Haunted House
 In the old days the natives would throw a bleeding cow into the ocean to attract sharks. They dragged the carcass into shore and then harpoon sharks that followed it in. The chief would throw the first harpoon. Well, Dr. Brown became a source of power in the area and he came to take over the hunt. He introduced broken-down horses, mules and muskets. This went on for years until a strange thing happened. As they were pulling a mule in, they observed a giant shark and this time all of the sharks stayed out of rifle range. All, except the big one who swam in close to shore and stuck his head out of water and stared at the doctor. This shook up the doctor to the point where he couldn't fire. The sharks swam away and the natives took it as a bad sign and removed their fear of the doctor.
The next day the doctor's only son was kicked to death by a horse on the ranch. Within a short time his daughter died after being thrown from a horse. Kindled by the natives belief that animals were out to get even the poor doctor went crazy and the subsequent haunted house. After his death ownership passed to relatives back on the mainland. They couldn't sell the place because of its reputation and "curse". The story has now expanded to include a keyless piano being played at times.
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