Hindi Friends

   Deve Prasad

enlarge Deve was the richest man in our parts. He had a large farm (boys would steal his watermelons), he had a shop (boys would buy cigarettes) and he had a tractor and trucks. Almost always he would be behind the counter in the room attached to his house. The only son of his I encountered was Bal. It was a stroll through the QVS pasture to get to his place, or you could take the longer way along the road. I would wander over to get a bag of rice, a bottle of kerosene or a bottle of pop - my favorite being Creaming Soda that tasted like Juciy Fruit. I didn't really buy that much but he ran a tab and I'd square up once in a while. When Woody left he tried to stiff me with a high bill. I refused to pay. Then in Oct 1972 he claimed that I was a thief and that I owed him $9.
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