QVS Students

   Jesoni Vitusagavulu

enlarge Vitu was one of my favorite students. He was full of questions and interested in almost everything. So we saw a lot of each other outside of the classroom. He had a rival for best results the two years he spent at QVS; luckily Akariva was also his best friend. The three of us had many a good conversation. Jesoni left QVS in 5th form and went to Marist. I left and went to New Zealand but we wrote to each other for a couple years. Sometime in the '90s I was told that he was in Auckland with Air Pacific. Then the next I heard he was the Fiji Ambassador to the US, Canada, Mexico and Cuba. And I am not surprized.
Update: Jesoni was removed from his Ambassadorship mid 2007 by Bainimarama.

At Vatukola 1971
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