Malley-TP History

     I had been filling notebooks with trivia facts and buying trivia type books long before the word "Trivia" joined the mainstream of pop culture. So when Trivial Pursuit was created I wanted to rush out and buy it.  But I couldn't afford the $20 price tag. My brother gave me the Genus version for Christmas '84 and Dec 28th that year found us playing the Baby Boomer version with the Dieffenbachs.

    The first mention in a diary was recorded for 18 Jan 1975: Gail quizzed Ian White and me from one of my trivia books.   Ian won and I noted it was because he has a better "classical" background than I possess.

Here is an excerpt from a letter written on 9 Feb 1985:
"Have also been trying to get up as many Trivial Pursuit games as possible. You and I are both way ahead of our times.   We were playing it 15 years ago. Your letters were filled with Lance LaRue questions. I almost blush to report that I have won every single game so far. In fact, we usually play me against everyone else in the room. They have a rule for me that for the final question I have to answer correctly every (6) category on the card. I can see the day when they (friends, relatives and neighbors) won't want to play with me at all.

When we brought the game to New Zealand in 1985 we found that some had heard of it, but very few were interested in playing.   So it was relegated to a dark corner in a cupboard until the 90's when NZ caught up with the rest of the world.   But rather than playing the game in one's home, it became a hot item to hold trivia evenings for the public to attend in groups.   In 1992 I went along to a music trivia contest at a pub in Auckland and we joined the Whites at an evening in support of Waiuku College.   Since then there is hardly a trivia contest within 40 miles that we don't attend. We usually win, too.   Details of the outings can be found at Competitions.

    Irene invited us to her place for Christmas in 1992 and in one those things I call "fate", we actually went.   All these strangers were talking about getting together the following Friday to play Trivial Pursuit and we said count us in; the rest as they say is history. So Jan 1, 1993 we attended for the first time and have rarely missed a Friday since.   This group of 12-16 people meet every Friday and only 8 times in the first 11 years has there not been a game.   We meet in each others homes, bringing a treat to share. We draw up two teams and amazingly almost every game has been a draw!!   You can find out more about the main players by going to Friday Group. Almost each Thursday night until Oct 2003 Doug (R.I.P.) came over and we played various music (pop/rock) trivia games while listening to our LPs. Yes, LPs not CDs. Since then it has been Mike who has been my adversary once in awhile.

    Luckily, we have many versions of the game, but we tend to play the New Zealand Genus one the most frequently and after a couple years the questions have become old friends. At least to me - I am amazed that so many in the group don't recall that we have had a question at least 17 times before.

We have rules:

  • Gail's rule - cheating begins at 10PM
  • Irene's rule - we must roll to get into the center
  • Mike's rule - for the final question we use the top category and progress downward
  • John's rule - Mike must ask "where are we next week?" before its too late
  • Ann's rule - at 10PM the Sports pie piece is automatically given without need to land on it

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