Barb and David
An entertainment for us whilst at Kapaau was the budding friendship of David and Barb. Barb was making a fool of herself over David and he was acting as a gentleman offering no encouragement.  We really kidded them, especially since the two of them went to school with Mrs. Hasegawa while the rest of us went in the back of the truck.  As we would pull out onto the road there would be our two waiting and we would shout out appropriate comments.  This did not start in Kapaau - I had noticed in Ookala that Barb always managed to change her language group to be in the same one as David after the lists has been posted.  I had pointed this fact out to others.  When we got to Kapaau we had tlaked to Jas to make sure that they would stay split for once.  BUT she still went to the class she wanted to be in anyway.

It really came out into the open so much that they stopped denying it to take away our fun.  So Ann and I suggested that Barb and I swap rooms so she could be with David.  After all, we are all adults and there would be no scandle.  Barb swallowed it but David was more sensible.  Barb even managed get to be David's cooking partner.  I remember when they were making spaghetti and they got into fight after fight.

Ramon and I started asking David in Hindi, "Adj mosem hai?" - "How is the weather?" meaning how is your sex life.  And David would reply: cold, rainy, hot, sunny etc...  All this confused Barb because she couldn't grasp the inner meaning.

I am sorry Barb if you read this but I had a serious talk with David and he assured me that he wasn't serious, just being polite.  But I do know that he appreciated the attention he was getting.

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