 1st poisoning at random, then a second0.00 
Five Little PigsMM76-8Poroit - 16 year old murder case0.00  
Dead Man's FollyMM79-11mystery novelist, summons Poirot0.00  
Seven VoicesChunn MikeAutoBio99-2NZ bass player (Split Enz + Citizen Band)0.00Gift ex Doug with CDpic
Mork & MindyChurch RalphSF84-2Alien on earth1.95re-read 13 tossedpic
Closing the RingChurchhill WinstonH61-6WWII - Vol 50.00lib bk
Rock, Roll & RememberClark DickMusic80-12 0.00 
How To Survive The Money CrashClark DougSoc80-4Bank crash coming - so buy gold and silver1.95Re-read in 00 - tossedpic
Oxbow IncidentClark Walter TilburgWest63-4A posse captures and hangs three men they believe to be guilty of cattle rustling and murder, only to learn later that the men were innocent1.95 
Lion of ComarreClarke Arthur CSF73-2short stories0.00 
Rendezvous with RamaSF92-4Spaceship on collision course with Earth0.00  
Childhood's EndSF76-9Overlords warn humans on wrong path0.00  
Islands in the SkySF-Boy wins trip to a planet0.35  
2010:Odyssey TwoSF83-2 0.00  
Tai PanClavell JamesF77-6trader in Hong Kong after Opium War0.00  
Language of AlcoholClayton FayRef93-3terms0.00 pic
Here's BeaverCleary BeverlyF93-8Leave it to Beaver0.35 pic
RansomCleary JonF91-6Ransom Vatican art/NYC Mayor's wife0.00  
Purrfect PlunderCleve JohnSF91-4Spaceways #6 - Adult0.00 pic
Corundum's WomanSF92-10Spaceways #2 - Janja, the ex-slave, and the space pirate Corundum, search the galaxy for the evil slaver0.00 pic
Drink to YesterdayColes ManningF67-10grim look at war and the effect it has on the ordinary people who have to fight0.00 
PluggedColfer EoinMM15-4balding bouncer-quack-mobsters etc...0.00 pic
Recovering From CFSCollinge Wm.Med98-4Program of recovery27.00 pic
PinnochioCollodi CarloF77-12 0.00  
Pocket History of U.S.Commager and NevinsHist63-6through 19550.60reread 06 - tossedpic
You Can Negotiate AnythingCohen HerbHow to09-9 0.00 pic
AWopBopLooBop ALopBamBoomCohn NikMus74-12Up to 19661.55re-read 2011 tossedpic
Black BoxConnlley MichaelMM15-4Danish jouranlist killed in LA riots0.00 pic
Heart of DarknessConrad JosephF63-11Slavers/tuskers in Belgian Congo0.00 pic
Lord JimF62-11Jim's rise and fall amongst the people of Patusan, a native-ruled state somewhere in the interior of one of the islands of the East Indies0.00 
TyphoonF66-12Captain Whirr, dull but dependable seaman, commands the Nan-Shan in a huge typhoon in the midst of the Yellow Sea0.00 
Alejandra VariationsCook PaulSF92-9Man hooked up to computer to analyze his dreams0.00  
The PrairieCooper James FenimoreF09-7Trapper, pioneers, military and Indians0.00 pic
Dark DecemberCoppel AlfredSF83-8post nuclear war0.00  
Winter KingCornwell BernardF17-11Twist on Arthur/Merlin0.00 pic
Below the SaltCostain Thomas BF65-1Magna Carta, and events that led up to its signing. Coupled with a tales of lost princesses, prison escapes, tournament jousting, and the details of life in that time0.00 
Real Book About Andrew JacksonCoy HaroldBio59-5 0.00lib bk
Lost PharaohsCottrell LeonardHis72-11Egyptiology, mummies, city of the dead, archaeology0.00 pic
U.S. Political SystemCoyle DavidPol70-4 0.00  
HostageCrais RobertF13-11family held - incriminating disks0.00 pic
Chasing DarknessMM13-12lawyer killed 7 women - many twists0.00 pic
Lullaby TownF13-12director - bank mgr - mafia0.00 pic
The SentryMM13-12Bolivian hit man - drug dealers0.00 pic
Demolition AngelMM14-1bomber targetting bomb techs0.00 pic
Forgotten ManMM14-1Elvis' "father" killed0.00 pic
Sunset ExpressMM14-2lawyer does dirty deeds to gain client's money0.00 pic
Two Minute RuleMM14-5crim's cop son killed0.00 pic
SuspectMM14-5crim's cop son killed0.00 pic
The Great ImposterCrichton RobertBio77-9 0.00  
Relief From ArthritisCroft JohnHealth91-3Kiwi0.00  
Citadel, TheCronin A. J.F66-9young Scottish doctor in the 20s, as he goes from a small-town doctor in a rough situation to a well-paid London doctor with a fancy office0.00 pic
Yeast ConnectionCrook WilliamMed91-12yeast is cause of chronic pain etc...0.00 pic
Story of NigeriaCrowder MichaelHist95-10Textbook0.00 
Stu's Book of RiddlesCunningham S BHumor- 0.00 pic
American PopDachs DavidMusic86-11articles0.75re-read 2013 - tossedpic
Divine ComedyDante (Alighieri)F62-1journey through the infinite torment of Hell, up the arduous slopes of Purgatory, and on to the glorious realm of Paradise-the sphere of universal harmony and eternal salvation0.00  
Be Here NowDass RamRel72-2manual to make the transition from psychedelic to yogi lifestyles.0.00  
Basic CatechismDaughters of St. PaulRel- 2.00 
St Paul Family CatechismDaughters of St. PaulRel92-12anthology of the best and most authoritative writings on the incredible but undeniable phenomenon2.00 pic
The Flying Saucer ReaderDavid JayUFO74-7 0.00 pic
Yes, I CanDavis Sammy JrABio78-8 0.00 pic
Let's Get WellDavid AdelleMed-Nutrition3.70tossedpic
The Blind WatchmakerDawkins RichardBiol15-4Evolution at molecular level0.00librarypic
Wicked WordsDeary TerryHis06-7Horrible Histories Series0.00Chris Weeks'pic
The Sleeping DollDeaver JefferyMM14-7Cult leader escapes from jail0.00pic
Manhattan Is My BeatMM15-1hitman gets wrong guy - Rune0.00 pic
Eugenie Grandetde Blazac HonoreF73-4miserliness - girl marries cousin0.00 pic
Captain Corelli's MandolinDe Bernieres LouisF00-6Italian occupation of Greek island love story ala Catch 2230.00ex Breeze - gave to Atmorepic
TacticsDe Bono EdwardBiz90-10Art and Science of success00.00Gift ex Software firm
Revolution in RevolutionDebray RegisPol68-4points out that we must begin to move beyond defensive wars0.00 
Robinson CrusoeDefoe DanielF92-4stranded on island with "Friday"0.00  
Journal of the Plague YearHis92-4London 16640.00  
Moll FlandersF08-12adventures of a woman thief in 1700s0.00 pic
GreaseDe Christoforo RonF79-4based on the movie/musical0.00 pic
One Against Timedel Martia AstronSF90-2dull banker's mind becomes super powerful0.00 
We Talk, You ListenDeloria VineSoc77-5American Indians0.00 
Utterly Trivial Knowledge - The Music GameDenny JohnTriv14-12very difficult0.00gave to Ianpic
Attila the HunDe Wohl LouisH65-9 0.00 
Murder After a FashionDean SpencerMM63-7pirating of style fashions could be deadly0.00 pic
Funeral In BerlinDeighton LenF - Spy77-11Getting a chemist over - comparing it to chess throughout story0.25Gave away 96
Twinkle, Twinkle Little SpyF - Spy92-9Maser -Russian scientist helps CIA find traitor0.00Re-read 98 tossed
An Expensive Place to DieF - Spy75-9English spy to feed info to Chinese in Belgium0.00 pic
SS-GBF81-2UK occupied by Germany in WWII0.00  
Empire StarDelaney SamuelSF68-12 .45 pic
Big Family, TheDelmar VinaF64-10Southern family dynasty circa Civil War.60 pic
One Against TimeDel Martia AstronSF90-4Bank clerk becomes super brain and threat to future6.00 
Day of the GiantsDel Rey LesterSF66-2Norse gods battle giants0.60 pic
Mortals and MonstersSF67-5 0.00short storiespic
Auntie MameDennis PatrickF68-510-year-old orphan Patrick arrives to live with his Auntie Mame. The bohemian Mame plunges head first—whether it's enthusiasm for "progressive" education (all nude!), faking equestrian skill or writing her memoirs.0.00 pic
Utterly Trivial Knowledge: The Music GameDenny JohnTriv74-gift ex Trish 8/7/925.95 pic
Problem in GenesisDerrida JacquesPhil73-11 0.00  
Crack in SpaceDick Philip KSF67-10a hole leads to a parallel world. Guy thinks alter-Earth is the solution to the chronic overpopulation that has seventy million people cryogenically frozen0.00 
Planet RunDickson Gordon and Laumer KeithSF68-9 0.90 
Christmas CarolDickens CharlesF78-6Ebenezer Scrooge & ghosts - Jacob Marley - Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit1.90Gave away 95
Old Curiosity ShopF71-1Nell and father lose shop and have to travel around country til they die0.00  
David CopperfieldF16-3DC and cast who keep bumping into each other0.00 pic
Echo Round His BonesDisch ThomasSF69-4A matter transmitter created two of him: one went to Mars as scheduled (and set to start war), while a 'ghost' stayed on Earth to stop it0.00 pic
Stranded in ParadiseDix JohnMus94-6NZ RnR 1955-880.00worth $200 in 2005pic
Hidden Harbor MysteryDixon Franklin W.F59-4Hardy Boys0.00Lib bk
How to ParentDodson FitzhughHow80-12 0.00  
Trash MetalDome MalcolmMus11-9mostly photos pre-19910.00 pic
Illearth WarDonaldson Stephen R.SF92-6Earthling finds himself in a middle earth war (2nd in C series)0.00library book 
Power That PreservesSF92-7third in Covenant series0.00library book 
Man Who Tried to Get AwayMM13-9Murder Mystery Camp0.00pic
Crime and PunishmentDostoevsky FyodorF63-12pyschological study of man haunted by a crime he did0.60re-read 2011 tossedpic
DevilsF74-3Revolutionists in 1800's0.00  
The IdiotF74-4Love triangle0.00  
Brothers KaramazovF77-4father murdered0.00re-read 07 tossedpic
Notes From the UndergroundF77-5rambling memoirs of a bitter, isolated, unnamed narrator0.00 
Lost World, TheDoyle Sir Arthur ConanSF68-12dinos and apemen in So Amer0.40Re-Read 2004 tossedpic
Edge of TomorrowDooley Dr TomBio61-12life in Laos0.00 
Night They Burned the MountainBio62-5life in Laos "It's better to light one candle than to curse the darkness."0.00 
The RobeDouglas LloydRel71-4Jesus seamless robe0.00 pic
Right of the People, TheDouglas Wm OPol70-5ex 3 speeches0.00  
Sister CarrieDreiser TheodoreF71-1 0.00 pic
Advise and ConsentDrury AlanF71-11reactions of Senators to the controversial nomination of a former Communist Party member to be Secretary of State.0.00 pic
Learning RevolutionDryden Gordon and Vos JeanetteEd94-8groups solving problems0.00 pic
Dr Morelle's CasebookDudley ErnestSS15-8murder mysteries0.00pic
50 philosophy ideasDupre BenPhil16-10philosophies thru the ages0.00pic
Facts of Life and LoveDuvall EvelynRef65-10 0.00gave to Kincy as joke bday giftpic
Pulling Your Own StringsDyer WayneSoc81-2how to live0.00  
Concise Maori Dictionaryed - ReedRef- 1.25  
Ultimate Invadered - Wollheim DonSF67-24 short stories0.00 pic
Great Tales Of Action And AdventureEd. Bennett GeorgeF60-11Short stories0.35Re-read in 00 tossed
12 Great Classics of Science Fictioned - Conklin GroffSF70-6Short stories0.00 pic
Vintage Menckened - Cooke AlistairAnth72-8newspaper articles1.45re-read gave away 04pic
Consumer Digest: Guide to Discount Buyinged. - staffRef80-7 0.00  
Rating The MoviesEd. Consumer GuideRef97Movies28.00 
1977 Buying GuideEd. - Consumer ReportsRef80-5   
1981 Buying GuideEd. - Consumer ReportsRef81-8   
Medicine ShowEd. - Consumer ReportsRef80-9   
MAD Horses Arounded - FeldsteinCart16-12Mad Magazine1.75 pic
Uncensored MadCart16-12Mad Magazine1.75 pic
Fantasy and Science Fictioned - Ferman EdwardSF67-11short stories0.00  
Good 'n Maded - GainesCart79-4Mad Magazine0.75 pic
MAD Frontiered. - GainesHumor77-12 0.00 pic
Dates With DeathEd. - Hitchcock AlfredF80-4short stories0.00 pic
Great English Short Storiesed. - Isherwood ChristopherF79-8 0.50 pic
Roget's ThesaurusEd. - Mawson ARef- 0.00  
Worlds of Science Fiction ed. - Mills RobertSF70-12Short stories0.00  
Golden Years of Rock 'N RollEd. - Pascall JeremyHis  2.00 pic
Star StreakEd. - Owen BettySF91-9short stories0.00 pic
Stories Strange and Sinistered. - Pizer LauretteF-short stories0.45 pic
Rock AlmanacEd. Rolling StoneRef93-1Chronicles thru 198315.00 pic
Works in Progress 3ed. - Saxton MarthaExcerpts76-3Julian Huxley, Chester Himes, Tom Robbins0.00 pic
Hollywood Squaresed. Sicilia GailTV76-9Zingers1.25 pic
History of Computinged. ComputerworldHis82-2People who advanced it1.00 pic
Apeman, SpacemanEd. - Stover and HarrisonSF70-9anthropologic short stories0.00  
Six Fingers of TimeEd. - AnonSF71-1short stories0.00 pic
50 Great Oriental StoriesEd. - Hanrahan GeneF71-6short stories0.00  
New Zealand Short Stories 2nd seriesed. - Stead C.K.F78-3Short stories1.50Re-read 2002 gave awaypic
5 Galaxy Short Novelsed. - Gold H LSF74-7 0.00 pic
Best of Diner's Club Magazineed. - Simmons MattyF75-9short stories0.00  
Pocket Playboy 2ed - Hefner HughMag78-2Cartoons, Articles, facts, Fiction, Features, Pictorials & Stories1.75 pic
Pocket Playboy 3ed - Hefner HughMag78-8Cartoons, Articles, facts, Fiction, Features, Pictorials & Stories1.75 pic
Intro to IBM Data Processing Systemsed. - IBMComp80-11 0.00 pic
Quaffing Quotesed. - variousRef12-6wine facts and stories0.00ex A Emery - gave to Mike Cpic
Murder on the Menued. - Haining PeterMM13-1014 stories0.00pic
Murder on the Menu Vol IIed. - Haining PeterMM13-1113 stories0.00pic
The CHurch of St Mary of Bechyned. - Wertish JeanneHIS17-4the church, families and territory90.00pic
Nero, Butcher Of RomeEckstein ErnstF Bio95-8 0.00Written in 1800'spic
The Pop SixtiesEdelstein Andrew JHis98-12personal irreverent guide8.95re-read 2016pic
Voice of the DollsEden DorothyF75-3 0.00gothic romance 
Air BabylonEdwards-Jones ImogenInfo15-11a day in the life of an airport and flights0.00 pic
Get the Right Job NowEisen JeffreyHowTo80-4 0.00  
Immense JourneyEisley LorenSF71-1scientific knowledge and imaginative vision in this story of man.0.00 pic
Eat For KeepsElder LeighMed14-5diabetes control25.00Kevin Giles in itpic
Diana RossEldred PatriciaBio91-4 0.00  
Silas MarnerEliot GeorgeF62Outcast weaver loses his gold then gets an infant to raise0.45Re-read in 89 and 99pic
Finland FightsEliston H BHist68-3WWII0.00  
Dead FamousElton BenMM11-10murder on reality show0.00tossedpic
EssaysEmerson Ralph WaldoE63-4   
And Now Here's JohnnyEphron NoraBio68-10Johnny Carson0.75 
Gods Demigods and DemonsEvslin BernardMyth78-11 0.00 pic
Over 60s' JokesExley HelenHumor gift ex Heather W0.00 pic
Liberated Parents Liberated ChildrenFaber AdeleSoc79-12parenting0.00  
Body LanguageFast JuliusSoc74-10 0.00waste timepic
Freedom RoadFast HowardHis77-1colored man can vote for the first time0.00  
UnvanquishedFaulkner JamesF78-5Civil War family0.00  
Miracle ManFearn JohnSF15-9scientist creates black hole on earth0.00 pic
Tear of the GodsFeist RaymondF11-11Fantasy - dark world monsters vie for the powerful jewel0.00 pic
Krondor: The BetrayalF18-2fantasy world at war  pic
BirdsongFaulks SebastianF15-5from WWI to 1979 - a Brit in France0.00 pic
Pecos Bill, Texas CowpuncherFelton Harold W.F59-1Tall tales Lib bk
GiantFerber EdnaF71-3Texas oil barrons0.00 pic
Elton John - Illustrated DiscographyFinch AlanRef89-5detailed guide0.00 pic
Kids' TV The First 25 YearsFischer StuartHis17-6US '47-730.00pic
Great GatsbyFitzgerald F. ScottF93-1Jay G Bootlegger pre 20s - Starcrossed Lovers2.50Gave away 95
Complete Book of RunningFixx JamesSci92-10 0.00gift from Dougpic
MoonrakerFleming IanF73-11Drax's rocket "test" to blow up London0.85Re-read in 05 tossedpic
Casino RoyaleF71-2Stop bad guy from winning enough to pay debt to SMERSH0.75re-read in '93 and '06 tossedpic
For Your Eyes OnlyF71-6short stories0.00 pic
Spy Who Loved MeF64-9protects a woman who is chased across US by mobsters0.00  
From Russia With LoveF64-9SMERSH uses woman to setup Bond for assassination0.00  
You Only Live TwiceF66-10Ask Japan's secret service to provide info about an informant in USSR. In exchange, Bond asked to kill Dr. who operates "Garden of Death" where people commit suicide0.00 pic
ThunderballF66-11S.P.E.C.T.R.E. threatens to destroy a major city unless a ransom is paid. Bond must recover the two stolen warheads0.00 pic
Live and Let DieF71-6must stop SMERSH agent Mister Big from smuggling and making a big profit from recovered sunken treasures0.00 pic
Octopussy and the Living DaylightsF93-3Bond apprehends a hero of WWII implicated in a murder involving a cache of Nazi gold. Bond prevents a KGB assassin from killing a defector trying to escape.0.00 pic
Torchlight ListFlynn JimLit15-3200 books to read33.00pic
Third OptionFlynn VinceF10-11Mitch Rapp - assasin double-crossed4.95tossedpic
Haunted MindFodor NandorSci77-2ghosts - parapsychology0.00 pic
Pillars of EarthFollett KenF14-1build cathedral in 1100's0.00 pic
World Without EndF14-5build things in 1300's0.00 pic
Liberation of L B JonesFord Jesse HillF77-3black man killed by cops0.00  
Town Cried MurderFord LeslieMM66-11woman living in one of the old colonial houses restored tells story of a murder0.00 
Murder is the PayoffMM68-1 0.00 
Payment DeferredForester C SF61-12Kills nephew, gets rich then wife kills self & he is found guilty0.35Re-read 01 toss
Plain MurderF74-1ordinary man discovers that he has a talent for murder0.00 pic
Day of the JackalForsyth FredrickF75-3plot to assassinate deGaulle ploty0.00 pic
Escape Across the CosmosFox GardnerSF67-10two universes separated by different vibrational frequencies0.00 pic
George Fox's JournalFox GeorgeAutoBio62-12rebelled against the state control of the Church of England. In 1643 he began touring the country giving sermons0.00 
New Illustrated Rock HandbookFrame Pete et alMusic94-10 0.00gift ex Dougpic
Benjamin FranklinFranklin BenjaminAutoBio62-12 0.00Re-read in 98 tossed
FlashmanFraser George MF72cowardly scoundrel seen as heroic veteran - Afghanistan0.85Re-read in 04 tossedpic
Flashman at the ChargeF73-8Crimean War0.00  
Joshua Son Of NoneFreedman Nancy MarsSciFi85-2clone made from JFK0.00 
New Zealand Top 20 SinglesFreeman WarwickMus77-2charts0.00 pic
Wild And Crazy Film Quiz BookFrench BrothersTriv96-10Movies5.00 pic
Totem and TabooFreud SigmundPhil73-84 essays0.00  
Janis Joplin Buried AliveFriedman MyraBio09-1 1.95tossedpic
Great Horror MoviesFriedman FaviusMovies76-3facts about 70 movies0.00re-read 2014 tossedpic
ScalphuntersFriend EdWest68-12Indians steal trappers hides - he + slave go after them - but hides are taken by scalphunters0.00  
Words of PowerFunk WilfredRef- 0.35  
Mysterious Fires and LightsGaddis VincentUFO73-10 0.00gave to Davidpic
EleniGage NicholasBio83-11 0.00  
Further Confessions of a Story WriterGallico PaulF71-5Short stories0.00 pic
Guinness Hits of the 80sGambaccini Paul + RiceMusic93UK charts0.00 pic
Guinness Hits ???? QuizGambaccini Paul + RiceMusic15-250's through 820.00tossedpic
One, Two, Three... InfinityGamow GeorgeMath62-9A nuclear physicist's witty exploration of the scientific puzzles of the universe, simple and complex0.50 pic
Case Of The Howling DogGardner Earl StanleyMM79-12Perry Mason0.00 
Case Of The Case of the Sunbather's DiaryMM64-11Perry Mason0.00 pic
Case of The Runaway CorpseMM65-2murder of her husband, but suddenly the supposed corpse turns up alive—only to die again0.00 pic
Beware the CurvesMM65-2the most complicated and fast-moving of the Bertha Cool-Donald Lam mystery stories0.00A A Fairpic
Try Anything OnceMM65-4Man has been indiscreet in taking a young woman to a motel. But an argument erupted, and she left. He slept it off before he left for home. But a Deputy DA was murdered that night, and the police are looking for those who were at that motel! This may affect his wife, his social position, and his job. So Carleton wants Donald Lam to return and pretend he was there that night.0.00A A Fairpic
Case of the Duplicate DaughterMM70-3PM - missing father who disappeared from the kitchen table whilst she was cooking breakfast. A scattering of hundred-dollar bills in the garage and a spreading red stain are the only clues0.00 pic
Two CluesMM73-4Elderly Sheriff Bill Eldon in Runaway Blonde (tampering with evidence) and Hungry Horse0.00  
Fads and FallaciesGardner MartinSci73-12appraisal of cranks, quacks, and quackeries of science and pseudoscience0.50  
Jim BridgerGarst ShannonBio58-10Western trailblazer Lib bk
The SerpentGaskell JaneSF73-101st in Cija series0.70re-read '09 - tossedpic
AtlanSF73-102nd in Cija series0.00re-read '09 - tossedpic
The CitySF73-103rd in Cija series0.70re-read '10 - tossedpic
Strange EvilSF74-9Fairies, competitive religions, and parallel universes0.40re-read 08 - gave awaypic
How to Draw and PaintGasser HenryArt61fundamentals0.75 pic
Noa Noa: My Voyage to TahitiGaugin PaulBio62-19left his family and went native in the South Seas0.00  
Sinatra and his Rat PackGehman RichardBio66-12each member of the pack, as well as their cronies, girlfriends, and hangers-on, getting first hand interview0.50 pic
Is That It?Geldof BobABio09-3Boomtown rats - Live Aid2.00 pic
What Came Before He Shot HerGeorge ElizabethMM19-2family in rough London and how boy is led down the wrong path0.00 pic
Professional Job Changing SystemGerberg RobertBus80-6 0.00 pic
Space SkimmerGerrold DavidSF77-1crew of a special starship, a skimmer, learn eventually that their task is to rebuild the Empire0.00  
Cheaper By The DozenGilbreth and CareyBio74-9motion study man0.75re-read 03pic
Sound Of The CityGillett CharlieMusic80-10History of rock n roll0.95re-read 12 tossedpic
Old YellerGipson FredF64-boy and his dog in Texas0.35 pic
Therefore Be BoldGold HerbertF65-11amusing look backward at adolescence0.00 pic
Memoirs of a GeishaGolden ArthurF16-61930s-1950s0.00 pic
Carl SandburgGolden HarryBio63-9American poet0.00  
Growing Up AbsurbGoldman PaulHumor67-10 0.00 
Poetry Of RockGoldstein RichardMusic75-2Lyrics1.00re-read 2012 tossedpic
Rock 'N' Roll TriviaGoldwasser and DahlMusic93-3 0.00 pic
Pundemonium: Puns are EverywhereGordon Harvey CHumor13-8juvenile3.95tossedpic
Point COunt BiddingGoren CRef-bridge1.00  
Cat and MouseGrass GunterF74-11German boy - sunken ship0.00  
House on Coliseum Street"Grau ShirleyF68-9woman in a rut in house in New Orleans in the late 1950s0.00 pic
Greek Gods and HerosGraves RobertF69-2Intro to Myths0.45re-read 77 and 07 - tossedpic
Spirits & LiqueursGreenberg EmanuelRef89-10Pocket Guide5.95 pic
Quiet AmericanGreene GrahamF93-2Saigon - Fowler=Brit journo - Pyle=US agent - Phuong=mistress2.50Gave away 95
Grimms' Fairy TalesGrimm BrothersF71-5fairy tales0.00  
Stamping ButterfliesGrimwood Jon CourtneyF15-570s Marrakesh - modern USPrez - future farspace China0.00 pic
The SummonsGrisham JohnF18-11$3million hidden by deceased0.00pic
Country Music: White Man's BluesGrissim JohnMusic74-10 1.25re-read 2013pic
The Blue ZoneGross AndrewMM14-5guy disappears from witness protection pic
The Dark TideMM19-2investment guy fakes death pic
Nostalgia Quiz Book 2Gross MartinTriv76-6 1.25 pic
TP - Rock and PopGuinnessMusic93Trivia0.00Used with Doug, then Mike ('08)pic
Poverty in the Midst of PlentyGulbrandsen OrnulfEco68-11 0.00 pic
Our Friend the AtomHaber HeinzSci72-3Disney movie0.00 pic
MoneyChangersHailey ArthurF94-4Financial crisis in US major bank5.90 pic
AirportF73-2Snow storm and a bomb on a plane0.00 pic
In High PlacesF80-5Life at the top of Canadian government0.00  
Silent Language, TheHall EdwardSoc69-12Non-verbal communication0.00 pic
Folk tales of the South PacificHames Alice InezMyths71-12 0.00  
Terrorizers, TheHamilton DonaldF84-9Matt Helm wakes up in a Canadian hospital with amnesia0.00 pic
MythologyHamilton EdithMyth79-3Greek, Roman, Norse0.75re-read '13 - tossedpic
Star of LifeHamilton EdmondSF69-6Man awaken centuries later where the human species has split into several different species0.00 pic
Encyclopedia of Rock Vol 1Hardy Phil & Laing DaveMusic86-3Age of Rock'n'Roll2.90re-read 2013 tossedpic
Encyclopedia of Rock Vol 2Music86-5From Liverpool to San Francisco2.90re-read 2013 tossedpic
Encyclopedia of Rock Vol 3Music86-8Sound of the Seventies2.90re-read 2013 tossedpic
Return of the NativeHardy ThomasF63-35 way love triangle in small hamlet0.45re-read 05 tossedpic
Today is TonightHarlow JeanF67-5character based on herself and she hoped MGM would make a film of it with her in the lead0.00 pic
HarriganHarrigan BillABio09-5NRL referee0.00Russell'spic
Other America, TheHarrington MichaelSoc64-12poverty in US.00 pic
Rock and Pop MastermindHarris BobRnR12-101000 questions0.00tossedpic
DeathworldHarrison HarrySF68-9he planet was called Pyrrus, and all it's flora and fauna were designed to destroy men.0.00 pic
TV Guide The First 25 YearsHarris JayHis16-31953-19770.00 pic
I'm Okay, You're OkayHarris ThomasSoc79-1 0.00  
Gentlemen's GentlemenHarrison RosinaBio16-6Butlers and staff0.00tossedpic
Bored of the RingsHarvard LampoonHum70-1 0.00 pic
Harte of the WestHarte BretF71-12short stories0.00  
Side-EffectHawkey RaymondSF94-3People killed so rich people can have body parts to live4.25 
A Brief History of TimeHawking StephenPhys13-9Big Bang, Black holes and morepic
Scarlet LetterHawthorne NathanielF61-10Hester Prynne & Rev Dimmsdale procreate little Pearl0.45Re-read in 00pic
House of the Seven GablesF74-8House comes with a curse0.45Re-read in 06 - tossedpic
Emperor and the PopeHayes EdwardHis64-2Napoleon and Pius VII0.00Tossed
Book of AustriaTricia HaynesHis92-2library book0.00 pic
Last Chance For Planet EarthHayward AllenF80-1 Christian answer to environmental crisis0.00  
Virgin Encyclopedia of RockHeatley MichaelMusic- 0.00gift from Aldiespic
Mr RobertsHeggen ThomasF62-10WWII ship with crazy captain0.00Tossedpic
Great AscentHeilbroner RobertEc68-1Struggle for Economic Development in Our Time0.00  
Man Who Sold The MoonHeinlein Robert ASF76-4Short stories: Let There Be Light, Roads Must Roll, MWSTM, Requiem0.70Re-read in 98 tossed
Podkayne Of MarsSF69-1Pursuing her dream of becoming the first woman starship captain, Poddy, a highly intelligent Martian feminist, travels to Earth with her uncle, unaware that he is an important ambassador whom some individuals will stop at nothing to control0.00re-read '84 tossedpic
Puppet MastersSF77-3Invaders land in Des Moines and control peoples' minds0.75 
Rocket Ship GalileoSF79-2US to moon and find a Nazi base there0.50Tossedpic
Starman JonesSF72From farmboy to captain on one flight0.70Re-read in 99pic
Starship TroopersSF76-11Johnnie Rico joins mobile infantry and ends up saving earth0.75 
Waldo And Magic, Inc.SF66-12Parapeligic Genius/ Magicians as Mobsters0.60re-read 97pic
Past Through TomorrowSF/SS92-3see site for stories0.00re-read '03 gave awaypic
Time For the StarsSF92-4telepaths used to communicate from ships looking for new earths0.95 re-read 04 Tossedpic
Worlds of Robert HeinleinSF71-2short stories0.00 pic
Orphans of the SkySF71-4mutants on a spaceship0.00 pic
Farmer in the SkySF71-12pioneers on Ganymede0.00 pic
Space CadetSF90-1Boy from Iowa joins Space Patrol0.00 pic
Stranger in a Strange LandSF90-1Man from Mars preaches love "grok"1.45re-read '08pic
Beyond This HorizonSF76-6genetic selection0.00  
I Will Fear No EvilSF83-2man's brain put into female's body0.00  
Catch-22Heller JosephF16-16WWII satire0.00 pic
New Dimensions of Political EconomyHeller WalterEc67-12Essentials of Free Government and the Duties of the Citizen0.00 
Essential HemingwayEd. - ?F71-6short stories0.00  
Narzissus And GoldmundHesse HermanF77-12Medieval Germany - monk and his student - opposites - mans' dilemmas1.35Gave to ICW 95
Way It Spozed To BeHerndon James 72-3deals incisively with what is still the root problem of ghetto schools: their appalling failure to reach the kids0.95gift ex Bette T 
Let Sleeping Vets LieHerriot JamesBio91-8British in 1930s0.00 pic
HiroshimaHersey JohnH63-1Atomic bomb's aftermath0.00 
Child BuyerSF63-10Court room case about a stranger who buys children 0.00Tossed
A Bell For AdanoF72-10US occupation in Sicily0.00Tossedpic
A Single PebbleF77-19 0.00  
YogaHewitt JamesHealth74Teach Yourself1.40re-read in 1991pic
Kon TikiHeyerdahl ThorADV62-4sails raft from SAmer to Pacific islands0.00 
CherishedHeywood BethF13-12mail order bride falls for sialor - marries old guy on islandgift ex authorpic
Mad MetropolisHigh PhilipSF69-4management of the Free Cities has been turned over to an all-powerful computer called Mother. Warring underworld gangs of the Free Cities are trying to disable Mother0.00 pic
How to SurviveHildreth BrianHowTo80-11in wilderness0.00 pic
Collectible Rock RecordsHill Randal CMus86-12Prices8.95Re-read in 03pic
Lost HorizonHilton JamesF64-94 people end up in Shangri-La where people live 100's of years0.35Re-read in 99pic
Goodbye Mr ChipsF62-11teaching at Brookfield, to his two retirements, his famous and classic jokes; and then finally to his quiet good-bye0.35  
Penguin Ultimate Trivia Quiz GameHiron M & ATriv18-0210,000 Questions0.00 pic
Hangman's DozenHitchcock Alfred EdF SS93-5Bomb No. 14/forgiving ghost/children of Noah/attractive family0.95Gave away 95
More Stories Not For The NervousF74-1Dog first died/sorry wrong number/something short of murder...0.75Gave away 95
Arabs, TheHitti PhilipHis72-8story and culture0.95Re-read in 06pic
Ashes To AshesHoag TamiMM11-9cop is a serial killer0.00 pic
Prior Bad ActsMM13-12judge attacked for being lenient on "killer"0.00 pic
Still WatersMM14-12Amish murderer0.00 pic
Fellowship of the HandHoch Edward DSF91-7Computer take over0.00  
True BelieverHoffer EricPhil68-12Nature of Mass Movements0.00 pic
Zoo AnimalsHoffmeister DonaldRef86-5Golden Guide0.35 pic
American Political TraditionHofstadter RichardHis65-12tudy of men and ideas in American politics0.00 
Great Issues in American HistoryHis69-61765-18650.00  
Shutgunner, TheHogan RayWest68-12US Marshal John Rye is assigned to escort Asa Metzgar, known as the hanging judge, ...0.00 pic
Mathematics for the MillionHogben LancelotMath How to Master the Magic of Numbers.00  
How Children FailHolt JohnEdu69-10Why bright pupils do badly in school1.90re-read in '74 Gave to ICW 95pic
How Children LearnHolt JohnEdu76-10children learn most effectively by their own motivation and on their own terms1.90 pic
On the Night of the Seventh MoonHolt VictoriaF91-6Helena Trant finds herself enchanted by Germany's Black Forest. Legend is that on the Night of the Seventh Moon, the God of Mischief is on the move. But when strangers threaten and shadows no longer delight, enchantment turns into nightmare0.00  
IliadHomerEpic73-6Fall of Troy0.00  
Trigger MortisHorowitz AnthonyF18-3US rocket launch sabotaged0.00 pic
Magdalene CipherHougan JimMM13-10Psy-Ops group within CIA and decendent of Jesus0.00 pic
North of 36Hough EmersonSS63-7first longhorn herd to take the long trail north from Texas0.00re-read 01pic
Great Russian Short StoriesHoughton NorrisSS01-11 0.00Dufresne's book
Different Woman, AHoward JaneSoc84-3Feminist movemnet in 70's  
Fear and Typewriter in the SkyHubbard L RonSF82-6man loses 4 hrs - person thinks he is a character in a bk0.00 pic
Nun's StoryHulme KetherynF73-1Nun in Africa during WWII0.00 pic
The Kill ClauseHurwitz GreggMM14-8"Commission" seeks to do justice where courts failed0.00pic
Dialogues Concerning Natural ReligionHume DavidRel66-11Does God exist?0.00Phil class
Brave New WorldHuxley AldousSF64Future where Ford is god and they mass produce people0.60Re-read in 01
Love the French WayIbert Jean ClaudeF65-12 .00 
Killer Mine, TheInnes HammondSF69-4mine disaster0.00 pic
Rip Van WinkleIrving WashingtonF71-12 0.00  
PrinceIvory StevenBio93-9 4.95interviewspic
MoonwalkJackson MichaelABio09-10 0.00 pic
Mad About SportsJacobs FrankCart78-5from Mad magazine0.75 pic
Mad Book of MagicJaffe AlCart78-5Mad magazine0.75pic
CruciblesJaffey BernardSci64-1Chemists over the years  
Unreliable MemoirsJames CliveBio93-6 0.00 pic
Portrait of a LadyJames HenryF70-6Lady inherits a large amount of money and becomes the victim of scheming by two Americans in Eng0.00  
The Turn of the ScrewF74-1Ghost story0.00  
The RavenJames MarquisBio68-1Sam Houston0.00 
Happy Days 3: Dear Fonzie...Johnston MichaelF93-9 0.00 pic
Students! Do Not Push Your Teacher
Down the Stairs on Friday
Jones AlanEdu85-2True account of a ghetto school2.50Gave to ICW 95
David, Warrior of GodJones JuanitaBio90-11King David0.00 
DublinersJoyce JamesF73-9Short Stories0.00  
Everything But a HusbandKamins JeanetteF65-2 0.05 pic
Hannibal, Enemy of RomeKane BenHis17-6up to first battle0.00 pic
Facts About the PresidentsKane JosephHis08-5US to Eisenhower0.50tossedpic
AndersonvilleKantor McKinlayF-Hist63-1Prison camp in Civil War0.95re-read in 2008 - tossedpic
If The South Had Won the WarF61-10American Civil War with a twist0.00 pic
How to Be Your Own LawyerKantrowitz WalterDIY80-12 5.95 pic
Shadow of the SunKapuscinskiHis14-7Africa 50's-80's0.00  
The ArrangementKazan EliaF68-11mid-life crisis leads to affair - wife knows0.00  
Little Book of HugsKeating KathleenHowTo14-3Types of Hugs0.00gift from Doug - tossedpic
Fascism in Western EuropeKedward H RHis71-5 0.00  
TwistedKellerman JonathanMM15-5Serial killer on Jun 28 - genius Mexican0.00 pic
EvidenceMM16-6eco-terrorists killed - Swiss lady revenging sister - Sanril0.00 pic
All Things SpiceKelly FergusBio13-11up to 19970.00 pic
American DiplomacyKennan George FHis66-121900-19500.00  
Profiles in CourageKennedy John FBio62-3 0.00 pic
The Business of DyingKernick SimonMM18-6cop is a paid killer0.00 pic
On The RoadKerouac JackF77-9Odyssey of beat generation0.00Gave away 95pic
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestKesey KenF11-6maverick enters an asylum0.00 pic
DtM Rides AgainKetcham HankCartoon59-12DtM = Dennis the Menace0.254th bookpic
Baby Sitter's Guide by DtMCartoon59-12 0.25 pic
Wanted: DtMCartoon59-12 0.255th bookpic
DtM Household HurricaneCartoon59-12 0.257th bookpic
Hazel Rides AgainKey DonCartoon61-12Maid with attitude.35 pic
Cameras Work Like ThisKidd MauricePhoto70-7 0.00  
Mine Enemy Grows OlderKing AlexanderAutoBio73-8Funny as.25Re-read in 04 tossedpic
May This House Be Safe From TigersABio74-9many stories0.50re-read 05 tossedpic
A Thousand Lives AwayKing WinstonRel72-4Buddhism in contemporary Burma0.00 
KimKipling RudyardADV60-11Irish boy becomes British spy in India0.00 
Jungle BooksF63-2short stories about India  
Darkness At NoonKoestler ArthurF81-3Bolshevik confesses after interrogations.50Gave away 95pic
Death at an Early AgeKozol JonathanEd76-2teaching in slum school of Boston0.00  
Krushchev RemembersKrushchev NikitaABio76-memoirs0.00gift ex Mompic
Inside MADKurtzman HarveyComic16-11from the 50's0.00gift ex Angipic
Girl in the Spider's WebLagercrantz DavidF17-084th in Millennium - AI0.00 pic
Coach's Complete Guide to BasketballLaGrand LouisSport73used at Rosehill0.00  
Ecstasy and MeLamarr HedyABio68-6 0.50 
Westward the Tidewagon trainF83-4 0.00  
Crossfire TrailF83-3ranch in Wyoming0.00  
Chief of the CossacksLamb HaroldBio75-6Stenka Razin - Russian Robin Hood0.00 pic
How The West Was WonL'amour LouisWest76-10Epic that follows a family's history US frontier 1839-18890.50Re-read in 83 and 03pic
Girl With the Dragon TattooLarsson StiegMM14-2Journalist and freak girl solve murder and bring down a big criminal0.00 pic
Centurions, TheLarteguy JeanF65-2French troops as latter-day Roman centurions holding the line against the barbarians, exactly as their Roman ancestors had done along Hadrian's Wall. Extols the self-sacrifice of commando soldiers who were unappreciated or even reviled at home, but were nonetheless the bulwark between la patrie and anarchy.0.00 
The ChinamanLeather StephenF14-9Viet goes after IRA bombers0.00 pic
Spy Who Came In from the ColdLe Carre JohnF72-1 0.00 
The Tailor of PanamaF15-2Tailor recruited to spy - makes up stuff0.00 
Wit and Wisdom of Archie BunkerLear NormanF81-8quotes0.00Tossedpic
WeatherLehr PaulRef95-11Golden Guide0.30 pic
Operation TerrorLeinster MurraySF66-5lien invasion, as inhuman monsters land and their conquest of Earth begins 0.00re-read 70pic
Space CaptainSF69-4Interstellar chase of a space buccaneer0.00 pic
Land of the GiantsSF79-4based on TV series0.00 pic
Personal Kiwi-Yankee Slanguage DictionaryLeland Louis S.Ref97-3Dictionary0.00 pic
All About Moths and ButterfliesLemmon RobertSc60-3 0.00lib bk
A Twist of LennonLennon CynthiaABio81-3life with John and Beatles0.00gave to Mike Clarkpic
Strawberry Fields ForeverLennon JohnABio81-3 0.00gave to Mike Clarkpic
Autumn AcceleratorLeslie PeterSF73-7The Invaders TV show0.00  
Rosemary's BabyLevin IraF74-5Devil impregnants human0.45re-read 06 tossedpic
Webster's Unafraid DictionaryLevinson L LRef78-4 0.00  
Everything But MoneyLevenson SamABio73-3Humorous0.00 pic
Basic BridgeLevinson WilliamRef68 0.25still use itpic
Mere ChristianityLewis C.S.Rel67-12restates the fundamental teachings of the Christian religion0.00 
Out of the Silent PlanetSF70-102 men plunder a planet giving up a third as hostage0.00 pic
Screwtape LettersF73-5Devil writes to another devil0.00  
Queen of CapriceLewis PaulBio68-2Queen Christina of Sweden0.00 
Gideon PlanishLewis SinclairF71-11ordinary guy who could have done better0.00 
BabbittF63-11greedy conformist with no soul0.75re-read 09 gave awaypic
Salamanders And Other WondersLey WillySci60-3Cryptozoology Lib bk
LiberaceLiberaceABio83-4pianist0.00 pic
The Enigmas of Hugo LacklanLight JohnSS15-712 mysterious stories 0.00 pic
There's A New World ComingLindsey HalRel90-10Analysis of the Book of Revelation 2.95 pic
Ripeness Is AllLinklater EricF77-10 Satire will=most children in 5 yrs gets the money1.00Gave away 95pic
Thomas JeffersonLisitzky GeneBio72-12 0.00 
Life of Sir Walter ScottLockhart J GBio63-1Scottish poet and author famous for Ivanhoe0.00Library
Doctor DoolittleLofting HughF58-9Animals talk to him Lib bk
Negro in the United StatesLogan RayfordHis79-6 0.00  
NME Book of Rock 2Logan & WoffindenMus86-1bios2.90re-read 2013 tossedpic
UFOs: The Whole StoryLorenzen Coral and JimUFO- 0.00  
Arthritis HelpbookLorig KateHealth93-8 27.50 pic
Dance Back the BuffaloLott MiltonF71-12abortive Indian revolt associated with a ghost dance among the Lakota Sioux0.00 pic
Fascinating FactsLouis DavidTriv79-4 0.00gave to Ian '98pic
Star WarsLucas GeorgeSF78-10First movie1.95re-read '84pic
NapoleonLudwig EmilBio62 .60re-read 03 tossedpic
Hacking of the American MindRobert LustigSci18corp vs individuals pic
Area of SuspicionMacDonald John DMM72-6Gevan Dean doesn't suspect the truth behind Ken's murder or what is really going on at Dean Products 0.00 pic
The ChillMacDonald RossMM74-2detective Lew Archer delves into a case that involves public corruption and private family dysfunction by the wealthy0.00  
Fear is the KeyMacLean AlistairF70-9Man pretends to be a gangster. He shoots his way out of a courtroom, takes a hostage, and starts his escape. In fact he has conceived an elaborate plot to track down those responsible for killing his wife and family in a plane crash0.00 pic
Caravan to VaccaresF91-9gypsies gather in Provence0.00 pic
Force 10 From NavaroneF76-5WWII - rescure POW in Yugo0.00  
River of DeathF15-6Nazi brings loot to SoAmer and is tracked down0.00 pic
Nurse For Dr. Sterling, AMacLeod RuthRom63-5Dr she loved doubted her sincerity and patronized her; supervisor questioned her conduct and humiliated her; and then came the brutal attack that put her very life in danger.0.00pic
Preparing Instructional ObjectivesMager RobertEd69-10Step-by-step instructions for creating meaningful objectives, which translate into meaningful instruction.0.00 pic
Handling SinMalone MichaelF94-7Southern journalist0.00  
What Kinda CACTUS Izzat?Manning RegBio90-08humorous and informative0.00 pic
Story of AustriaMarboeHis92-2 0.75 pic
Colonel SunMarkham RobertF72-6James Bond - M kidnapped0.75 pic
Always Go First ClassMarks LaurenceF65-12 .00  
Book of Rock ListsMarsh DaveRef86-10trivia plus opinions9.95 pic
WeedsMartin AlexanderRef-Golden Guide0.30 pic
Groucho Letters, TheMarx Grouchobio74-2to and from0.75re-read in'04 - tossedpic
Nicholas and AlexandraMassie RobertHis75-3Russia at time of Revolution 0.00  
Scaring CrowsMasters PriscillaMM12-9Farmer and son killed, daughter missing0.00 pic
SnowlineMather BerkleyF91-5Spy - Pope in India0.00  
Shock 3Matheson RichardSF67-3short stories0.00 pic
U.S. Senators and Their WorldMatthews DPol69-6overview of the modern US Senate0.00  
Sal Si PuedesMatthiessen PeterBio76-5Cesar Chavez & the new American revolution - no grapes campaign0.00Tossed
Of Human BondageMaugham W. SomersetF64-12Painter studying to be a doctor falls for trashy waitress.35 
Up FrontMauldin BillHist Humor65-10WWII - Willie and Joe cartoons1.20Gave to Dad 96pic
Deadly MemoirMayer AdrianMM15-9ex-spy to write book - so spy wants to kill her0.00 
Indians in FijiMayhar ArdathHis72-3 0.00 
emailingMayo-Smith Debbieref04-5How to guide.00  
Decision at DoonaMcCaffrey AnneF84-11Mysterious appearance of a race of felinoid sentients on Doona causes colonists considerable consternation.  But are the Hrrubans really natives?  And will Terra ever be the same after this newest, forbidden contact with another race?0.00 pic
Heart Is A Lonely HunterMcCullers CarsonF74-1Depressing characters in a dump - midget1.35 
Ballad Of The Sad CafeF73-8Short stories0.75Re-read in 00 tossedpic
More Than A CarpenterMcDowell JoshRel00-7How he found God0.00Gift ex Lynna
Dictionary Of Kiwi SlangMcGill DavidRef97-6Dictionary0.00 pic
Dinkum Kiwi DictionaryRef97-4Dictionary0.00slangpic
Life StrategiessMcGraw PhilMed13-8Straighten out your life0.00 pic
Ready For AnythingMacLennan CatrionaRef15-02retirement in NZ0.00 pic
On Chisel BeachMcEwan IanF16-02young love gone wrong0.00 pic
Buffalo GirlsMcMurtry LarryF18-09Calamity Jane and gang0.00 pic
Liqueurs and SpiritsMcNulty HenryRef89-5Pocket Guide0.00 pic
Relief Without DrugsMearns Dr AinslieMed79-5 0.00  
Billy BuddMelville HermanF93-7Young lad must be cruelly punished to maintain law on ship0.60Gave away 95
TypeeF93-9Life in south seas 18400.60Gave away 95
Off the Beaten Orbited. - Merril JudithSF67-6short stories0.00 
Out Of BoundsMerril JudithSF80-3short stories0.00re-read 82-10pic
Modern Detective Storiesed. - Merson JessieSS72-2short stories0.00 
Nine Detective StoriesSS72-2 0.00short stories
No Man is an IslandMerton ThomasRel65Christian philosophy0.50for retreatpic
Tonight Show, TheMetz RobertHist84-4"Inside" story of show from Allen to Paar to Carson11.95Re-read 2012 tossedpic
Seven-Per-Cent SolutionMeyer NicholasMM84-3an account of Sherlock Holmes's recovery from his cocaine addictionl0.00 pic
Last WarMichaels MelisaSF91-9Skyrider must warn President of rebellion in outer stars0.00 pic
SpaceMichener JamesF95-1From WWII to NASA to moon landing8.95 pic
SayonaraF65-1son of a general stationed in Japan, dating a general's daughter, and happy. He didn't understand soldiers who fell in love with Japanese girls. Then he met Hana-ogi.0.00 pic
The SourceF75-8Jewish history0.00  
CentennialF84-9Colorado from prehistoric to statehood0.00 pic
Return to ParadiseF08-4Short stories of the So Pacific12.95 pic
CaravansF80-11Post WWII Afghanistan0.00  
ChesapeakeF82-3religion, slavery, poverty, and industry from 1583-19780.00  
The CovenantF82-12South Africa0.00  
Miles Chart of Hot 100Miles Martin and DanielMusic72-12a graph for each Top 100 song showing its weekly position0.00sold to Paul Mitchell
Tropic of CancerMiller HenryF65-51930s France - sexually explicit0.00 
Vitamin BibleMindell EarlHealth- 3.95gave awaypic
Minirth FrankMed13-5Christian based psychaitry12.99 pic
A Fine BalanceMistry RohintonF16-9India - four diverse groups intertwine from 1947-19840.30 pic
Butterflies And MothsMitchell & ZimRef95-9Golden Guide0.30 pic
Half Gallon Quarter Acre Pavlova ParadiseMitchell AustinHumor-about New Zealand3.95 pic
Maritime History of Russia 848-1948Mitchell MairinRef61-2 0.00library
How To Talk MinnesotanMohr HowardHumor95-4Scripts from Prairie radio show0.00ex Lesser - to Angipic
Rock 'n' Roll ChroniclesMonnery and HermanMus14-12month by month 1955-19630.00 pic
Natural Superiority of WomenMontagu AshleyAnthro65-10sparked the women's liberation movements0.00 
Race ForeverMontgomery R ASF-children's book1.95
Some Main Problems of PhilosophyMoore G EPhil69-3we all certainly know the truth of many propositions about ourselves, bodies, and other people0.00  
Dude Where's My CountryMoore MichaelPol10-6attacks corps and Bush0.00 pic
Rising of the LarkMoray AnnF73-7Romance0.00  
StormbringerMoorcock MichaelSF79-6 0.00 
Backblocks AmericaMorgan GarethTrav18-3Motorcycling across the North Continent0.00 pic
Bridge to RussiaMorgan MurrayHist60-1History of Alluetians0.00Library
Let Noon Be FairMotley WillardF73-3Yankee tourisms affect on Mexico0.00  
The My Word StoriesMuir Frank & Norden DenisHumor77-10long puns2.20re-read 2013 tossedpic
Oh, My WordHumor88-10long puns4.95re-read 2013 tossedpic
Loom of HistoryMuller HerbertF79-1History of Asia Minor0.00  
VirginMurphy Mary E.F04-12Mary's body found and 2nd coming starts0.00tossedpic
ThomasMydans ShelleyBio77-1Becket0.95 pic
The RedeemerNesbo JoMM13-12fellow puts hit on himself (twin brother)0.00 pic
Strictly SpeakingNewman EdwinEng94-9American English is killing proper English1.950  
Siege Of OrbitorNewman Richard LouisSF90-11Spaceship sabotaged so solar system could be dominated4.50 pic
Mutiny on the BountyNordhoff & HallHis62-10Blighe gets kicked off ship0.35pic
McTeagueNorris FrankF73-5Dentist marries woman who won a lottery - love triangle of greed0.60  
Man's ReligionsNoss John B.Rel95-8Textbook20.00 pic
Armageddon 2419 A.D.Nowlan PhilipSF77-111st Buck Rogers stories0.60reread 09 tossedpic
Sex, Bombs and BurgersNowak PeterHis11-9technological advances0.00librarypic
Rock File 3Nugent StephenMus UK charts2.45tossedpic
Butterfield 8O'Hara JohnF62-2promiscuous model who fears that she is on the verge of crossing the line from slutitude to prostitution, until she and one of her paramours fall in love0.00tossed 
Pipe NightF75-431 Short Stories0.00  
Unearthly NeighborsOliver ChadSF68-2in a study of an alien native culture, the Merdosi, on their native planet. The tribe attacks and kills all but two. Stewart, with the help of one Merdosi, discovers the reason for the attack0.35  
Teach Yourself HTML 4Oliver DickRef98create Web pages39.95gave it away in 2010pic
Outdoor Survival SkillsOlsen LarryRef- 1.95 pic
Stalking Moon, TheOlsen TheodoreWest73-9Apache tries to get his half-breed son back0.25re-read 04 - gave awaypic
Devil's ProfessionO'Neil RussellF69- 0.00  
Animal FarmOrwell GeorgeF63-11Satire on communism.50Tossed
1984F65-9Big Brother is watching.60 
Price Guide to RecordsOsborne JerryMusic 1997 edition24.00 pic
Greatest Story Ever Told, TheOursler FultonRel62-2the life of Jesus 0.50 pic
Killer Marshall, TheOverholster WayneWest63-7    
What We Must Know About CommunismOverstreet Harry and BonaroPol66-9Communism-the theory, the party and the Soviet Union.0.50 pic
I Kid You NotPaar JackABio72-1 0.50re-read 83 and '12 tossedpic
Waste MakersPackard VanceSoc64-2strategy of companies to manufacture goods that wear out or break down so they need to be replaced0.25pic
Hidden PersuadersSoc-subliminal messages pic
Hungry NationsPaddock WilliamSoc67-12   
East and WestParkinson C NHis- 0.75 pic
Learning TreeParks GordonF79-4growing up as a black man in this country in this century0.00 pic
Doctor ZhivagoPasternak BorisF72-12 his life thru Russian revolution and after0.70re-read 02 gave awaypic
Too Late the PhalaropePaton AlanF64-8explored racial and political inflexibility in So Af0.50 
Cry the Beloved CountryF71-4Zulu pastor Stephen Kumalo and his son Absalom, set against the background of a land and a people riven by racial injustice0.00  
The QuickiePatterson JamesMM14-1Detective's husband kills her lover, but not why she thinks pic
Black MarketF16-11Green Band crashes Wall Street pic
Hope To DieMM16-11Maniac kidnaps family and dective must kill to free them pic
Labyrinth of SolitudePaz OctavioF64-8Mexico's quest for identity and examines Mexican character and culture  pic
Jungle RiverPease HowardF61-3Man goes up Fly River in Papau New Guinea to find father  
Different DrumPeck M. ScottPhi99-6Community making and peace6.00reread 2014 tossed pic
People Of The LiePhi98-8Physchology of evil12.00reread 2014 - tossedpic
Road Less TravelledPhi91-8Physchology of love26.00gave to Trishpic
Road Less Travelled And BeyondPhi00-4Spiritual growth in an age of anxiety19.95re-read 2014 tossedpic
Birth of the EnglishPeel WallisHis15-7romantizied, inaccurate account circa 970AD pic
Rock DreamsPeellaert GuyMusic-paintings5.50 pic
Second Diary of Mr PepysPepys SamuelBio62-12 0.00 
Program For A PuppetPerry RolandSciFi84-6The Corporation owns Cheetah, the most advanced computer ever, and plans to use it to put their man in as U. S. President0.00Gave to mom
Path Beyond the StarsPetaja EmilF76-12orphan with powers battles a monster in time and space0.50 pic
Peter's PeoplePeter Dr. Laurence JHumor88-5wit and wisdom2.25re-read '10 and '12pic
Peter PrincipleSoc74-1Rise to His Level of Incompetence1.40re-read 2012 tossedpic
Peter PrescriptionSoc79-2how to make things go right1.25re-read in 2012pic
King of ArgentPhillifent JohnSF79-6 0.00 pic
Strange World of Mr. MumPhillips IrvingCartoons60-12Man who doesn't speak0.35 pic
Space VikingPiper H BeamSF68-11SV are remnants of an exiled group who now raid for profit - this one is tracking down his wife's murderer0.00 pic
Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle MaintenancePirsig Robert M.Phil97-5How to live a peaceful life0.00 
Widow of WindsorPlaidy JeanF76-2Queen Victoria0.00  
Republic, ThePlatoPhil69-1virtues of justice, courage, wisdom, and moderation, of the individual and in society. It works with the central question of how to live a good life0.00  
Great Tales of HorrorPoe Edgar AllanSS76-10Tell-Tale Heart, Black Cat, Cask of Amontillado, Pit and the Pendulum, Masque of the Read Death, Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, Hop-Frog, Fall of the House of Usher, A Descent into the Maelstrom, Murder in the Rue Morgue.0.50re-read 04 - tossedpic
Search The SkyPohl FrederikSF77-4humans on colonies disappear0.00 pic
Travels of Marco PoloPolo MarcoABio66-1silk road to China0.00  
Teaching as a Subversive ActivityPostman NeilEd74-11student-centered method of education focused on asking questions0.00re-read 81-11 
Dance With the DeadPrather Richard SMM64-10Well, they don't call me Shell Scott for nothing. Nossirree. I get paid for this kind of work. One of these luscious young pin-ups had the clue to a headline murder right on her little old back page. Four freckles.0.40 pic
Dagger of FleshMM65-1Jay’s gotten himself killed, and his corpse is pointing a stiff finger directly at our tenderhearted private dick.0.00 pic
Short History of the Civil WarPratt FletcherHist63-2events, figures and battles0.35re-read 2007 tossedpic
Funny BusinessPreston Charles, ed.Cartoons60-12Business-Caricatures and cartoons0.25tossedpic
ThimkCartoons60-12Business--Caricatures and cartoons0.25tossedpic
An Inspector CallsPriestly J BPlay93-7questioning of a family by Inspector Goole about the suicide of a young woman known by them0.00 
The Tree Lord of ImetenPurdom TomF68-12near-sighted human hero becomes the pivotal figure in a no-holds-barred battle between two intelligent alien species.0.00 pic
Poetic JusticeQueen ElleryF76-5Short stories - mm by poets0.95Re-read in 01
Greek Coffin MysteryMM76-4daVincini painting0.75re-read 2007 tossedpic
Chapters of LifeRampa LobsangRel72predictions0.75re-r '05pic
The Third EyeRel71-5Englishman claims monk inhabits him0.75re-read 2007 - tossedpic
Doctor From LhasaRel72-2karmic association,and recommends way to walk along the spiritual path0.75 pic
Rampa StoryRel72-33rd book in series0.75 pic
Cave of the AncientsRel72-4experiences in lamaseries0.75 
You-ForeverRel72-4psychic development and metaphysics0.75re-read 2011 - tossedpic
Saffron RobeRel72-4his boyhood0.75 pic
Beyond the TenthRel72-5-normal, common earth-people is only 1/10 conscious0.75 pic
Feeding the FlameRel72-6Fairies, gnomes, undines, sylphs0.75 pic
Wisdom of the AncientsRel12-11encyclopedia0.75tossedpic
Interstellar Two-FiveRankine JohnSF73-8Dag Fletcher series0.00  
Summer of '42Raucher HermanF74-1boy's coming of age with older woman1.25 pic
Long Walk, TheRawicz SlavomirAdv60-11Polish prisoner walks from Siberia to India in 19410.00re-read '76
Understanding TolkienReady WilliamLit70-1 0.00 pic
City of NightRechy JohnABio65-9hustling across US0.00 
Concise Maori DitionaryReedDic- 1.25 
Myths and Legends of FijiReed A W and HamesMyth-short stories3.50  
Case of Aaron BurrReed & WilliamsBio65-1Impeachment2.25uni course
Star-FileRees DafyddMusic US UK charts thru '762.90 pic
Quotable TriviaRees NigelTriv79- 5.95 pic
Greening of AmericaReich CharlesSoc79-560s counterculture0.00 pic
The Grim ReapersReid EdHis76-11Organized crime in US - city by city0.00 pic
Pond LifeReid George K & Zim H. S.Ref95-12Guide to plants and animals (No.Am.)0.45Good for microscopicpic
German: First YearReinert HarryLang- 0.00  
All Quiet on Western FrontRemarque Erich MariaF63-9 German teenagers in WWI0.50 pic
Sea of GrassRichter ConradWest72-12Cattlemen vs farmers in 1800s NMexico0.00 pic
The Cosmic EyeReynolds MackSF91-3fear of being 'controversial' evry thought word and deed controlled0.00  
Known But to GodReynolds QuentinF64-10A doughboy of the Lost Battalion in the Argonne Air Force bombardier in World War II...a naval corpsman in the hell of the Korean conflict...these are the men who might be buried under the eternal light in the tomb of the Unknown Soldier0.00 
Billy Bunter and the Bank RobberRichards FrankF76-12 0.00 pic
NevadaRobbins HaroldWest63-8from Carpetbaggers0.00 
CarpetbaggersF72-12based on Howard Hughes0.00 
Captain CautionRoberts KennethF70-3privateering during the War of 18120.00 pic
Pirate of the PacificRobeson KennethF72-10Doc Savage hunts down the sinister Oriental mastermind, Tom Too0.50 pic
Osmond BrothersRobinson RichardBio76-1 0.750and new pop scenepic
Dictionary Of ClichesRogers JamesRef97-6 5.00Gave to Rosehill lib
Beatles Trivia Quiz BookRosenbaum HelenMus81- 1.75 pic
Story of FijiRoth G KHis75-2through 50's1.55 pic
American PastoralRoth PhilipF16-8teen protest bomber0.00 pic
Angel Inside Went SourRothman E.Ed75-1school for troubled girls0.00 pic
Eleven Blue MenRoueché BertonMed77-511 stories of medical detection0.00  
In Search Of TriviaRovin JeffTriv97re-read 2018 - tossed12.00 pic
Rock EncyclopediaRoxon LillianRef85-11 3.95 pic
WaspRussell Eric FrankSF67-1interplanetary war - Wasp is a terrorist.00 pic
Sentinels From SpaceSF67-2mutants on other planets at odds with normal people back on earh. A group whose existence is unsuspected has powers of its own and wants to smooth over the tension.00 pic
Jane Russell: My Path and My DetoursRussell JaneABio91-4 0.00 pic
Black Swan, TheSabatini RafealF65-11contest of wills on a Caribbean island between a French corsair who is defending a lady passenger and a rather nasty English pirate0.25 
2000 More InsultsSafian Louis AHumor70he perfect rib-tickling retort to lay out liars, harass husbands, wither wives.70 pic
Magnificent Female, TheSaint-Laurent CecilBio63-7Lucrecia Borgeia0.00 pic
Incredible TalesSakiF84-11Short stories0.50Re-read 01 gave away
Franny and ZooeySalinger J DF73-8Jesus prayer0.00Re-read 06 tossedpic
Bantam Trivia Quiz BookSaltz DonaldTriv77-10 1.25 pic
Lincoln Vol. 1Sandburg CarlBio63-1Prairie Years0.00 
Naked PreySandford JohnMM09-9murders in frozen north MN0.00gift ex Elainepic
Phantom PreyMM09-11Goth Fairy killing people5.59gift ex Steve Npic
Mind PreyMM12-02psycho abducts shrink and daughters25.50 pic
Winter PreyMM13-02Iceman in sex ring kills many to protect himself0.00 pic
Certain PreyMM14-01Hitman and lawyer team up in a series of killings0.00 pic
Dead WatchMM15-02Gay ex Senator - Watchmen - package to destroy VP0.00 pic
Diners Club Guide To NZ WineSaunders PeterRef85-10New Zealand wine9.95Tossed 1996
Human and Inhuman Storiesed. - Sayers DorothySF68-5short stories0.60 pic
Human Behavior in OrganizationsSayles LeonardSoc- 0.00  
Sword & ScimitarScarrow SimonF17-10Battle for Malta in 15650.00 pic
The LegionF18-12Romans in Egypt agaionst Nubians0.00 pic
ShaneSchaefer JackWest60-10Gunfighter helps farmers beat gang of hired thugs0.35Re-read 05pic
The Kean Land and Other StoriesWest61-10Ben Hammond has to balance frontier freedoms and the strictures of civilized law0.00 pic
Enterprize StardustScheer + ErnstingSF76-91st in Perry Rhodan series0.00 pic
S.O.S. From SpaceSF89-7Perry Rhodan series0.00 pic
A View of VulturesScholefield AlanF69-7High adventure in 19th-century South Africa0.00  
The Passover PlotSchonfield HughRel73-12Jesus was a man who thought he was the Saviour0.00 pic
It's For You, SnoopySchulz CharlesCartoon77-12 0.50 pic
All This and Snoopy TooCartoon77-12 0.00 pic
Last of the JustSchwarz-Bart AndreF73-6Jews who suffer for mankind0.95re-read 05pic
Killer's DoomScott B?66-4 0.00  
Between the Elephant's EyesScott Robert LBio65-11how he bagged African big game. After dispatching the usual lion, leopard and elephant, Scott tracked Samburu, an ancient bull elephant 0.70  
IvanhoeScott Sir WalterF63-1Romance between Knight and Rowena in medieval England0.75re-read 08 gave to Nepic
Odyssey: Pepsi to AppleSculley JohnABio90-10A Journey of Adventure, Ideas, and the Future0.00gift ex Softworkspic
Love StorySegal ErichF71-3fall in love then she dies - Oliver0.00 pic
The Lovely BonesSebold AliceF11-12Dead girl relates life after her death0.00 pic
Anguish of IndiaSegal RonaldHis67-12 Can India survive as the only democratic stronghold in Asia0.00 
New Stories From Twilight ZoneSerling RodSci-Fi76-4Short stories0.00Tossedpic
More Stories From Twilight ZoneSci-Fi79-1Short stories0.00Tossedpic
Greatest Man, The7th Day AdventistsRel97Christ0.00  
MacbethShakespeare WilliamF62-11Out damn spot0.00school
Midsummer Night's DreamF62-12Titania Puck et al0.00school
OthelloF64-8Italian babe falls for colored dude0.00school
Meet The Addams FamilySharkey JackF74-2TV show0.50re-read 2013pic
Thinking is Child's PlaySharp EvelynF76-12With manipulation of simple objects, a child can learn methods of reasoning much more important than simply learning to count0.00  
Riotous AssemblySharpe TomF75-5A South African woman struggles to convince the police that she has murdered her black cook0.00  
Imortality IncSheckley RobertSF69-2Company self life after death - but can't say what it will be like0.00 pic
FrankensteinShelley MaryF65-12a wee bit different from the movies  
Mr. Bell Invents The TelephoneShippen Katherine BHis59-1  pic
RS Book of Rock VideosShore MichaelMus12-2 0.00up to 1983pic
On The BeachShute NevilF74-7WWIII kills everyone - last to go is Melbourne Australia0.75Re-read in 00pic
Lonely RoadF77-11gunsmuggler in Britain0.00  
What Happened to the CorbettsF77-12bombing of Britain WWII0.00  
Non-Flowering PlantsShuttleworth and ZimRef-Golden Guide0.59 pic
Myths of AutomationSilberman Charles E.Biz67-9use of computers in business - Happy Peasant myth0.00 
Collision CourseSilverberg RobertSF91-11Earth vs Norgla for the universe2.50Gave away 95
Ends Of TimeSF74-128 stories0.00 
Lost Cities and Vanished CivilizationsHis80-4archaeology0.00 pic
They Walked Like MenSimak CliffordF69-Aliens arrive who want to take over the Earth -- by buying it. A series of covert transactions, each with closing dates close to one another, designed to defeat the human race by causing an economic collapse.0.00 pic
Maigret StonewalledSimenon GeorgesMM73-9aka Death of Monsieur Gallet0.00 pic
The WidowerMM75-3 0.00  
Maigret's Little JokeMM75-3follows case in newspapers and solves it while on holiday0.00  
Maigret's MistakeMM77-9 0.00  
Fermat's Last TheoremSingh SimonHis14-11Story of maths through 19960.00tossed
Beginnings Of American LiteratureSister Ann CarolLit60Bios and selected writings0.00Re-read in 99 tossed
Growing Years Of American LiteratureSister Mary AdolorataLit60Bios and selected writings0.00Re-read in 99 tossed
Beginnings Of English LiteratureSisters Judine And GratiaLit60Bios and selected writings0.00Re-read in 98 tossed
From Romantics To VictoriaLit60Bios and selected writings0.00Re-read in 98 tossed
Modern English WritersLit60Bios and selected writings0.00Re-read in 98 tossed
Funny You Should Mention ItSkalka PatriciaHumor-classic humor3.00 pic
David: Warrior and KingSlaughter Frank GBio79-7David of the Bible0.00 pic
Reptiles And AmphibiansSmith & ZimRef95Golden Guide0.30 
TriplanetarySmith E.E. 'Doc'SF77-81st Lensman - a battle complicated by the arrival of the technologically superior, extra-Solar, fish-like Nevians0.50re-read 12 - tossedpic
First LensmanSF77-82nd Lensman - Lens from Arisa - Pirates1.10re-read 12 - tossedpic
Galactic PatrolSF78-23rd in series -Kinnison vs Helmuth0.00re-read 12 - tossedpic
Grey LensmanSF78-54th Lensman - Galactic patrol inflitrates Boskone (space-criminals)1.85re-read 12 - tossedpic
Second Stage LensmenSF78-25th Lensman1.85re-read 12 - tossedpic
Children of the LensSF78-116th Lensman - UNit wipes out Eddorians1.95re-read 12 - tossedpic
Masters of the VortexSF78-12Final Lensman2.35re-read 12 - tossedpic
When the Cheering StoppedSmith GeneBio73-4Woodrow Wilson0.00  
Religion of ManSmith HustonRel92-8 0.00  
Off the RecordSmith JoeHist13-1Oral History of Popular Music29.95gave awaypic
The KennedysSmith MatthewHis15-5Conspiracy theories0.00 pic
Stooge Fan's I.Q. TestSmith Ronald LTriv 3 Stooges - gift ex Gail6.95 pic
Democratic Way of LifeSmith T V and Lindeman EduardPol70-3democracy is far more than a mere form of government; it is also a way of life0.00 pic
One Day in Life of Ivan DenisovichSolzhenitsyn AleksanderF63-10prisoner in Siberia0.60re-read 05 tossedpic
Cancer WardF73-9patients reflecting state of Russia early 50's1.70re-read '09 tossedpic
The First CircleF74-63 days in a special prison1.45 pic
We Never Make MistakesF75-5"An Incident at Krechetovka Station" and "Matryona's Place"   
Gulag ArchipelagoF76-8experiences as a prisoner in a Gulag labor camp0.00re-read 11 tossedpic
Ticket to RideSomach Somach MuniHis03-6interviews8.00tossedpic
The Ant and the FerrariSpakeman KerryPhil14-7God vs science0.00 pic
Winner's BiblePhil15-3re-wire your brain0.00 pic
Inside the Third ReichSpeer AlbertHis75-1bio - Hitler's architect0.00read half sold to Michael Harrison for $1.50pic
North American IndiansSpence LewisMyth11-10Myths and Legends0.00 pic
Counting the BeatSpittle GordonHis15-09New Zealand songs0.00 pic
HeidiSpyri JosephF79-young girl in mountains0.00  
Mother Earth News AlmanacStaff HowTo77-3tips on living the natural way1.95 pic
Moscow & LeningradStaffRef94-12Berlitz Travel Guides6.501989/90
California956.50re-read 2011pic
French Riviera956.501989/90
Japan98-26.50Gave to Hikaru
USA95-48.95re-read 2010pic
Man Who Loved ChildrenStead ChristinaF73-7Dysfunctional family to the extreme0.95re-read 06pic
The AvengersSteele DerwentMM15-8bank robber hanged and is avenged0.00 pic
Short Reign Of Pippin IVSteinbeck JohnF - Humor74-5Frenchman becomes king against his wishes0.00Gave away 96
Wayward BusF76-1Mix of characters on a bus in rural Calif0.75Re-read 2001 Tossedpic
East of EdenF76-4Two families and a Chinese in Calif0.95Re-read 2007 Tossedpic
Grapes of WrathF15-11dustbowl migrants suffering in Califpic
Long ValleySS79-8Stories0.00  
DraculaStoker BramF93-10Vampire0.00  
BravemouthStephenson PamelaBio17-1Billy Connolly's 59th year0.00 
Its a Mad Mad WorldSterling PaulHumor84-5humorous anecdotes and miscellaneous information about a variety of subjects0.00 pic
Prescription DrugsStern EdwardMed  2.95gave awaypic
KidnappedStevenson Robert LouisF63-2David Balfour's uncle has him kidnapped, shipwreck & finds way home0.35re-read Tossedpic
Short StoriesF63-6 0.35re-read 2000 Tossed 
Crystal CaveStewart MaryF78-12King Arthur - Merlin0.00  
Moon-SpinnersF79-9Jewel thief in Crete0.00  
DraculaStoker BramF93-10Vampire0.00 
Famous MathematiciansStonaker FrancesMath - Bio95-11 0.00Gave to Rosehill lib
Adversary in the HouseStone IrvingBio70-1Eugene Debs1.15re-read 2011 tossedpic
Those Who LoveBio70-1John and Abigail Adams1.45re-read 2014 tossedpic
Clarence Darrow for the DefenceBio70-2lawyer for the poor and labor0.95reread 11 - tossedpic
They Also RanBio70-3loser of Presidency1.25 pic
Love is EternalBio70-6Mary Todd Lincoln1.35reread 2011 - tossedpic
Passionate JourneyBio70-6 0.00 pic
Immortal WifeBio70-7John Fremont's wife Jesse1.35re-read 2012 - tossedpic
Sailor on HorsebackBio73-3Jack London.75re-read 2011 - tossedpic
Agony and the EcstasyBio73-10Michaelangelo1.25re-read 2013 tossedpic
President's LadyBio11-5Rachel Jackson.95 pic
Passions of the MindBio14-5Sigmund Freudtossedpic
None Dare Call It TreasonStormer JohnSoc76-6why US losing Cold War0.75 pic
A History of Modern JapanStorry RichardHis78-61913-0.00 pic
Some Buried CaesarStout RexMM66-12Caesar is a champion bull, and his and other corpses occupy Wolfe in the country.0.00 pic
Mother Hunt, TheMM66-12baby left at widow's doorsteps - 3 murders ensue0.00 pic
Might As Well Be DeadMM71-12must find a man who has changed name 11 years earlier0.00  
Three Men OutMM74-4novellas0.00re-read 06 - tossedpic
Too Many CooksMM73-10Chef killed at convention0.00  
Broken VaseMM74-3violinist, is driven to commit suicide by sabotaging his violin0.00  
Uncle Tom's CabinStowe Harriet BeecherF71-5Slave, Little Eva, Topsy, Simon Lagree0.00  
More Than HumanSturgeon TheodoreSF73-8six extraordinary people with strange powers who are able to "blesh" into one0.00  
Missile LordsSutton JeffF65-4company created for the sole purpose of selling nuclear missiles to the US government0.00 
Gulliver's TravelsSwift JonathanF62-9giants, tiny people and horse people0.00 
Valley of the DollsSuzann JaquelineF68-9three showbiz girls clawing their way to the top and hitting bottom in NYC0.00  
Krushchev RemembersTalbot StrobeBio80-3 0.00  
The Secret HistoryTartt DonnaMM15-10student accidently kills and then its Crime and Punishentish0.00 pic
CaretakersTelfer DanielF67-4trials of the mentally ill and their care-givers in an over-crowded ward of a hospital0.75 
Et Cetra Et CeteraThomas LewisEto10-7boring - origin of words0.00gift from Ianpic
Kava in the BloodThomson PeterHis12-51987 coups0.00 pic
Down These Mean StreetsThomas PiriABio77-7Puerto Rican grows up in slums and ends up in jail0.00 pic
Elton JohnToberman BarryBio98-2 0.00Gave to Mike Cpic
Pop QuestTobler JohnTriv78-11Rock 'n Pop2.00re-read 2016 - tossedpic
Fellowship of the RingTolkien J R RSF70-1Frodo Baggins as he flees from his home in the Shire to escape the minions of the Dark Lord Sauron. Sauron seeks the One Ring0.95 pic
The Two TowersSF70-1 0.95LOSTpic
Return of the KingSF70-1 0.95 pic
Smith of Wooth MajorF79-7Cook and his cake0.00  
The HobbitSF70-8Middle-earth0.00 pic
Death of Ivan IlychTolstoy LeoSS64 0.30re-read 04 tossedpic
War and PeaceF68-12 0.00  
S.T.A.R. FlightTubb E CSF76-1instantaneous transport Gates of the dictatorial Kaltich are a puzzle to be solved, rather bloodily, by Earth's resistance organization.0.00 
GathSF15-7annual storm causes people to hear ghosts from past0.00 pic
Escape into SpaceSF15-7hip leaves dying earth and returns in the past0.00 pic
Death Is A DreamSF15-9300 years after Debacle 3 people brought out of stasis0.00 pic
Kids, Crime and ChaosTunley RoulSoc68-10how juv-del treated around the world0.00  
Adventures of Tom SawyerTwain MarkF60-12Adventures of a boy on the Mississippi river0.45re-read 07 - tossedpic
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's CourtF60-12man transported back and he becomes "Boss" more powerful than Merlin0.45re-read 62pic
Tom Sawyer AbroadF70-2Tom and Huck go to see the unveiling of an experimental airship...only to be kidnapped by the ship's inventor, who plans to fly around the world and then crash in flames0.00  
Innocents AbroadTravel71-2Account of the Steamship Quaker City's Pleasure Excursion to Europe and the Holy Land With Descriptions of Countries, Nations, Incidents0.00 pic
Roughing ItTravel71-6Western States and Hawaii0.00  
Life on the MississippiHis71-2 0.00  
Pudd'nhead WilsonF71-3babies switched at birth ala Prince and Pauper0.00  
Adventures of Huckleberry FinnF- 0.45  
CouplesUpdike JohnF80-8sex lives in post-pill USA0.00 pic
Will of the TribeUpfield ArthurMM72-7Bony - dead man in crater0.00 pic
Bony and the Kelly GangMM72-10Excise agent murdered by an Irish gang0.00 pic
TrinityUris LeonF82-10Early days of northern Ireland struggle0.00 pic
TopazF73-12Russian and Cuban spy ring in France0.00 pic
M 33 In AndromedaVan Vogt A. E.SF-SS91-8Seige Unseen/Discord in scarlet/M 33/Expendables/Heir unapparent/Weapon shop1.00gave away
Masters of TimeSF71-1Slaves must save Earth from it's Masters0.00 pic
Empire of the AtomSF72-2 0.75post-nuclear warpic
Wild HorizonVan Wick Mason FF72-6men, women and the virgin wilderness0.00 
Last Castle, TheVance JackF69-4Group of expatriates have created a set of castles on an uninhabited world; they pursue an aristocratic lifestyle. Their servants revolt0.00 pic
Eyes of the OverworldSF76-5crook steals eye for a magician0.45 pic
Worlds In CollisionVelikovsky ImmanuelSci94-5Earth's past explained by brushes with other planets1.90Gave away 95
Master of the WorldVerne JulesSciFi63-7Robur, the Master of the World, shows off his new invention, The Terror, to the USA and hides himself in a mountain..00 pic
Mysterious IslandSciFi61-11escape of five prisoners in a hot air balloon get caught in a great storm and are wrecked on an unknown island.00 pic
Polish PrinceVinton BobbyABio83-1 0.00  
Chariots Of The GodsVon Daniken ErichUFO75-1Unsolved mysteries of the past - he thinks aliens are the answer1.25Giftpic
Gods From Outer SpaceUFO77-7Unsolved mysteries of the past - he thinks aliens are the answer1.25Gift
God Bless You Mr GoldwaterVonnegut KurtF77-1trying to get fellow claimed insane to get a fortune0.00 
Slaughter House 5F77-7Billy Pilgram jumps around in time0.95re-read '07 and '12pic
Srimad BhagavataVyasa VedaRel78-1Sanskrit about devotion0.00  
Book For All TimeVygotsky VitalyBio95-8Analysis of Marx development through articles and letters0.00Gave to Koefed 95
Common Insects - 1Walker AnnetteRef- 0.00 pic
Wisdom of BonesWalker Alan + Shipman PatSci07-11analysing fossils0.00gift ex Stephaniepic
Second Lady, TheWallace IrvingF84-1Russian clone replaces pres wife  pic
Chapman ReportF72-7quartet of suburbanites with stereotyped sex lives (frigid, nympho etc) under Kinsey-style research0.00 pic
Nympho and Other ManiacsHis78-8stories of women of the last 2 centuries who defied the social standards of their times0.00 pic
The PlotF78-10nuclear secrets given to China0.00 pic
Ben HurWallace LewF59-10Jew/Roman at time of Christ0.75re-read in 62 + 04pic
Book of ListsWallechinsky DavidTriv78-2 10.95 pic
Confessions Of St AugustineWarner Rex - TransAutoBio92-4Autobiography - sin to sainthood1.50Gave away 95
Flying Saucers-Serious BusinessWarren FrankUFO68-5close encounters with UFO occupants who had left their victims with "deep scratches.00  
Short Story MasterpiecesWarren and ErskineSS66-9 .75re-read 02 Tossedpic
Hostage to the BeatWatkins RogerMusic-Auckland 1955-700.00 pic
Unclouded SummerWaugh AlecF68-1love story0.00 pic
World of the SleeperWayman Tony RussellSF69-5Take your choice of any world or time--but at your own peril!0.00  
The Puppet Boy of WarsawWeaver EvaF14-8WWII Jews - postwar Germans in Siberia and furtehr generations meet0.00 pic
King's Peace: 1637-1641Wedgwood C VHis74-8English civil war0.00 
MuckrakersWeinburg ArthurHis76-9fighters of corruptions0.00 pic
Eleanor of AquitineWeir AlisonBio14-4Queen of France/England in mid ages0.00 pic
Inexperienced Ghost & 9 Other StoriesWells H. G.SF67-3Short stories0.50re-read 01 - Tossed
First Men in the Moon, TheSF70-7man's first expedition to the Grand Luna using anti-gravity substance0.00 pic
Friendly PersuasionWest JessamynF71-6Quaker family living in Indiana at the time of the Civil War0.00  
Shoes Of The FishermanWest Morris L.F76-12Russian Pope0.95Re-read in 98 gave away
Salamander, TheF91-7Political thriller in Italy. Country walks a tightrope called democracy. On either side, well-organized groups of right wing and left-wing extremists lie in wait, ready to pounce.0.00  
Devil's AdvocateF98-7Dying priest must check on potential saint0.00  
There Is a Psychic WorldWestwood HoraceSci75-11 0.00  
White Witch of the South SeasWheatley DennisF70-9Meets SP prince in Rio - sunken treasure0.00 pic
Within Whicker's WorldWhicker AlanABio94-8British journalist0.00  
Dream MillenniumWhite JamesSF91-5long space trip - Dr has to wake up once in awhile and check on others0.00 pic
Once and Future KingWhite T HF79-10King Arthur0.00  
Phoenix PrimeWhite TedSF76-101st in Qatar0.00 pic
Bridge of San Luis ReyWilder ThorntonF89-85 Peruvians die when bridge broke0.85re-read 06 tossedpic
Cross and SwitchbladeWilkerson and SherrillBio75-2Minister in NYC helping druggies0.00 
65s QuizWilliams BrianTriv18-124000 questions from swinging 60s0.00 pic
Company GirlsWilliams MonaF66-10 0.00  
Out of His HeadWilliams RichardBio86-10Phil Spector1.95 pic
Out of This World 1ed. Williams-EllisSF72-12short stories1.95  
Out of This World 2SF72-12short stories1.95  
Out of This World 4SF72-12short stories1.95  
Out of This World 5SF73-1short stories1.95  
Out of This World 6SF72-12short stories1.95  
Out of This World 7SF73-1short stories1.95  
Out of This World 8SF73-1short stories1.95  
One Against the LegionWilliamson JackF69-Sets up a robotic base on a world eighty l-years from Earth, and tries to conquer the Solar System via matter transporter technology he has stolen.0.00  
Wife to the KingmakerWilson SandraFHis93-1War of Roses0.00  
The Story of GodWinston RobertRel14-6with a little science thrown in0.00Ian'spic
Cartoon CountdownWiseman B.Cartoon59-10Space ships, aliens0.25Gave to David A.pic
How to Become a Better ReaderWitty Paul AEd- 0.00  
Youth MonopolyWobig EllenSF68-9eternal life0.00 pic
A Man in FullWolfe TomF15-12rape in Atlanta0.00 pic
Strange Career of Jim CrowWoodward C VannHis66-11analysis of the history of Jim Crow laws and American race relations0.00  
Thirty Years of Rock'n Roll TriviaWorth FredMusic93-3Facts0.25 pic
War and RemembranceWouk HermanF97-9WWII0.00  
Pictures of PavanneWright LanSF68-9Alien art contains trouble0.00 pic
Last Hope of EarthSF69-3giant weed is growing out of control in the world’s waterways, and as it covers more and more of the earth the resulting chaos and global warming is decimating life0.40 pic
After Worlds CollideWylie Philip & Balmer EdSF68-10Mankind escapes to Bronson when earth is destroyed0.50Re-read '00 Tossedpic
The DisappearanceSF74-8Every woman disappear in the same instant0.00  
Swiss Family RobinsonWyss JohannF98-9Shipwrecked family creates new life on island circa 17500.00Tossed 
FairoaksYerby FrankF64-12In 1835 young Mississippian Guy Falks, unable to gain his rightful estate, goes to Cuba and becomes involved in the slave trade. After numerous passages to and from Africa, he returns to his native land with a fortune.0.00 pic
All Shook UpYska RedmerH12-2NZ delinquents in '50s0.00gave awaypic
This ImmortalZelazny RogerSF68-10After nuke war, humans work on Vega while Vegans buy up Earth 0.00 pic
Changeling, TheSF71-1he intersection of a magical world and the world of technology. Techie creates and robotic Tracer-bird to spy on magician.0.00  
FlowersZim and AlexanderRef Golden Guide0.30 pic
StarsZim and BakerRef80-6Golden Guide0.30 pic
FishesZim and ShoemakerRef86-7Golden Guide0.99 pic
Reptiles and AmphibiansZim and SmithRef95-11Golden Guide0.30 pic
Resumes That Get Jobs How To80-4 0.00 
ANS COBOL Comp80-9 0.00  
Introduction to Data Processing Comp80-6 0.00  
The Words  77-6 0.00  
Fathers F77-12 0.00  
Reformation Europe His77-9 0.00  
Literature F75-10probably a text book0.00  
Peace - Where Is It? F92-8 0.00  
Instant Replay  73-9 0.00  
The Digger  73-8 0.00  
Old Order  73-5 0.00  
Reluctant Rebel  72-7 0.00 
Religion Rel72-5 0.00 
Islamic Revelation Rel72-4 0.00 
Danger Ahead  72-3 0.00 
Test Tube Father SF72-12   
Art of Thinking Sci72-12   
In High Life F80-6 0.00 
Smuggler's Cove F59-1Set in Maine - great book for my age with good actionre-read '70Lib bk
Sofia F83-5 0.00 
Tall Tale America F59-1  Lib bk
Pecos Bill Texas Cowpoke F59-1  Lib bk
Trap, The F59-1   
Yours Tell Niagara Falls Humor59-3autograph verses Lib bk
Daniel Boone Bio59-10 0.00 
John Paul Jones Bio58-11 0.00lib bk
Leaders of the Frontier His58-12 0.00lib bk
Story of D-Day H59-9 0.00lib bk
Pony Express Goes Through H59-12 0.00lib bk
West Point H60-1 0.00lib bk
Reptiles Around the World Sc60-6 0.00lib bk
Birds Sc60-4 0.00lib bk
World History H60-9 0.00lib bk
City of the Seven Hills H60-10Rome0.00lib bk
World's Worst Puns Humor85-6    
Math in Fun Math63-6    
Christopher Columbus Hist63-3    
Secret Service Hist60-12    
Nightmare F62-5   
Life of James Buchanan 62-10Lincoln  
Shakespeare Bio62-11   
American Reader Bio62-1015th president  
Tall Man Bio63-4   
Myths and Legends Myth64-9Greek re-read 71
Traitor, The  64-8probably ex HIA  
Fly Girls F64-9probably ex HIA  
New Doctor, The F64-10probably ex HIA  
Hunter, The F64-11probably ex HIA  
McCaffery F64-11probably ex HIA  
Deep, The F65-2not Benchley nor Crowley  
Company She Keeps F65-3probably ex HIA  
All Sorts of Love F65-6probably ex HIA  
Fun with Math Math65-10    
Jack the Ripper ?65-10probably ex HIA  
Sleeping Woman F65-12probably ex HIA  
His Own Man F66-10probably ex HIA humorous
Rampage ?66-3probably ex HIA  
Lisa ?66-11probably ex HIA  
Party, The ?67-9probably ex HIA  
Girls in Rome ?67-12probably ex HIA  
Castroism Pol68-3His version of communism  
Clone, The SF68-12    
Other Side of the Hill, The SF69-3    
United States and Mexico His69-6    
French and Indian Wars His70-1    
Hotshot ?70-5 0.00  
Science Fiction SF70-8 0.00  
Skin and Bones  70-10 0.00  
American Rebels ?70-11 0.00  
All About Dinosaurs Sci71-2 0.00  
All About Archeology F71-2 0.00  
Robin Hood?F71-12archer - steal from rich - give to poor0.00  
Prisoners of War??71-5 0.00  
Custer's Last Stand?His71-6Little Big Horn0.00  
East and West? 71-6 0.00  
Latin America??71-6 0.00  
Captain's Table??71-6 0.00  
Dog Years??71-6 0.00  
Blue Chips??71-12 0.00  
Whodunit??MM71-12 0.00  
Endless Sleep??84-11 0.00  
Under the Rings?HUM  0.00