Soccer and Volleyball Matches
These took place on 1st November, 1969 and below is the report put out by Hilo on the 3rd.
Rainbow Falls drew first blood Saturday as they posted double victories in the opening matches of the PCV fall athletic program. The Hilo Horneys and Hilo Honeys combined for a one-two punch dumping Ookala teams in both soccer and volleyball. The games were marred by injuries and the cry of "foul" following a 3-1 victory by the Horneys Soccer team. Ookala officials protested the "rough-housing" tactics used by the Horneys.

Jas Lal, player-coach, of Ookala, blasted the Hilo squad for, "the illegal use of hands and fists." "Hilo is a team that uses muscle not finesse," Jas accused.. "Instead of going around a man they'd rather run over him. Hilo doesn't pass the ball around a player, they try to pass it through him." Coach of the Hilo squad Ramon Velji replied, "The Horneys is a young aggressive club. We use muscle because we're used to the American style of football. My boy's will use less muscle as they gain experience. Moti Lal (no relation to the Ookala Coach), said he had his hands full as match referee. "I worked nearly the entire game without line judges. I called the more blatant roughness infractions but the game would have stopped dead if all the penalties were called against both teams." During the match two players from Ookala were injured seriously. Mike Coyle was taken to the Hilo Hospital for 10 stitches above the eye after bashing skulls with a Horney team member while chasing a loose ball. Jas was sidelined with a torn cartiledge in his knee.

Both teams were crippled by injuries during a week of practice. Three Ookala men were knocked off the roster and two of the Horneys' most promising rookies were benched with injuries. Marty 'Killer" Koretzky was out of action with a chipped forefinger in his choking hand. "Huggey Bear" Olkowski was forced into the hospital with 13-stitches above the eye during a practice session Wednesday. Fullback Jeremy Weld tried punting "Huggey Bear's" skull, mistaking it for the soccer ball. Jeremy failed to score on his kick attempt. Hilo's 3-1 victory gave them a 1-0 mark for the season. Hilo took the lead midway in the first half on a 30-foot shot by 'Slap Shot" Sova. However, with only five-minutes gone in the second half, Mark Shiver tied the score for Ookala putting them back in contention. But the match was put out of reach when goals were scored by Hilo's double threat of Pito of Fiji and American-style kicker, Dick of Earl. Pat "the Plunger" Deleon was voted the games most valuable player. Plunger, in his first start as the Horneys goalie, failed to tall under a brutal onslaught of kicks, punches and gouges and at one time absorbed three successive shots to the chest. Both Hilo and Ookala fans gave the Plunger a standing ovation following the repeated attack where Ookala failed to score. Ookala played a ball control game for most of the first half but their half back slots were too weak to take the full sixty minutes. During practice sessions for the past two weeks they played without half backs since their squad is limited to 11 men. However, their eight experienced players managed to keep the ball deep in Hilo territory for most of the game. Hilo's squad of 15 men had been working out for four days prior to the game and concentrated on overall team defense while their front line veterans carried the offensive attack.

Following the soccer match the Hilo Honeys made it two Rainbow Falls victories in a row as they posted a 2-0 mark in a best of three series. Ookala was hampered by a shortage of women athletes. The new "PCV SUBSTITUTION RULE" was put into effect by match officials and Ookala drafted three free agents from the Hilo Honey squad. The Honeys picked up two wins. The first in a come from behind victory 21-17 after being down 9-5. The Honeys capped the double Hilo sweep winning the second game 21-18. The Hilo soccer - volleyball victories picked up four cases of Primo for Rainbow Falls. Ookala squelched on the bet claiming they would pay off later in the month.

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