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1956 Watched the Phil Silvers Show episode Physical Checkup.
1959 School - Lyle, Sandie and I practiced our skit in Social Studies. Went to Kiddie Korner and bought a fielder's glove. Mom took us to Nelson's for supper.
1960 Had to move Fluffy (the rat) to the basement because Pixie (our cat) was getting into the cage. Baseball with Dick Sandeen, Gary Olson and his father at Christian Park.
1961 High = 53°F. In English we listened to "The Sound of Music". Instead of Latin we had gym. Watched a home movie about trampoline, then played volleyball.
1963 Howie almost had 3 accidents when turning off of Portland onto Washington St. We got out at 12:30PM. Keith failed his driving test before he got started - he turned to the right out of the lot the wrong way on a one-way street.
1964 Watched Twilight Zone episode: "Caesar and Me" Pt 1 and Pt 2.
1967 Watched Monkees episode The Monkees in Manhattan.
1971 Lawaki River with Murphy, Sean and 20 or so 4th form boys. Jekesoni went ahead and got permission for us to walk through Bau. We didn't see a single person or animal. Murph slipped and slid a few times on the muddy track. Stopped at a large, beautiful swimming hole a little past Nadranu where the boys rigged up a vine. After a time swinging into the water we went up the river following a path and crossed it many times. Gentle slope with many rocks. Stopped about 2 miles in for lunch. Blocked the flow and created a shallow pond and a waterfall. (Color photos, movie and audio tape). Supper with David and Kelera about 10PM. Kelera acted out Romeo and Juliet for us (they had seen the movie in Suva).

1972 Taniela W tried French leave and was caught. Spent afternoon with Tevita putting up the backboard (the kitchen table sans legs) onto tree out back door. Taru's brother brought a radio to be fixed. A sihk, he had his hair cut off! Ian met a couple Canadians at Korovou and brought them home - they are bumming around the world. Seru is back driving the truck (he had quit).
1974 In Science we drew picture of a cricket. Kicked Betty Hona out. Universal has a new bookstore. Convinced Jack to not put up the results until I had checked the sheets.
1975 Made Claire Hill think when I proved nothing exists from "axioms". Final Rock n Roll class and I covered the Beatles (lesson plan). Advanced bridge lesson at lunch. Card from Smithers who is now in England. Y to watch Workshop beat Roadrunners. Helped coach Meteors over Zodiac 24 - 5. postcard
1976 Took over Papakura Basketball as Jack quit over the committee members disagreeing with him about kicking Comrades out for dirty play. After 90 minutes we talked them into not withdrawing their team. David escaped to across the street to play with Kelly. Gail went to a ballet with Breezes.
1977 Su - Taped David discovering Easter treats. Casey Kasem read my letter on American Top 40 (Listen).
1978 M - Manukau-Counties Secondary Schools Basketball Association meeting at Y. Six schools in attendance. I was re-elected chairman. (Agenda).
1980 Th - Crenlo but deputy-comptroller at a meeting in Cities (company laying off 50 workers), so couldn't see me. I spoke to Wagner about benefits. We headed back to Cities, looking at Wabasha and stopping in Red Wing. Ate at Randy's. Spoke to counsellor at Job Services. Job at the nuclear plant and involved a long drive.
1981 Watched Harper Valley PTA episode Bad Day at the HV PTA. Watched Carson: monolgue.
1982 Sa - Put out my match book collection. Taped Top 100 LP tracks of 1972 on KQ92. Watched North Stars beat Chicago 7 - 1 in playoffs. Big fight in 3rd period. Fighting in the stands with big cops pounding a couple drunks (video). Kids spent the night at Towns.
1984 W - Went to work for an hour then to doctor and got antibiotics. Bought three Goofy coloring books.
1985 W - Embassy called to say that passports are on their way so I made arrangements for the train tomorrow night. Called Chris S and Frank for goodbyes. Called Hoffsis. Watched Letterman.
1986 Brian brought Diane Hay out and we met with Linda M for an hour before lunch. Andrew Wilson called and left a message with Pete in a wierd voice "Tell John he can tell Brian anything he wants". So I figure J Rayner told him something bad. Was a bit worried that he might come looking for me.
1987 Gave Diane Andrews a DW3 lesson. After hours David Keppel and I began setting up Karen Bacon's machine. Watched Meatballs.
1988 Ian, Susi and Granny came by around 5PM after a day in Auckland - Kelly T's, and museum. We adults went to Cobb & Co for an excellent meal and time.
1991 Letter from Joyce describing the sad state that Dick is in. Had a big fire, but it wouldn't get going and room filled with smoke again. But it did raise temp 10°C.
1993 Bought 1000 aspirin for $64 at Hobsons which is cheap compared to 20 for $2 in grocery store, but above the $5 you'd pay in the States.
1994 Took van apart and found a wire that has been making noise for the past year or so. Cribbage then walk to PO box with Gail. Watched Dances With Wolves which Costner handles as he has very little dialogue.
1996 W - Went to school, so Steven Colville could repair his PS1 keyboard. New puddle in lawn, so I dug a trench and found a leak in the black ektylene pipe. Put a clamp onto it.
1997 Th - Physio. Fiona having difficulties with SFC program so I spent an hour with her - no luck. Internet down in library and I blew up Kathy. Karen wants Transition computers set up now that the office is rebuilt. I told her to get stuffed. Veronica showed me photos of Brasil and that got her and Gustavo telling me stories.
1998 F - TP at Mike's. Watched Warriors beat 1st place Melbourne.
1999 Sa - Gail and I visited Dot (James hid in his room). Laps.
2000 M - Complained to Pascalls that their sour worms aren't sour anymore. Today I got an apology and 3 bags of candy. Needham's for lunch. Looked at the race car that Bob is building. Dropped van off at Cassidy's. Played Upwords.
2001 Tony W in Aka Aka for the first time for a couple hours on the computer. Film crew blocking road - movie about a nuclear power plant and this scene involved a diesel tanker. Ne to Henwood's to housesit for a week. I ended up bringing her a fan at midnight when she couldn't sleep because of the perfumed air of the house.
2002 Doug's wedding photos from Ian. Counties Cleaning Supplies so I could purchase some enzyme stuff that is suppose to clean the septic tank.
2003 Ne and I drove to Nick's place at Opoutere. No water in caravan, fridge barely chills and the hot water heater kept tripping the circuit breaker. 500 rummy since I forgot the cribbage board. Went around the property exploring for food - found two blackberries. Place is so run down now and the pheasants and birds have eaten the fruit. Discovered huge, unripe, pommegranate. Ne caught an eel. Upwords, cards and read until bedtime - me in van and Ne in garage.
2004 Quick stop at New World (gave Jackie an Easter egg) then onto Emery's and to the game. Absolutely stunk - but were in it to the last minute when the Knights scored two times on an intercept and kick off return. So it was a quiet ride home with Russell.
2005 Watched Woman On Top.
2006 PAG with Sandy. Gave Emery the SPELD newsletter and picked up NZ artists' CDs from Christopher for Ne. Asked Bert's neighbor - he is at Middlemore but she doesn't know why. Watched Mission Impossible II.
2007 email from Angi with photo with Carl. Watched home videos. Biz cards for Deanna.
2009 Watched E.T. Only Ann and Russell came for TP. Came with an Old Coach Rd Merlot that we had with our Chinese meal before playing a game.
2010 Sa - Watched Warriors beat Bulldogs 30 - 24 literally in the last minute. (Match report)
2011 Su - Put netting over Gail's garden bench and the junk area. Won cribbage game. Did US taxes and we are getting a refund.
2012 T - PathLab in Tauranga where I had a TNA on the lump in my leg. Had a Scrumbles cereal bar. Opened a Jacob's Creek 2010 rosé.
2013 W - Called Dad. Petanque with Ash and Anna. Chat with Fred F. Watched Father's Little Dividend.
2015 F - Had Burger King Stunners for supper. Split the cribbage games.
2016 Su - Boys over for Bahrain races. I was in 2nd, spunoff and blocked twice ending up in 4th. Kim made butter chicken for us. I had horrendous bad luck with the dice, but managed to get one car to claw back into 5th place.
2017 M - Tim cleaned my teeth ($205). Did a 30 minute walk that included going up the Mount lower steps.
2018 T - Up at 9:30AM and brought Gail to hospital. She had me wheelchair her to the Cardio Unit. While waiting, Paula came to say "Hi". ECG and then Dr Chow told us he wants some tests to see if it is the Amy that can be treated by chemo. Told her to exercise more and see her in 6 months. Kim, Regan and Dave came for the AGM followed by Monaco in the rain. 22 RHs with 8 on the first corner. Going into last lap KK had a big lead with Kurt on my tail. Bunko was in last place. Second to last corner Kim takes the lead but spins on final corner. I didn't want to chance crashing out so I lowered to 2nd gear. Meanwhile Regan's two and Bunko caught up. Kim really crippled so all I needed was two good rolls and I win. But got the lowest possible outcome each time - still in first place if the three have low purples. All three rolled high giving Regan 1st and 2nd with Bunko 3rd.
2019 W - Brass-B. Crashed. Watched Fair Isle Living on the Edge.
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