Each boy paid $2.50 into a social fund and money was used to rent movies that were played on most Saturdays.
Staff often arrange showings of the films in their house. We were expected to pay 30¢ per film to the staff social amenities fund. I watched most of them with the boys for free.

FILMS 1970

30c per adult or 60c per family.

  1. The Logest Day
  2. Jump into Hell
  3. Flight of the Phoenix
  4. Mutiny on the Bounty
  5. One Million Years BC
  6. Witchcraft
  7. Psycho
  8. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence
  9. All Quiet on the Western Front
  10. Guns for San Sebastion
  11. Liquidators
  12. War of the Worlds.
  13. Hell Drivers
  14. What's New Pussy Cat 31 Oct
  15. Ivanhoe
  16. Ten Little Indians
  17. Waco
  18. Man from Bitter Ridge