I have kept track of so many things over the years. I have always been making lists or tallying up (e.g. times I talked to people). Fifty years ago that meant pad and pencil or index cards. Most I would type up. When computers arrived with data bases and spreadsheets, I was in heaven because it reduced my search times. I kept track of all kinds of sporting statistics so it wasn't surprizing that I became the Statistician for Papakura Basketball Assoc in 1973. Let's see how many I can mention: letters sent, letters received, movies watched, televison shows and radio segments that I have recorded (1000s) on audio (I was taping onto cassette long before VCRs were invented) and video. I cut out tens of thousands of cartoons and filed them by topic or artist. Likewise with magazine adverts. Did I mention that I wrote down the lyrics of hundreds of songs while listening to them on the radio back in the 50's and 60's. Back in 1979 I wrote in a letter: "I most certainly want to get a home computer and put all my RnR info into storage." See, some dreams do come true. Nowadays you just do a search on the Internet. Below are most of them.

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