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Stories Read (listed by author)
Abernathy RobertRotifersSF boy believes things under microscope can think and don't like him watchingU
Aiken ConradImpulseF Man shoplifts to see what it feels like, gets caught, life ruinedU
Smith And JonesF Two guys walking down a rural road at night - one kills other
Akutagawa RyunosukeAutumn MountainFpainting masterpieceJap
Albee George SumnerThe TopSF satiric allegory of American businessU
Aldis Brian WBut Who Can Replace a Man?SFU
Aldrich Thomas BaileyMlle. Olympe ZabriskiF Aristocrat falls for trapeze artist who turns out to be a man 
Algren NelsonBottle Of Milk For MotherF Young Pollock kills - story focuses on the interrogationU
Allen MarijaneNeanderthalSF poemU
Allende IsabelTwo WordsF Gives people magic wordsChile
Wicked GirlF Drawn to mother's lover, a musician staying at their boarding house; then sent away for it
ClarissaF Saintly woman has a couple sons on the side
Toad's MouthF Sole female amongst shepherds invents games to win time with her
The Gold of Tomas VargasF Bigamist's wife and lover kick him out and steal his gold
If You Touched My HeartF Idiot woman kept as slave in abandoned sugar mill
Gift for a SweetheartF Circus owner uses it to win a woman after expensive gifts fail
ToscaF Opera singer leaves husband for doctor who works in jungle
WalimaiF Death ritual as told by a primative
Ester LuceroF Nat'l rebel hero falls for 12 yr old and saves her life using jungle medicine
Simple MariaF Innocent girl finds sex with a sailor and becomes most famous prositute because she loves each man
Our SecretF A day in bed with two former electric shocked prisoners
Little HiedelbergF Norweigian dances with woman for 40 years without saying a word
The Judges WifeF Outlaw can't stop lovemaking to judge's wife knowing he will be caught
The Road NorthF Deaf-Mute boy sold to rich Yankee as adoptee, but instead body parts are used
The Schoolteacher's GuestF Teacher's son killed when stealing mangoes - many years later she kills the murderer and whole town keeps it a secret
The Proper RespectF Woman fakes kidnapping to gain notariety
Interminable LifeF Dr fights for euthenasia and power love...kills terminal wife but can't kill himself
A Discreet MiracleF Blind doubting priest eyesight restored when his sister brings him to a doubtful "Saint" shrine
RevengeF Woman falls in love with man who killed her father and raped her, so day of her wedding she kills herself
Letters of Betrayed LoveF Husband didn't write letters to her - she recognizes handwriting as her son's teacher's
Phantom PalaceF Old dictator kidnaps ambassador's wife and keeps her in the jungle in an overgrown palace - and she loves it there
And of Clay We Are CreatedF Reporter stays with girl buried in mud - no one will supply a pump
Allen MarijaneNeanderthalSF poemU
Alpert MarkMy Life With Joanne ChristiansenF U
Anderson PoulMy Object All SublimeSF in the future the police will throw criminals back in time rather than in jailU
Night PieceSF scientist whose sketchily explained experiments with ESP have caused him to start slipping back and forth from reality into a strange primordial plane of existence
EpilogueSFstar-faring humans who originally left Earth for the stars return 3 billion yeasr later
Anderson SherwoodThe EggF Family fails at chicken raising and then opens a cafeU
Andreyev LeonidSeven Who Were HangedF 3 stories of people end up sentenced to hangR
Anon1,000,000 A.DSF
Arthur RobertAttractive FamilyF Parents plot to kill daughter 
Call For HelpF Old ladies burn house thinking relatives out to kill them
Arlen MichaelThe American GentlemanSF Rich American visits London, and bets 1000 pounds that he can spend the night in a room that is said to be hauntedB
Asimov Isaac The Dead PastSFability to view the pastU
Foundation of Science Fiction SuccessSFGilb & Sull parody pokes fun at the conventions of the genre and practioners
FranchiseSFMultivac. It is the first story in which Asimov dealt with computers as computers and not as immobile robots
Gimmicks ThreeSFWelby sells the soul to the devil, and when the devil appears to collect, Welby is given a test to pass
Kid StuffSFFantasy writer, who has always been a little ashamed of how he pays the mortgage, finds himself confronted with a real-life fairy with a real-life demand
The Watery PlaceSFflying saucer landed on April 14, 1956, a day before the tax was due. So it wasn’t a fit time for extraterrestrials to arrive that day for the sheriff, Bart Cameron, was unapproachable. Because of this, they misunderstood each other. And finally Cameron got very angry and drove them away. So ever since no extraterristrial ever appears. As the author has stressed over and over, it was because of this stupid mistake that we lost the chance of communicating with e t civilization
Living SpaceSFone alternate-Earth proves to be housing a colony of Nazis from yet another alternate-Earth
The MessageSFKilroy Was Here
The Dying NightSFmurder mystery - Mercury has no day
Spell My Name with an "S"SFchanging first letter of name sets off consequences
The Feeling of PowerSFre-discovery pf mathematics after computers did everything
Satisfaction GuaranteedSFrobot kisses housewife
The Last QuestionSFcomputer eventaully becomes God
The Gentle VulturesSFHurrians repair planets and take some natives for slaves
I'm In Marsport Without HildaSFanti-nausea med made into narcotic
Hell FireSFA movie of a nuclear explosion is viewed in slow-motion.
The Last TrumpSFthe angel Etheriel is speaking to the archangel Gabriel about the writings of the book of Daniel and the Bible in general and questions their authenticity after being copied by scribes: "I wonder if two words in a row are left unchanged"
The Fun They HadSFgirl in the future ponders how enjoyable the 20th century school-based education system was, in comparison with the automated home-tutoring system of her time
Victory UnintentionalSF
The JokesterSFoffers a theory on the origin of humor
The Immortal BardSFShakespeare brought to present and fails a uni course on Shalkespeare
SomedaySFthe little computer knew then that computers would always grow wiser and more powerful until someday-- someday-- someday-- . . . "
The Author's OrdealSFusing the Lord Chancellor’s "Nightmare Song" as a guide, verse on how distracted one is as one thinks incessantly of plots.
Dreaming is a Private ThingSFvirtual reality, with emotions, smells and other sensations avialable for instant experience via a headset
The Ugly Little BoySFa Homo neanderthalensis child which is brought to the future by means of time travel
NightfallSFthe coming of darkness to the people of a planet ordinarily illuminated at all times
Green PatchesSFA planetary collective intelligence attempts to invade Earth.
HostessSFhumans are hosts to a parasitic life-form which is deadly to all the non-human races of the Galaxy.
Breeds There a Man...?SFconvinced that humanity is being run through a bizarre experiment by some nearly-omnipotent aliens who are determined to prevent excessive intellectual or technological development on mankind’s part
C-ChuteSFcivilians is taken captive on the spaceship - it might be possible to leave their stateroom via its C-chute (aka casualty-chute, used for jettisoning dead bodies) and sneak into the control room
Martian WaySFpioneer human settlers on the planet Mars are faced with the denial of water supplies when a demagogic Earth politician conducts a campaign against wastage of water as a spaceship propellant
ProfessionSFkids taught to read but not think - thoise whoi can think are locked aweay
YouthSFappeal against human physical anthropocentrism
The DeepSFalien race with telepathic abilities, living underground on a planet with rapidly depleting energy resources, who decide to teleport themselves to a new planet, which happens to be Earth
Sucker BaitSFan assertion of the unity of knowledge
All the Troubles of the WorldSFcomputer predict who will commit a crime
Does A Bee Care?SFalien race leaves an ovum which eventually goes back home
Ayme MarcelThe Ubiquitous WifeFFr
Bailey H CThe Long DinnerMMMan kills children with infectionsU
Ballantyne DavidOther GardensF Day in life of kiwi couple in London after WWII - wife boredN
A Leopard YarnFLeopard escapes zoo, grandfather takes airgun to shoot, but gets drunk
Ballard J GBilleniumSF
Barham RichardGrey Dolphin: A Legend of SheppeyMythKnight kills monkB
Batistich A EGusla, TheF Immigrant's daughters growing up as kiwis and he don't like itN
Baxter JohnThe HandsSFA
Benet Stephen VincentGentleman of FortuneFU
Bennett MargotNo Bath For the BrownsF
Besant and RiceThe Case of Mr LucraftFMan buys men's appetitesB
Bester AlfredMy Private World of Science FictionSF
Bixby JeromeShare AlikeSFU
Blake NicholasAssassins' ClubMMOne of the mystery writers is stabbed at group's mealU
Blish JamesA Work of ArtSF In 2161 a mind sculpture brings the composer Richard Strauss back to life in the body of a healthy manU
Bloch RobertThe Living EndF Man discovers potion for eternal life, kills wife and gets sentenced for....U
The Head HunterF Nazi axe man steals two heads and ends up getting the chop
Impractical JokerF Bartender thinks he is slipping poison into drink to kill rival, but it was water (joke's on him)
Pride GoesF Wife pushes husband off balcony, only to have him land on her lover
The Screaming PeopleF Crazy people retrained to be zombies for mad scientist, eh?
Fat ChanceF Husband tries to poison wife, but his lover gets it instead
The Unpardonable CrimeF Woman undresses to seduce ex-lover not knowing he is blind.
Method for MurderF Woman has friend haunt husband and kill him only to find out it really is a ghost.
Two of a KindF Millionaire builds ship and wants a "perfect" couple to sail with him, they turn him down - and then it rains, and rains...
UntouchableF Racist actor rapes girl in India declared "untouchable" only to find she has cholera
BeelzebubF Fly drives man crazy and to his death
Frozen FearF Man kills voodoo wife chops her and puts her into freezer - then she does same to him
The Feast in the AbbeyF Man shelters at an abbey where monks are greedy eaters/drinkers - dessert is his brother's head
Blochman LawrenceRum For DinnerMMjewel thief dies from ackees because he didn't drink alcolholU
Block LawrenceA Blow For FreedomMMman buys a gun for protectionU
Blocker DanBest-Kept SecretFdeaf-dumb man's inventionU
Bone J FOn the Fourth PlanetSFU
Borges Jorge LuisThe ZahirSFZahir has the power to create an obsession in everyone who sees itArg
Boucher AnthonyThe AmbassadorsSFU
The Quest for Saint AquinSFa robot saint
Bradbury Ray October GameSFWife killed - witch game in dark basement - chicken guts, but ...U
The DwarfSFcarnival midway where a tiny man's most cherished fantasy is fulfilled night after night (mirror that makes him tall)
The Next in LineSF
The Watchful Poker Chip of H. MatisseSF
The JarSFglass jar holds memories and nightmares
SkeletonSFman's skeleton wars against him
The LakeSF
The Strawberry WindowSF
The DragonSFknights fight what turns out to be a train engine with aheadlight
Frost and FireSFpeople ona planet die in 8 days time
Uncle EinarSF
The Time MachineSF
The Sound of Summer RunningSF
The RocketFmock rocket to fool family
The Rocket ManSFmen spend 3 months in space with 3 days off on Earth
The Long RainSFAttempt to get5 a dome after crashing on Venus
The ExilesSFas books are burnt, authors die on Mars
Here Be TygersSFpalnet is alive
R is for RocketSF
The End of the BeginningSF
The Garbage CollectorSF
The Great FireSF
Hail and FarewellSF
The Golden Apples of the SunSF
The MeadowFmovie sets to be destroyed
I See You NeverFIllegal immigrant being sent back to Mexico
En La NocheSF
Sun and ShadowFphotoshoot of a house
The Big Black and White GameF
A Sound of ThunderSFTime tyravel to dinosaurs
The Great Wide World Over ThereF
The Golden Kite, The Silver WindFtwo towns in CHine rebuild walls to shapes that will conquer other town
The MurdererFEveryone on multiple devices - man destroys devices for peace and quiet
The Flying MachineFChinese man killed for inventing a flying machine
The Fruit at the Bottom of the BowlFMurderer worried about fingerprints
The WildernessFwife to join husband on Mars
The EmissaryFfaithful dog was the sick boy''s only connection with the world outside--and beyond. . .
Touched With FireFrun down tenement building
The Small AssassinFwoman's newborn child plots murder
The CrowdF
Invisible BoyF
The ScytheFErickson inherited a farm from a stranger! And with the bequest came deadly responsibilities. . .
Uncle EinarF
The April WitchFwitch will lose powers if marries a human
The PedestrianF2053: man arrested for walking - something no one else does
The WindFneurotic man fears the wind
The Man UpstairsFdark stranger who lives upstairs
There Was an Old WomanF
The Fog HornFfog horn attracts sea monster once a year
The CisternFboy in a well
HomecomingFcity beneath the city where drowned lovers are silently reunited
The Wonderful Death of Dudley StoneFremarkable case of murder--the deceased was delighted!
A Miracle of Rare DeviceFtwo vagrants who come across a desert mirage that becomes any city the visitor wants it to be, allowing him to walk around and experience it,
Brennan JosephSlimeSFgray-black voracious amorph speed from ocean floor able to move at nightmarish that eats frogs, snakes, mammals, Humans 
Broun HeywoodFifty-First DragonFDumb knight thinks magic word slays dragons 
Brown FredricEarthmen Bearing GiftsSF Martians anticipate the arrival of the first explorers from EarthU
BloodSFvampires who use a time machine to hunt new prey
Placet Is a Crazy PlaceSF
Brunner JohnStimulusSFB
Speech is Silver
Budrys AlgisRiya's FoundlingSFFr
Due ProcessSF
Bulwer-Lytton EdwardHaunted and HauntersF Ghost storyB
Byron LordDarvellFB
Campbell JohnWho Goes There?SFThe Thing - spaceship found in AntarcticaU
TwilightSFman from future tells about it
Capote TrumanMiriamSFold widow has a girl (that no one else can see) take over her apt
Cassill R VThe War in the AirSF
Cather WillaSculptor's FuneralF Body back to small town where people moan and groan 
Chain JulianThe CaptivesSFU
Chandler BertramThe CageSFB
Charteris LeslieFish Story, TheSFB
Chaucer GeoffreyPardoner's TaleFB
Cheever JohnTorch Song, TheF Guy and gal move to NYC and lives intertwine - she's with losersU
Chekhov AntonAnna On The NeckF Poor girl marries clerk and society falls in love with herR
Lady With The Dog, TheFWomanizer falls in love
Chesterton G KBlast Of The BookFFather Brown - open book, person disappearsB
Blue Cross, TheFFather Brown - outwits the master criminal Flambeau
Arrow of HeavenFFather Brown -
Doom of DarnawaysFFather Brown -
Flying StairsFFather Brown -
Ghost of Gideon WiseFFather Brown -
Hammer of GodFFather Brown -
Head of CaesarFFather Brown -
Oracle of the DogFFather Brown -
Purple WigFFather Brown -
Secret of FlambeauFFather Brown -
Sign of the Broken SwordFFather Brown -
Chit KhinThirteen Carat DiamondBiodescribes the author's own experiences in war-time MyanmarBurma
Chopin KateDesiree's BabyFLouisiana mulatto child - mother accused but it is the father 
Christie AgathaFour-And-Twenty BlackbirdsMMkiller gives his disguise away by ordering different foodB
Christopher JohnColonialSFB
Cry of ChildrenF
Clark Walter Van TilbuPortable PhonographF Post WWIII; once a week man plays one of ten records 
Clarke Arthur CRescue PartySF Combined master races try to save earthmen from super nova 
The Wall of DarknessSF
History LessonSF
Hide and SeekSF
The Forgotten EnemySF
Braking StrainSF
The Nine Billion Names of GodSFMonks use computer to list all possible names which when found the universe ends
The Fires WithinSF
The CurseSF
Technical ErrorSF
The AwakeningSFman returns to earth millions of years later
Breaking StrainSF
Inside the CometSF
Travel By Wire!SF
Retreat From EarthSF
Who's There?SF
Collier JohnWitch's MoneyFArtist buys house in Sp, villagers kill him thinking blank checks worth $$U
Evening PrimroseFpoet takes refuge from the world by hiding out in a dept store after it closes. He finds an entire community of night people who live in the storeU
Connell RichardMost Dangerous Game, TheFMan on island hunts men for sport 
Conrad JosephSecret SharerFCapt stows a murderer on board a sailing shipB
Outpost of Progress, AnF2 guys in middle of Africa at ivory trading post for 6 months
Coon CarletonThe Future of the Races of ManBio believes Negroids are inferior bcause of genetics and that the white race will die out because of birth controlU
Coppard A. E.Third Prize, TheF Boy finishes third and get prize twiceB
Cornish MichaelThey'll Have to GoFX
Cortez JohnFair GameFGirl tricks boy to kill another 
Courage JamesNo Man Is An IslandF Nursing home - woman who had tried to jump from a bldgN
Craig JonathanStop Calling Me "Mr"F Kills wife in bed only to have witness find her dead from gas
Crane StephenOpen BoatF Four men in a lifeboat just off shore for daysU
Bride Comes to Yellow SkyF Marshall weds and meets town bully upon returning with her
Dahl RoaldLamb to the SlaughterFWife kills husband with a frozen leg of lamb and feeds it to detectives
Daudet AlphonseThe Three Low MassesSFPriest tempted by devil to zip thru Mass so as to get to the feast
Davis H. L.Open WinterF Old timer and green kid drive horses across bleak country
Davidson AvramNow Let Us Sleep SF
Deford Miriam AllenWalking AloneF Man lets innocent man die because he didn't want to lose his job
Dehan RichardThe Compleat HosuewifeF Ghost needs to be freed by a descendent eating a battaglio pie
Del Rey LesterThe Dwindling YearsSF
And It Comes Out HereSF
No Place Like HomeSF
The Seat of JudgmentSF
Return EngagementSF
The Course of LogicSF
Spawning GroundSF
And the Truth...SF
Lady of SpaceSF
The Years Draw NighSF
Still WatersSF
Deming RichardBlackoutF Wife kills lover then convinces drunk husband that he did it
Derleth August"Who Shall I Say Is Calling?"SFU
A Dinner at ImolaFBorgia has magician make image in wax candle. The traitor dies when it is burnt outU
A Battle Over Tea-CupsFU
Dexter RalphEltonian PyramidSFU
Dick Philip K.RoogSF Garbage men appear as aliens from a dog's point of viewU
Di Donato PietroThe FireplaceFU
Dinesen IsakYoung Man With The CarnationFDen
Dostoevsky FyodorCrocodile, TheF Man eaten by a croc, is alive and becomes cocky about itR
Gentle Spirit, AF Pawnbroker weds poor girl who almost kills him
Doyle Sir Arthur ConanAdventure Of The Dancing Men,TheF American weds Brit and they are killed by a Yankee gangsterB
Dresner HalRoom With A ViewF Invalid sees fiance with another, gives her gun to have it cleaned
Dubus AndreColonel's WifeF veteran depends on his wife for everything after breaking his legs in a freak accident
Duckworth MarilynLoops of Her HairF Boy takes up with an Indian girl to his uptight mother's distressN
Dudley ErnestEscaped Wolf SpidersMM wife and lover kill arachnid specialistB
Eccentric Mrs BeaumontMM secluded widow drowned by gardener
Case of the Jeep DriverMM left handed drive doesn't jive
Case of the Man OverboardMM imposter on cruise ship
Case of the Secret HeartMM old man keeps changing will
Case of the Perfect WifeMM husband kills wife to keep competition money coming
Duggan MauriceAlong Rideout Road That SummerF Boy works on farm, has affair with girl and leavesN
In Youth Is PleasureF Dunce in trouble in Latin class
Du Maurier DaphneThe Blue LensesF Sees each person with animal head according its nature, with a twistx
Einstein CharlesLet The Sucker BewareF Swindlers get swindledx
Ellin StanleySpecialty of the HouseMMDon't go into the kitchenx
Elliott BruceWolves Don't CrySFx
Elliott GeorgeFAQSFx
Ely DavidThe Human FactorSF
Farrar StewartGirl in QuestionFB
Fast HowardThe First MenSFidyllic world is one tenth of second behind oursx
The Cold, Cold BoxSF
Faulkner WilliamBear, TheF Boy learns way of hunting and tracking the big old bear for yearsU
Barn BurningFMan gets in trouble, burns barn and moves on to repeat it over again, again
Felsen HenrySpaceman ComethSFKeep this nasty Earth to yourself, saucermanU
Finlayson RoderickBulls, TheF Old man replaces old bull with young one with help of his sonN
Fischer BrunoDog Died FirstF Man kills wife's lover, his lover protects him thinking she'll get off
Fitzgerald F. ScottWinter DreamsF Young poor boy becomes rich man - rich girl re-enters and changes his lifeU
Fleming IanFrom a View to a KillF investigates the murder of a dispatch-rider from SHAPEB
For Your Eyes OnlyFrevenges murder of M's friends in Jamaica
Quantum of SolaceFrelationship between a former employee of the Governor's, Phillip Masters, and an air hostess named Rhoda Llewellyn
RisicoFinvestigate a drug smuggling operation based out of Italy
The Hildebrand RarityFsearch for a rare fish named "The Hildebrand Rarity."
Fletcher LucilleSorry, Wrong NumberF Couple hours of phone calls - man killed by mafia
Flora FletcherMost Agreeably PoisonedF Two men one woman a poisoned bottle of port
Forster E MStory of the SirenF hypocrisy of the Christan morality
Freeman Mary E. WilkinsRevolt Of MotherF Wife moves family into new barn when husband away for a few days
Gallico PaulAdventurers of Joe Smith, AmericanF ll American 'Joe' who won't spill his guts about a secret bomb sight to the bad guys--even after being tortured and threatened with deathU
Enchanted DollFDr buys doll - falls in love
Lost HourFMan on boat needs to make a deal - clocks stop for an hour each night (time zone correction)
Chef d'OeuvreMMChef feeds "killer" until police can arrive - with a twist
Galouye DanielSitting DuckSFU
Garland HamlinReturn Of A PrivateF Civil war vets return to Wisc farmU
Gee MauriceThe LosersF An evening at the races with several main characters N
Gilbert MichaelThe UninvitedF
A Case For GourmetsFMan ripping poster in subway, but at an abandoned closed off station
Gilbert W. S.My Maiden BriefF Flatmates helps build defence, only to end up being prosecuterB
Gilford C.B.Forgiving GhostF Ghost convinces killer to commit suicide so can be together
Gold HerbertCity of LightFU
Goldsmith OliverVicker of Wakefield Sells a HorseFB
Goodwin JohnThe CocoonSF
Gordimer NadineA JourneyF Person imagines what a fellow traveler does once he departs planeSA
Gorky MaximIn The SteppesF 3 starving men kill a dying man for his foodR
Graves RobertSteinpilz Method, TheF WWII couple compost everything including humans for war causeB
The ShoutF Man learned (from someone like a witch doctor) to produce a “terror shout”, that would kill anyone who heard it unprotected
Greene GrahamAcross The BridgeF Embezzler sits at U.S. border, finally crosses over and is nabbedB
A Discovery in the WoodsSF
Gunn James E Wherever You May BeSF
Guyan AlexanderAn Opinion on the BalletF wife becomes argumentative and meanN
Hall WilliamA Medal for HoratiusHumor Roman beauracracy and political correctnessU
Hall R AndrewSplit ImageFX
Hamilton AlexFlies on the WallFB
Hardy ThomasThree StrangersF Runaway criminal and executioneer seek shelter in same placeB
Harris HerbertThe EscortF
Harte BrettOutcasts Of Poker FlatsF 1800's western - end up dying in a snowstormU
Hartely L PThree or Four, For DinnerMM Venice - two Brits have dinner with an Italian - body in canalU
Harvey William FryerAugust HeatF Man draws his murderer, then runs across the man & his own tombstone
Hawthorne NathanielBirthmarkF Scientist removes birthmark but kills wife in search of perfectionU
Minister's Black VeilF Study of what happens when he dawns veil and will not say why
The Haunted MindF wake up in middle of night/td>
Young Goodman BrownF Goes with devil and finds all the good people are actually bad
Heinlein Robert A.Let There Be LightSF Invents solar powerU
Man Who Sold The MoonSF Entrepreneur markets moon so he can fly to it
RequiemSF 'Man who sold moon' gets there illegally and dies
Roads Must RollSF Revolution by techies who keep mechanical roads moving
TheySF Man is positive that whole world is contrived just for him...and he is right
Life-LineSF Man can determine when a person will die - insurance companies kill him
Blowups HappenSF First nuclear plant must be shut down and moved into space
Delilah and the Space-RiggerSF First woman on Space station
Ordeal in SpaceSF
Space JockeySF Rocket pilot lands a job on moon
Long Watch, TheSF Engineer locks himself in with nuclear bombs to stop miltary on moon from blasting towns on earth
Gentlemen, Be SeatedSF Airlock on moon has a leak - plug it by sitting on it and freeze
Dark Pits of LunaSF Little kid gets lost on moon
Panadora's BoxEssay Predictions and science
Free MenSF Post nuclear war - freedom fighters hiding underground
Situation UnsatisfactorySF Nuclear powder and the attempt to submit world to total peace or else...
Its Great to Be BackSF After 3 years on moon return to earth and find they can't stand it
We Also Walk DogsSF Company that does anything creates anti-gravity device
SearchlightSF Use laser to send sound so blind girl can be rescued on moon
Green Hills of EarthSF Pilot blinded by nuclear drive, becomes a busker with his accordian
Logic of EmpireSF Two guys get drunk and sign on to work on Venus
Menace From EarthSF Boy falls for a pretty tourist lady and gets his girl jealous
If This Goes On...SF Rebellion against The Prophet
ConventrySF Social outcasts set loose in land where anarchy rules
MisfitSF Trouble maker sent to an asteroid to work but he proves to be a genius and saves the day
Methuselah's ChildrenSF people who live long escape from earth and end up at a couple strange places before returning
Goldfish BowlSF a pair of massive pillars of water in the Pacific which may be natural phenomena or they may be formed by aliens.
All You ZombiesSF man who is taken back in time and tricked into impregnating his younger, female self (before he underwent a sex change), and who turns out to be the offspring of that very union, with the paradoxical result that he is both his own mother and father. In fact, as it turns out, all the major characters in the story are the same person, at different stages of her/his life.
Hemingway ErnestIn Another CountryF WWII Italy - officers being rehabilitated in a hospitalU
Henderson ZennaThingsSFU
Henry O.Third IngredientF Woman with meat joins up with one with potatoes and a man w/onion
Hickman ChristineSo Dark the RoseFX
High Phillip EBottomless PitSFU
Highsmith PatriciaSauce for the GooseMMwife kills husband only to be trapped in walk-in freezer with himU
Hill ErnestAtrophySF
Hilliard NoelA Piece of LandF Couple Maori told they have land, big dreams of a new life only to find out it is postage stamp sizeN
Hood HughAfter the SirensSF6 survivors' strugglesC
Horgan PaulSurgeon And The NunF Old west, they do appendectomy on Mexican in a hot shed next to railwayU
Hooton ErnestApology for Man's PhysiqueSFU
Hunt VioletCorsican SistersSFU
Hunter EvanNot A Laughing MatterF Man in Santa suit kills boss but forgot his beard
Ironside VirginiaThe Young SquireFB
Irving WashingtonDevil And Tom WalkerF Sells soul and becomes moneylenderU
Governor Manco And The SoldierF Spanish tales of armies in mountains
Rip Van WinkleF Man sleeps for 20 years
Guests from GibbetF Dutch pirate from New England with a negro mate
Jackson ShirleyLittle LeagueF First game as seen through a mother's eyesU
James E RSix-Fingered JacksSFU
James P DA Very Commonplace MurderMMman knows boy didn't kill lover and keeps finding reasons for not telling anyone - turns out he was the murdererU
James HenryThe Tree of KnowledgeF Fellow goes back and forth to Paris and StatesU
Jenkins Alan CThe Blind ManFX
Jenkins WillDoomsday DeferredSFU
Jewett Sarah OrneWinter CourtshipF Old bachelor and widow engage during a wagon rideU
Jones Elis GwynWhen the Engines Had to StopSFU
Joyce JamesArabyFBoy gets to fair too late to buy gift for girlI
The Boarding HouseFBoarder knocks up landlord's daughter and ....
The SistersFpriest Father Flynn dies, and a young boy and his family deal with it only superficially
The EncounterFTwo schoolboys play hooky and are confronted by an elderly man
EvelineFA young woman abandons her plans to elope with a sailor
After the RaceFCollege student tries to fit in with his wealthy friends.
Two GallantsFTwo con men trick a maid into stealing from her employer
A Little CloudFman realizing his baby son has replaced him as the center of his wife's affections.
CounterpartsFfrustrated copy clerk, takes out his frustration in pubs and on his son
ClayFA maid celebrates Halloween with her former foster child and friend Joe Donnelly and his family
A Painful CaseFMr. Duffy rebuffs Mrs. Sinico, then four years later realizes he's lost the only chance for love in his life
Ivy Day in the Committee RoomFMinor Irish politicians fail to live up to the memory of Charles Stewart Parnell
A MotherFMother tries to create a perfect piano recital for her daughter but fails miserably because she had no support from others
GraceFfellow injures himself in a bar fall, and his friends try to get him to go on a Catholic retreat to try to convert him
The DeadFpassionless people like himself are already dead
Kapp ColinThe Railways Up on CannisSFU
Kilmer JoyceWhitemailFU
Kipling RudyardMiss Youghal's SaisF Brit disguises himself as low casteB
Mowgli's Brothers plus.....F Wolves raise a human
Return of ImrayF
Mary PostgateFgoverness to 10-year-old who dies in WWI and she comes to loath Germans
Kippax JohnFridaySFU
The Dusty DeathSF
Klass MortonIn The BeginningSF Scientists are blamed for the Atomic War, but one of them pursues his project of reviving Neanderthal man from a fossil, arguing that the Homo sapiens replaced the earlier race, but was not truly superior to itU
Knight Damon Be My GuestFPotion makes you invisible and allows you to see creatures that inhabit your bodyU
Second Class CitizenSF a man who teaches dolphins tricks escapes underwater when the holocaust comes
Babel IISF trader from another dimension whose visit unwittingly threatens a Biblical doom
Four In OneSF
World Without ChildrenSF
Koller Anna EadyHandful of Hungarian DirtHis 1956 Hungarian Uprising through lettersUK
Kunstler JamesHoogyly MooglyF Trying to live having two womenU
Kuprin AlexanderOutrage, TheF Thieves and con-artists complain to judges they are being picked onR
La Farge OliverLa Specialite de M DuclosMM Chef kills man who steals recipe adn is acquitted in France
Lafferty R. A.Six Fingers of Time, TheSF Man w/ 6 fingers masters time - speeds up and grows into old age within a year
Lardner RingLiberty HallF Famous composer hates visiting - tales of what happensU
Lasswell HaroldMen in SpaceSocU
Lawrence D HThe Horse Dealer's DaughterF Car ends business, daughter tries to drown herself, saved by doctorU
LeGuin UrsulaNine LivesSF9 clones crew a space shipU
Leiber FritzSmoke GhostSF The thing that Mr Catesby Wran sees on the roof as he travels to and from work on the Chicago elevated railway is as terrible, amoral, and world-overturning as anything found in Barchester Cathedral or invoked by the unwise.U
The Night He CriedSF hilarious spoof of Mickey Spillane
When the Last Gods DieSF
Leinster MurrayAliens, TheSFB
The Middle of the Week After NextSF
Lemarchand ElizabethTime to be GoingFB
Lemmon Robert S.Bamboo Trap, TheF Man inside bamboo mass - where giant meateatspiders gather at nightU
Lermontov MikhailTamanF Officer ends up with a blind boy, young girl and smugglerR
Leroux GastonA Terrible TaleFmen on a lifeboat eat each others legs and arms and develop a taste for human fleshFR
Lewis RoyThe Evolution ManHumor a few hectic years in the life of a family of Pleistocene humanoids. They've learned to walk upright and now they're ready for the big stuff -- fire, cookery, music, arts and the remarkable discovery that you shouldn't mate with your sisterB
Lewis SinclairVirga Vay & Allan CedarF Lovers try to kill themselves, but wife stops themU
Light JohnFive elderly GentlemanFonly 4 of 5 ever dine togetherB
Pink PunkFrobber changes into Krisha disguise
Sound of the SeaFman records sea and becomes rich only to become rich and hate the sound
Expensive DaubFart forger covers work with bad art which then sells - scam
Man Who Wrote LettersFLonely Hearts uses info in novels
Indian Ladder TrickFfrom roof Desai sees model Taj and leaves for real thing
Opus PosthumousFghost works through woman to finish his last work
BequestFman dying of cancer through sunflower seeds along railway line
Artistic LicenseFArtist bribes chem co to turn sea to green
Proof?Fclairvoyant produces photos of what people will look like in future
AllergyFplants increasing pollen potency to kill off animals
A 19th Century DreamFpredicts 20th century and end of world
London JackAll Gold CanyonF Process of finding gold - with a killer to try to take it awayU
To Build a FireF Stranded in Yukon storm and only warmth is from his dog
Longfellow Henry WadsworthNotary Of PerigueuxF Hangs out with wine guy who dies from scarlet fever - thinks he has it as punishmentU
Loran MartinAn Ounce of DissentionSFU
Lucas VictorHere Comes a CandleFB
Lustig ArnostBeginning and the EndFCZ
MacApp C. C.A Pride of IslandsSFU
The ImpersonatorsSF
MacDonald John D.The Big ContestSFU
Mansfield KatherineHer First BallF Country bumpkin goes to ball with city cousinsN
Marriage a la ModeF Husband visits wife on weekends, but she spends time with friends
Marquis Donghosts [from Archie and Mehitable]SF Archy is a cockroach with the soul of a poet, and Mehitabel is an alley cat who traces her lineage back to CleopatraU
Malcolm DonaldTwice BittenSFU
Martino JosephTo Change Their WaysSFU
Masefield JohnRaines Law ArrestF Bar serves drinks on Sundays - cops on makeB
Matheson RichardChildren Of NoahSF Picked up for speeding in small town...ends up being meal for townspeople
LemmingsSFTwist = its humans
Girl of My DreamsSF
Shipshape HomeSF very low cost apartment house but of good quality, and the strangest machinery in the basement...
'Tis the Season to Be JellySF
The Jazz MachineSF
The DisinheritorsSF
Slaughter HouseSF
Shock WaveSF
When the Waker SleepsSF
Witch WarSFwoman repels tiny invaders to her planet, with nothing but her broom
First AnniversarySF
Miss StardustSF
Full CircleSF
Nightmare at 20,000 FeetSFman sees a gremlin tearing at the wing
Maugham W SomersetVerger, TheF Verger fired because he can't read - becomes wealthy once firedB
Outpost, TheF Old boy snob in charge and gets on with Malay natives, colonial treats them badly and is killed
Book Bag, TheF equates addicition to books as to narcotics
de Maupassant GuyWho Knows?FMan furniture leaves of its own accordFr
May JulianDune RollerF
Mayne EthelThe Separate RoomF U
McCarthy CarsonCruel and Barbarous TreatmentF Woman has an affair, tells husband loses bothU
McCullers CarsonBallad Of The Sad CafeF Strange relationship between a tough woman, a hunchback & a criminalU
SojournerF Man has a meal with ex-wife and her new family
WunderkindF Relation between piano teacher and his star pupil who just can't do it
Jockey, TheF Jockey gets drunk
Madame Zilensky and the King of FinlandF New music teacher is a liar - there is no king
Domestic Dilemma, AF Typical evening with an alcoholic and her husband and kids
Tree, A Rock and A CloudF Drunk tells youth his science of love
McIntosh J TImmortality..For SomeSFU
Machine MadeSF
Mind AloneSF
McLaughlin DeanFor Those Who Follow AfterSFU
Meadows StephenFrancesFX
Merril JudithThat Only a MotherSFmutated babies by radiationU
Peeping TomSF
Lady Was a TrampSF
Whoever You AreSF
Connection CompletedSF
Dead CenterSF
Death Cannot WitherSF
Michener JamesMr MorganFBeachcomber and Minister on an atollU
Povenaa's DaughterFTahiti - daughter keeps bringing home losers
Mynah BirdsFFiji - American hangs out with Indian woman
The StoryFGuadalcanal
Good LifeFEspiritu Santo
Until They SailFWWII - American soliders and NZ women
The JungleFAmerican whimp loses wife to Australian man
FossickersFNew Guinea - going up the Sepik
Middleton O. E.Reservoir, TheF Children go to the forbidden reservoirN
Saving The BreedFLoner shepherd has the best dogs, leaves it too late to get another batch of pups
The Doss-House and The DutchessFKiwi sailors out of work in England and can't get dole
Millay Edna St VincentMurder in the Fishing CatMMU
Miller WalterThe Triflin' ManSFU
Memento HomoSF farewell to a man whose decrepit body lies in bed while his mind and his yearnings remain in space.
Minor HoraceBody Ritual Among the NaciremaHumor Nacirema is AMERICAN spelled backward. He’s talking about bathrooms, brushing one’s teeth, men shaving and women having their hair done once a week at a beauty shop.U
Montague C EActionF Man attempts impossible climb ready to die, only to survive
Moore GeorgeAlbert NobbsF Woman lives as a male butler
Nash OgdenTHREE D'sF Girl's initiation - read tombstone at midnightU
Nelson RayEight O'Clock in the MorningSF Humans' minds controlled by aliens.U
Newman AndreaShe'll Be Company For YouFB
Nielson HelenYour WitnessFUnreliable witness so wife kills husband while witness ...
O'Connor FrankMy Oedipus ComplexF Father returns from war and competes for mother's attention - both lose to new babyI
O'Faolain SeanFur CoatF Wife wants coat but doesn't want coatI
InnocenceFyoung boy's confession - to a dotty old priest
O'Hara JohnGraven ImageF down-at-heels Harvard man, member of swank Porcellian Club, begs for a Wash. job from Under Secretary who had been snubbed by Porcellians. He gets along fine, is promised the job, then spoils everything by expansively recalling college-club days.U
The RadioFhusband slaps his wife, tells her he has discovered her infidelities, and that he can hit her "as much as I want to, because, Baby, you're stuck."
LeaveFa sailor home from the Pacific finds his girl married, bruises his knuckles on her husband when the husband invites him to take her out.
Respectable PlaceFdrunken cop shoots up Matty bar and the police benefit society gives him $175 to repair it. Then the cops pass Matty without speaking, his daughter gets a parking ticket, a beer truck unloading at his place gets a summons for obstructing traffic, and when he tries to return the $175, he is accused of bribery.
King of the DesertFtwo wise cracking pansies torment a stolid football player in a bar until he knocks one of them out
Okhotnikov VadimThe Fiction MachinesSFR
Olesha YuryLoveFR
Oliver ChadBoy Nextdoor, TheFU
Of CourseF
Pain BarryEnd of the Show, TheFU
Parker DorothyNightingales Sing, TheFwoman spends evening with ranchers in mountainU
Parker RichardThe Wheelbarrow BoySFU
Parks LucasThe MoonSFU
Parsons ElizabethWaltz, TheFWhat goes on in girl's head while dancing with an oafN
Pearson BillAt The Leicester'sFEnglish lady runs tours in Egypt (post WWII)N
Pederson ConPushover PlanetSFU
Peters EllisGolden GirlFGold hidden in life jacket, boat sinks, so does smuggler
Piper H BeamOmnilingualSFArchaeologists excavating the remains of a humanoid Martian civilization find an entire library, but lack a Rosetta Stone.
Poe Edgar AllanCask Of AmontilladoF Bricks man in a wine cellarU
Man Of The CrowdF While "reading" people he decides to follow a man
Pit And PendulumF Spanish inquisition
Tell-Tale HeartF Murderer hears victims's heart beating
The Black CatF Hangs cat, another comes and drives him to kill his wife - hides body behind wall, but cat is in there too
The Masque of the Red DeathF Prince retreats to palace with 1000 to wait out plague, but it comes to a masquerade ball
The Facts in the Case of M. ValdemarF Man hynotized at death, can speak while dead
Hop-FrogF Midget joker revenge kills king and court at masquerade party
Fall of the House of UsherF Man buries his sister but she's not dead and gets out of crypt and he dies of fright
A Descent into the MaelstromF How a man survives the worst storm area in Norweigian waters
Murders in the Rue MorgueF Ourang-Outang kills 2 women - fellow deduces it from clues
Porges ArthurMop-UpSF U
Porter Katherine AnneFlowering JudasF Yankee lady in Mexico works with revolutionists and teaches English to childrenU
Powers J. F.Valiant WomanF Priest stuck with an overpowering housekeeprU
Presslie RobertAnother Word for ManSF
Pushkin AlexanderQueen Of SpadesF Old lady knows secret of 3 cards - young soldier wants to knowR
Priestly J BSF Once-great opera star is now reduced to playing The Demon King in a pantomime regional musical theater "Jack and Jill"B
Pushkin AlexanderThe Coffin MakerFInvites all he has buried to a feastR
Rackham JohnAdvantageSFB
Ray RobertThe Heart of BlacknessSF
Rankine JohnSix Cubed Plus OneSF
Reed KitThe WaitF town where they don't "do" doctors, and young girls are left out in a field at night, to have their virginity taken, anonymously, by one or other of their male neighbours.
Ritchie JackBomb No. 14F Policman is bomber
For All The Rude PeopleF Man kills all the rude people he meets one day
Rendell RuthBribery and CorruptionMM Man see fellow with babe - promise to not tell
Roberts R EllisThe Narrow WaySFB
Roberts KeithThe Inner WheelSF Groups developed gestalt brainsB
Ruhen OlafMy First WhaleFDescribes encounters w/whales off S.I.N
Rukeyser MurielClub, TheFMan kills wife and then certain people know that he has done itU
Runyun DamonSo You Won't Talk!MMRich man killed and reporter thinks parrot knows who did it - with a twist at the endU
Russell JohnFourth Man, TheF3 convicts suffer lack of water on raft while native has no problem
Russell Eric FrankTake A SeatSFU
SakiEaster Egg, TheF Terrorists trick town into presenting an egg (bomb) to princeB
Interlopers, TheF Wolves eat enemies trapped under a tree
Mrs Packletide's TigerF Woman misses tiger but it dies from shock
Schartz-Metterklume MethodF Lady pretends to be expected tutor
Seventh PulletF Man makes up stories to gain his moment of attention
Story TellerF Man on train tells a pointed story to keep kids quiet
Toys Of PieceF Woman has brother give sons non-war toys
Open WindowF Man goes to country to rest, girl tells him a story why window kept open when it happens he runs off
Unrest CureF Man pretends boy scouts are going to kill the bishop
Sambrot WilliamSubstance Of MartyrsF Nazi makes a Christ out of Jew's gold
Salinger J. D.Uncle Wiggily in ConnectitcutF two women drinking awayU
Saltikov Mikhail"How a Muzhik* Fed Two Officials"F Satire - peasant takes care of bigwigsR
Sargeson FrankUndertaker's StoryF Married couple who don't speak, son diesN
Scott JeffryHe Said I CouldFU
Scott Sir WalterTwo Drovers, TheF Scot murders best friend after being beaten in pubS
Seabright IdrisWhite GoddessF Old lady puts thief into a shake-snow paperweightU
An Egg a Month from All OverF
Sellings ArthurJukeboxFB
Serling RodMidnight SunSF Woman dreams earth moving to sun - wakes earth moving awayU
Night Of The MeekDrunken Santa finds a bag of gifts that never empties
Rip Van Winkle CaperRobbers sleep 100 years to be free men, but trouble within
Shelter, TheNeighbors turn to hatred of Dr who has a bomb shelter
Showdown With Lance McGrewGood guy cowboy actor is dealt to by Jesse James' ghost
Whole TruthHaunted car makes owner tell the truth
Big Tall Wish
A Thing About Machines
The Lonely
A Stop at Willoughbytrain stops at a town that is 100 years ago
Mr. Dingle, the Strong
Shadbolt MauricePeople Before, TheF Dairy farm up a valley, Maori come and leave old man behind to dieN
Shaw LaoEverybodyovskyism in Cat CitySF 
Sharkey JackTo Each His OwnSF 
Shaw LaoEverybodyovskyism in Cat CitySF 
Sheckley RobertProof of the PuddingSF U
Human Man's BurdenSF
Meeting of the MindsSF
Shelton JerryCultureSFU
Shepherd JeanReturn of Smiling Wimpy Doll Fman's childhood toysU
Miss Bryfogel and the Case of the Warbling CuckoldFbook reports - pornoU
Old Man Pulaski and the Infamous Jawbreaker BlackmailFpenny candy storeU
Fistful of Fig NewtonsFuni laxative challengeU
Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden MemoriesFfirst promU
Secret Mission of Blue-Assed BuzzardFtest radar on a jetU
Scut Farkas and Murderous MariahFdueling topsU
Lost at CFalgebraU
Star-Crossed Romance of Joephine Cosnowski and her Friendly Neighborhood Sex ManiacFdate with Polish girlU
Banjo Butt Meets Julia ChildFF Company gets fed gourmet mealsU
A Chritmas StoryFRed Rider bb rifleU
Silverberg RobertPoint of FocusSFU
Collecting TeamSF3 search planets for species
At the End of DaysSFend of earth and into space
Simak CliffordDesertionSF future of human evolution (and that of robot intelligences, dogs, and, finally, ants) through incidents in the future history of one family and its robot servantsU
Condition of EmploymentSFHomesickness inducement cycle
Simenon GeorgesUnder the HammerMMMurder in country inn on eve of cash only farm auctionU
Sinclair MayNature of the EvidenceSF Dead wife won't let him sleep with new wifeU
Slesar HenrySomething Short Of MurderF Gambler lady ends up killing to get a few $ to payoff bookie
Smith CordwainerThe Ballad of Lost C'mellSF cat-derived humncula, one of the underpeople, is a girly girl, an Earthport hostess. She is approached by a Lord of Instrumentality, who wants to help the underpeople secure an improvement in their legal status. C'Mell provides a conduit to her leader E-telekeli and helps to conspire to give him asscess to the central computer of civilizationU
Alpha Ralpha BoulevardSFexperiment - back to old days
Spencer WilliamHorizontal ManSF Men no longer need their bodies
Sprague de Camp LThrowbackSF devolution by selective breeding
St Clair MargaretBoy Who Predicted EarthquakesF Boy who predicts earthquake, forced to do one more - sun to nova tmw
Stafford JeanCountry Love StoryF Couple spend winter in a remote forest spot and grow apart
Stark RichardCurious Facts Preceding My ExecutionF Many interuptions as man tries to commit a murder
Stead C. K.A Fitting TributeF Man builds wings and flies off as told by his loverN
Steele Wilbur DanielFootfallsF Blind man hears son killed and waits 9 yrs for revenge
Stegner WallaceTravelerF Salesman stranded in snow storm runs into himself 30 yrs ago
Steinbeck JohnMiracle Of TepayacF Story of our Lady of GuadalupeU
FlightFMexican kills then is tracked down in mountains
The ChrysanthemumsFLady finds work for a tinker
The White QuailFMan kills quail but tells wife he killed a cat
The SnakeFstarfish embryos ruined by woman who eats like a snake
BreakfastFBreakfast with cotton pickers
The RaidF"Forgive them" vs. "opium of the people."
The HarnessFwife dies - man wants to plant sweet peas
The VigilanteFLynching as told by a man who didn't want to do it
Johnny BearFfellow in bar imitates people
The MurderFkills man in be with his wife - life goes on
Saint Katy the VirginFpig become a saint
Stephenson CarlLeiningen Versus The AntsF Army ants swarm water moat and burning oil moat defences
Stern G BThe Man Who Couldn't Taste PepperF Man puts cayenne into an omlette as a joke
Stevenson Robert LouisSuicide ClubF each night a member kills the chosen memberB
Rajah's DiamondF wife steals husband's jewels to pay a debt, a minister steals the RD, and on it goes
Lodging for the NightF
Sire De Maletroit's DoorF
Stoker BramThe SquawF Black cat - Iron Maiden
Stout RexInvitation to MurderMM Client is killed while Archie is investigating at a mansionU
The Zero ClueMMFuture teller leaves a clue (with pencils) to his murderer
This Won't Kill YouMM4 Giants drugged to fix World Series game
Poison a la CarteMMone of 12 Actresses poisons a Broadway backer
Stuart WilliamStar-Crossed LoverSF
Sturgeon TheodoreA Way of ThinkingSF
A Saucer of LonelinessSF first contact with alien life to examine the phenomenon of isolated souls reaching out to each other
Granny Won't KnitSF
The Nail and the OracleSFrelationship develops between scientist and microbes
Sturm JacquelineFor All the SaintsF Alice, Maori hospital worker, uneducated and out of place
Suggs RobertThe Kon-Tiki MythAnthro
Taylor ElizabethRed Letter DayF Mother visits son at boarding schoolB
Taylor PeterSpinster's TaleF Young girl terrified of old drunk who repeatedly walks past her houseB
Teicher AlbertThe JunkmakersSF
Temple William FCoco-TalkSF
Tenn WilliamChild's PlaySF a lawyer who creates people with his Build-A-Man kit, a Christmas gift intended for a child of the future.U
The SicknessSF
Winthrop Was StubbornSF
Thomas DylanOld Woman UpstairsF Servant kills old lady for money under the bed - walks out windowB
Thurber JamesYou Could Look It UpF Baseball mgr puts a midget in to batU
Tolstoy LeoKholstomerF A piebald horse's life from its point of viewR
What Men Live ByF Angel comes to live with a cobbler to learn 3 lessons
Death of Ivan IlychF Powerful, inciteful rendering of a life and then the slow cancer death
Family HappinessF Young girls falls in love with older man, marry and love changes
Kreutzer SonataF Man on train tells story of why he killed wife (jealousy)
Master and ManF Master saves servant's life in snow storm
Porcelain DollF Man's wife tunrs to porcelain
Tripp MilesSnowFB
E C TubbThe SeekersSFa strange illusion on an uninhibited planetB
Little Girl LostF
Tunis John RTwo Mile RaceF U
Ullman James RamseyTop ManFConquest of K3
unknownSawney Bean And His FamilySF Family in cave, kills and eats passerbys
Van Doren MarkTestimony After DeathS Detective thinks dead man's face tells him somethingU
The Strange GirlSF
Van Vogt A.E. Discord In ScarletSFUnkillable armed and armored thingC
Expendables5th generation colonists on ship with an alien invader
Heir UnapparentEmperor of earth has 4 day poison
M33 In AndromedaDeath mist fills universe
Seige Of The UnseenMan with a third eye
Weapon ShopShop appears out of nowhere and sells gun for suicide
Vance JackMen of the Ten BooksSF
The Gift of GabSF
Guyal of SfereSFfamous among his people for endlessly asking questions seeks fabled Museum of Man in order to ask questions of legendary, all-knowing Curator
Vickers RoyDinner For TwoMMMurderer wanting to help police says too much
Wallace F LTangle HoldSF
Wallace PenelopeTell DavidFB
Walton AlexanderClegson's FollyFX
Wellen EdwardI O USFU
Wells H GApple, TheSF Is it really the forbidden fruit as the stranger claimsB
Country Of The BlindIn the land of the blind a one-eyed man is king = not true
Flowering Of The Strange OrchidBoring man grows a man-eating orchid
Inexperienced GhostMan claims to have seen a ghost and learnt the trick to disappear
Magic ShopShop which gives away genuine magic appears/disappears
Man Who Could Work MiraclesBy thinking can make anything happen - tells earth to stand still
Pollock And The Porroh ManMan haunted by the head of a native he had killed
Purple PileusMeek man eats mushrooms then scares wife into submission
Slip Under A Microscope, APoor boy cheats to beat rich boy on exam
Stolen Body, TheMan trying to leave his body has it stolen by evil spirit
The ConeMan pushed into a cauldron
Man of the Year Milliongiagantic brains
The Invisible Man
Welty EudoraVisit Of CharityF Girl scout visits two old ladies in a resthomeU
Why I Live at the P.O.F Daughter moves out after sister moves back home
Wellman Manly WadeO Ugly BirdSF Evil country sorcerer has a giant buzzard-like creature, but bigger that carries away children and small adultsU
Westlake Donald E.Best-Friend MurderF Couple suicide - friend burns note and lets himself be caught
White E BThe Hour of LetdownSF
White JamesFast TripSFU
The Trouble with EmilySF
Second EndingSF
Whitman WaltOne Wicked Impulse!F Young man kills his benefactor who had been cheating himU
Williams EricThe Garden of ParisSFB
Williams William CarlosUse of ForceF Doctor tries to see girl's throatU
Williamson IanChemical PlantSFU
Williamson-Ellis AmabelChangelingSFU
Wilson PhillipEnd Of The RiverF Last fishing trip before friend goes off to Oxford N
It Was EasterF Man sees man dead hanging in a barn, barkeep doesn't believe him
Woolf VirginiaNew DressF Wears new dress to party and is spurnedB
Lappin and LapinovaFmarried couple treat themselves as rabbits
Wyndham JohnNo Place Like EarthSF
Yeats William ButlerCrucifixion Of The OutcastF Gleeman stays at abbey, complains about it and so is crucifiedB
Young Robert FThirty Days Had SeptemberSF man buys out of date robotic teacherU
Zelazny RogerFinal DiningSFSelf-portraits talks fellow into killing a woman
Zhuravleva ValentinaThe AstronautSF