Peer Teaching
From Bad  We math teachers were assigned to give a lesson to the dolts in the science group and they returned the favor.  I taught angles to a very dumb class and they gave me nothing but trouble.  Mike Martin filled us in on the respiratory system.  Shiffer gave us the rundown on the circulatory system.  He made Jim and I run up and down chairs.  Hoffsis talked about about geometric figures and Francis P. tried her best to explain rotation or something.

To Worse  Then we had a week of teaching with Tom and Frank.  Tom would always beat me up or write on me when Frank wasn't looking.  And we were dumber than the scientists when came to picking up what was being taught.  The best part was a video tape machine [ed. - yes video in 1969] so we could see ourselves in action.  Unfortunately, it didn't work for my lesson.

Walea  The head honcho of Fijiian Education flew in to see us teach.  David Downes clued me in that Walea was crazy about using floor covering as an area example.  So I planned this beautiful lesson around it and pulled it off.

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