Bryce Canyon 22 - 23 Sept 1997
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Mon 22nd - Bryce Canyon/65°F
We left Zion and drove (video) to Bryce Canyon (land of hoodoos) where we found a campsite on a hill in the trees. We walked over to a large log cabin general store/café where we got coffee. Place crawling with Frenchies. After supper it was too cold and windy to sit around, so we did the Rim Trail at sunset and it was so beautiful that I ran back to the camp to get our cameras (video).

Camp area

view from camp
Sept 22 Diary
Tues 23rd - Bryce Canyon/65°F
We were at 9,000ft and last night it went down to 31°F and it was bloody cold outside the tent at 7:30AM. Had breakfast standing up and moving. Went to the Visitors Center and did the 37 mile drive along Scenic View Points (video). Most weren't much, but I did see a Winnebago that I thought was just the right size. Went back and took the tent down and had lunch. Did the Queen's Garden Trail, which descends about .8 mile from the rim (video). Met a guy who insisted that I smell a ponderosa pine which is like vanilla/butterscotch. So many hoodoos, so little time. General store for coffee and this time we drank it on its porch while playing cribbage. Drove on to Beaver where we stayed at the Quality Inn ($60.50). After supper we went for a swim (pool had dead flies) and then a soak in hot tub.

Queen obverse side


Sept 23 Diary
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