Strangers in Fiji

   Polynesians in Melanesia

The British decided to rule the island of Rotuma from Fiji. So even though their culture is more closely tied to Toga and Samoa, they have migrated toward Fiji as a first step toward the outside world. I always held Rotumans in high esteem for their honesty, cheerfulness and unassuming nature. I had a chance to have Jone Tevita as a room mate for a term. And I chose Rotuman students for positions of repsonsibility at the school knowing that I could trust them to do a good job. Lusiana, at Desai's, became a good friend, even though we only saw each other in the store. We maintained contact right through 1985.



   Mirconesians in Melanesia

When the British discovered lime sulphate on Ocean Island (Banaban) in the Gilbert islands they basically caried the island away leaving nothing for the thousands of inhabitants. For some strange reason Rabi Island in Fiji was chosen to be their new home. They were moved enmasse to a place that was colder and wetter than their homeland. So, like the Rotumans, they slowly became immersed into Fijian society.