malleyweb Prep Master
1. Be in the school block by 5:50p.m. to supervise ingress and tuck-shop, library closing

2. Check that each class settles, and has a senior boy in charge. Seniors Supervising prep classes should do so solo, not with a group of friends.

3. Ensure that all boys are in prep by taking a roll-call at your own discretion. Also see that boys are in the right rooms - only 6th Form may use the Library. The Art Room may not be used, nor the laboratories.

4. Perambulate frequently to ensure: (i) Silence. (ii) attention to work; (iii) no boys come out to the toilets unless desperate; (iv) comics to be permanently confiscated; readers to be punished.

5. See that classes get away promptly to supper at 7:00 p.m.

6. Supervise supper.

7. Ensure a timely return of all classes to prep by 7:45PM (except midgets).

8. Check that the washers arrive back by 8:15PM.

9. Lights out: - Junior end 8:30PM - Senior End 9PM.

Check absentees with Prefect on duty in each dorm. Give verbal report of absentees to housemaster the following morning.
Ensure that boys doing voluntary prep leave the school block by 9PM. and that all boys are in bed by 9:30PM.

10. After second session ensure that school has been closed down and locked up.

11. Remain in dormitory area for final check with Prefect on Duty, who is responsible for seeing that all windows are shut in the main blocks and all lights switched off.