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QVS Teachers Wives

Colleen Atmore

1974 Wish I had a better memory - but I do believe that Colleen worked in the Tokaroa High School as an office clerk??? She told me that she was glad to be in Fiji away from New Zealand and its keep up with the Joneses.

Diana Hayson

1971 Diana was a behind the scenes type person. But she held her own within her house and was a good mother. She went on to be a librarian.

Susi White

1970 Started out Ian's housegirl. From Burelevu, just down the road from QVS. Fiesty, funny and flambouyant.

Fran Breeze

1974 Big time worrier and always saying "sorry". But she was a good friend, sending me meals when I was too ill to cook. But she has no idea how to play Scrabble, eh?

Pam Kacimaiwai

1972 She was the head teacher for the staff children's school and I think half of the class were hers.

Trevina Mitchell

1972 Local girl - from the Ashley family on Ovalau.

Roko Hargrove

1972 Dick's 3rd wife, she stayed with him the longest, almost 30 years. She sold curry and roti, fish 'n chips that she had cooked to students.

Kelera Woodward

1972 Dave's 1st wife. It was a Fijian Pigmalian, as he brought her to Boston where she thrived on the educational facilities made available to her.

Gail Malecek

1972 My wife, so you know that I don't dare say much. She was only at the school for 6 months during which time she learned bridge, taught the staff primary kids and survived a hurricane.

Pauline McDougall

1971 Regal and perfect as the Headmaster's wife.

Trish Murphy

1974 Big time jolly - always laughing and giggling.

Ana Robarobalevu
Donu Druavesi
Mareca Roqica