Thanksgiving Day Play
Terry was put in charge of organizing entertainment for Thanksgiving. Turned out to be a series of skits knocking each staff member. They asked me for ideas and I was bubbling over so much that I became the official writer. So I wrote a play and Gale was the producer. verything was kept hush hush. The staff knew we were putting on a play but that was all. Their interest was piqued when we kicked them out of our one and only rehearsal. We spent one week hashing over ideas and trying to line up players. There were a few who found the humor offensive or didn't want to get in trouble and no way could we find some one to play Alice (way too nice to mock) and Susan (way too evil to mess with). I stayed up until 2AM running off copies and stapling.

I had grown a week old beard (okay, call it stubble) and a lot of people were guessing why. But after I removed my glasses and had smudged eye liner around my eyes there was little doubt that I was Dick Moody. It was a couple days from mid-training evaluation and since it was a very critical play I had to go before the audience and plead total responsibility for the fiasco.
It was video taped (yes, 1969) and a for the day or so it would be played over and over again. The Fjians loved it and especially themselves being knocked.  They would anticipate their character coming on stage. Joyce went wild each time she saw Hoffsis come on as Narayan.

You now have two choices:

1. Read the script (complete with staple that has held the document together for 35 years) for what was planned, or

2. Read my description of what actually transpired

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