Some are Excel spreadsheets:
Airports Aquariums
Authors Artists
Barbers Bosses
Basketball Beaches
Board Games Boats I have been on
Bridge with Whites Bus rides
Camp Grounds Card Games
Cars Casinos
Cats Caves
Churches Circuses
Computers Cooking
Cribbage Places Cribbage With
Drive-In Theaters Dates
Dentists Doctors
Dogs Dine Out
Dairy Queens Farms
Firsts Flights
Funerals Games
Public Gardens Gondolas/Monorails
Gone Haircuts
Hikes Homes
Meals I Cooked Hospitals
Hot Pools Hot Tubs/Spa
Islands Lakes
Leader Libraries
Mini Golf McDonalds
Ministers Motels/Hotels/B&B
Military Museums
Movies Mountains
Nurses National Parks
Overnight Petanque
Parades Plays
Phd Parks/Playgrounds
Prizes Pubs
Rental Cars Retirement Villages
Rivers Stadiums
Suits Sports
Swimming Pools Schools
State Parks Stayed With
Surfing Theaters
Tennis Taxis
Ten Pin Lanes Taught
Trains Trips
TV Shows Towers
Vinyards Visitors
Waterfalls Waiters
Weddings Zoos