The National Quiz is similar to the American TV show "University Challenge" with two exceptions: it is for high schools and it it on the radio. "Na kila mada?" or "Ab kitna junta hai?" I see from the Internet that since 2002 it is being televised under the name "IQ Active".
1970 -
St John's Loreto
This was held in the QVS Chapel on Oct 3rd and was broadcast on 8 Nov. We lost 28 - 23. Rongorongo put on a good show during the audience questions.
1971 - RKSThis was held at the QVS Chapel on April 2nd and was broadcast on April 18th. We won 37 - 17
Taniela Bolea

Anare Gukilau

Maika Cama
1971 - FultonTailevu North elimination round. We lost 29 - 33. LISTEN (21Mb) to whole programme.
1972 - FultonThis was held at Fulton Missionary College and we lost in a very close game. LISTEN to end segment (10Mb). "Jim" won an audience question.
Aisake Nawaikula

Meli Nemasi

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