We had a general meeting to be told that Mary Ann Morley was sent back to New York and Alipate Vuidreketi to Fiji. They had fallen in love and that was not to be allowed. There was some gossip about it, but since it was in the Hilo group it really didn't affect us too much.

Mary Ann reports: "I was heartbroken as to being severed from a lifelong dream of serving in the Peace Corps. I did appeal my case in California, and won the appeal, only to be shipped to Barbados the next year. However, in the interim, I was so distraught at my treatment, I did not serve in Barbados after training, and went back to my Alma Mater at SUNY Cortland.

I just retired in July 2013, having had a career in psychiatric social work and marriage and family therapy. I received a PhD from Purdue University in the latter."
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