2003 Waiuku Formula 1
Australia   9 March   5 laps    Course: Adelaide
We are joined this by Snowy driving fro Arrow and it would seem that he will be force to worry about.  Despite 5 spinoffs (3 in the final lap) he managed to tie for third.  Fireball took up right where he finished last year, taking the lead in the first lap and never giving it up and coasting in for an easy win.  Jazz only made one mental error and was assisted in a critical block and got a rare spot on the podium as she crossed the line for 2nd.  On the otherhand, the clinical "I don't worry about other cars" Blackdog made several mistakes and managed the first Miss Move on an Intentional Spin Off.  Can't understand how The Bodyguard finished at the tail since was 2nd up 'til the ending stages.  But last was reserved for hardluck who ran out of tires and had to keep to safety speeds the whole 4th lap.
Malaysia   22 March   4 laps    Course: standard
Fireball had the pole but after two laps where every car was spinning off except the Arrow the race saw Snowy in first.  Tires took a toll on most of the cars and definitely affected the results.  Snowy crashed badly a couple tmes on the 3rd lap and meanwhile from way in the back, out of nowhere, came the roar of Ferrari, as the red machine passed everyone on the last lap and had an easy win.  The Bodyguard drove a steady race and came in second.  Jazz wore a black glove, didn't then did again???
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Brazil    12 April    3 laps    Course: reverse standard
Heavy rains cut the number of laps to the minimum.  Once again Fireball used a common sense approach to the corners (and the smallest dice ever seen) and led the others the whole way.  Since he was in front he managed to avoid all the carnage that the drivers faced, with 6 spinoffs in the first lap.  New Kid on The Block, Snowy, took a couple risks trying to block and spunoff at the worst times.  But going nto the final corner he still had a shot at second only to be pipped by KryptKicker when the Arrow went off the line.  Jazz suffered the worst possible fate, being blocked 3 times in a row.  Bodyguard couldn't control the Williams and spent most of the race sitting on the side waiting to get going again.
San Marino  19 Apr  6 laps   Course: Imola
Congratulations to Snowy on his first official win.  He learned his style by mimicing Fireball in that they don't throw the dice.  Course they miss out on all the fun happening behind them, as it is a spin-off and be blocked attitude.  Bodyguard still having problems controlling the Williams. Blackdog had just enough to pip Fireball for second on the last move, and KryptKicker just plain made to critical mistakes and dropped him into 4th on the day.
        enlarge  Malley to Malley     enlarge  And an Easter egg
Spanish    26 Apr    4 laps    Course: Catalunya

The BodyGuard had pole position but was blocked 4 times in the first lap which was just a hint of what was to come, more spinoffs and more blocks forced her into last.  The other drivers pretty much drove in their normal style with Fireball building a big league and then taking corners at ease.   Snowy confused everyone when he actually slowed down on purpose at one time.  Yet, there he was on the last lap overtaking everyone and finishing first.

Canada  May 31  5 laps   Course: Gilles Villeneuve

Jazz had the pole but steadily drifted to last thanks to 9 spin offs.  Fireball almost blew it when he couldn't get into the pits on a technicality, but held on to win his 3rd for the year, even though Blackdog was able to have the lead for a short time when Fireball did go into the pits.

Britain   5 July    5 laps    Course: Silverstone            
KryptKicker had pole but emergency calls from Helen distracted him enough to fall into the back of the pack.  Snowy couldn't keep his car on the track and so Fireball jumped into the lead and stayed there the whole race.  Blackdog had second up until the last lap when he was blocked in the pits, then double blocked and should have finished in last when Jazz tried to block only to spin off.  And out of nowhere came The Bodyguard to finish second.

Germany   18 July   6 laps   Course: Hockenheim
Blackdog was first off, but was sent to the rear of the pack when for the first time a spunoff driver was blocked four times!!  After the third lap we had KryptKicker in first, Fireball second and Snowy in third and it stayed that way to the end when on the very last turn Fireball snuck ahead for the win.  Meanwhile the other three drivers just had bad break after bad break with the two women drivers spinning off at the killer corner that has 20kph entry square.
        enlarge Happy Birthday Bodyguard !
Hungary  22 Aug  4 laps  Course: Hungaroring
Snowy tried to suck the other drivers with a sympathy bid because he had a cold.  But we gave freely to Jazz who wasted her pole position by being blocked the first two moves!!!  It was touch and go for Snowy, Bodyguard and Blackdog over the first 3 laps.  But no one went into the pits and that made for a very exciting final lap.  Especially for KryptKicker who did a double block on Fireball and Blackdog and then went on to pass The Bodyguard on the final move for a second place finish.
Belgium   20 Sep    5 laps   Course: Spa
Fireball had the pole position and led the whole way for his 6th win in 10 races.  The first four dice tosses ended up in 4 spinoffs.  Snowy brought along his pit crew and ended up with spinning off most of the time, so we think they won't attend future races.  The Bodyguard managed the most blocks to get some joy out of the race.
Portugal  19 Dec  6 laps  Course: Estoril
Blackdog used his cards to get the lead only to spin off in the second lap and then become the first driver to be blocked 5 times consequtively.  Never really recovered from that or the Wild Turkey.  This year's champ, Fireball, looked like he was going to coast in for another win, especially when Snowy went into the pits.  But out of nowhere came The Bodyguard to take the lead in the 5th.  She managed hold off KryptKicker's late challenge when he spun off with less than half a lap remaining to get her first win of the year.
Japan   11 Jan   5 laps     Course: Suzuka
With nothing to lose Fireball charged out with everything he had and ended up in the pits twice after going 11 races without ever stopping.  He was blocked each time.  The Bodyguard and Blackdog played more cautiously and wound up 1st and 2nd respectively.  Second win in a row for Bodygaurd.  But the real race was happening at the back where KryptKicker and Snowy were fighting for 2nd place overall.  They matched each other for spinoffs and blocks and it came down to the final corner on the final lap with Krypt kicking some Snowy butt.