MMM Nov 2000
Malley-Mate Data Sheet 1959
Name: Gary
Approx Age: 1 day older than me
Nationality: Minnesotan

   I was 8 years old when we moved to Richfield and Gary became my best friend at the new school and we stayed close until I left for Fiji. We share so many memories. I think we spent equal time at each other's places even though they were over a mile apart. I preferred going to his house.  He had a large room in a finished attic that made me envious and in the basement he had an electric train (the engine spewed smoke) set complete with cowboys and Indians figures.  We formed a "club" with Lee F. and I still recall the time we dressed up in suit and tie, took the bus to downtown Mpls on our own and met his aunt for lunch in Dayton's. We bowled at basement lanes on Hennipen. The club ended when Lee moved to Illinois.
We played basketball but most of the time we would pitch to each other. The reason I became a first baseman was because Gary lent me that glove to use for Little League tryouts. We ended up on different teams but 3 years later we were on the same Babe Ruth team and his father, Ernie, was our coach. In 1960 Gary stayed at my grandparents' farm with me for a week and we had a great time. We also were in the same bowling league for many years and he is an excellent bowler.  We even sold hot dogs at the Met stadium in '63. I would give him a ride home after the night games and then we'd finish a bottle of Coke® while watching Johnny Carson.  I left for private high school, but we ended up hanging together for 4 years at University. A group of IT guys formed a band, The Poor Souls and Gary played bass. He went on to become lawyer and in this world of so much change, he still lives in the same house 60 years on, only now it is with his wife, Joan.
1958 farm 1960 farm 1960
Sing Along with Gary I rest my case Hay, Gary!