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1958 Watched Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour episode Lucy Wins a Race Horse.
1959 In gym I beat White in wrestling. Bowling with Gary - 87, 78 and 98. Mom took me to see "From the Earth to the Moon" and "Forbidden Desert".
1961 High = 18°F. Theoretically, we had the day off for selling our quota, but I took the 9AM bus with Schindler to meet Kelley and Brevieu at Sears. Spent morning not selling school raffle tickets on Lake Street. Met up with Laughlin, Schmidt and Mathison and went to Hennipen. Kelley had sold the only ticket when we quit at 1PM. Hub with Carol and Teri.
1962 Sa - Watched Harlem Globtrotters, "Critics' Award" and "Night Kappers" hosted by Tom Clancey.
1963 Su - 12:00 Mass at St. Bonaventure - long, drawn out. Ralph, Aunt Angela and grandparents visit. Chris, Mama and Grandma were twisting. Picked up Angi and Nancy Miller from Oxboro theater and we went to Henry's.
1967 Mike Hirdler and I went to Kincy's to play some pool. Then we went to Mr. Donut at 66th and Penn.
1971 Tax: I owe $24 (income was $960). Had to do a stint on maintenance patrol, where you spend most of your time arguing with boys who don't want to do it. White and I spent the afternoon in library and we were able to open it up at 6PM for its desecration. Keni (form II) charged out a book and then immediately returned it. Whites for a beer and got a dinner thrown in. My place for bridge until 1AM.
1972 Ian and I were on maintenance behind the school. Issued textbooks to 4A, then we elected Mesake Jale form captain and Salesi T dep. Grog party to welcome Kini Nailatu and Boardman to QVS with Ian, Anare Gukilau and the gang. Bob was funny getting involved in all aspects of the ceremony. Played blackjack - Lenati kept getting busted, Jemesa won big and Talatala was good. Apparently, yaqona with mango leaves is potent. I had a bloody nose, or as the Brits say "bleeding nose".
1973 Walked to store for Coke®. Bob Hayson came about 5PM - taped his Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles Live! album and listened to some of my stuff. Bob added a little to Whites on the tape. Pita Lenati is working at Deuba.
1974 Finished reading How Children Fail. Billiards, iced tea and cribbage outside. Breezes with a couple beers and stayed to win at Scrabble.
1975 Maths meeting - Colin more confident but still useless. Stationery all afternoon with Kay, Catherine and Jackie putting together 3rd form packs. Met Neil Matheson and talked basketball. Simon gave me a lift home and I gave him our rubber tree. Lucy Mariasouccé volunteered to babysit Te.
1976 Things went so well that the girls could handle it by themselves. Bought them ice blocks at interval. 6th form girls with Frances and Julie showed up at lunch and they took over for the afternoon. School bags arrived so we basically have 98% on first day. Had a cup of tea with Kerry and we discussed our 6th form classs. Colin McLaren and Bernard Hewitt came by to see about getting onto the staff team. Te and I repaired the bike's chain. He was aping me as we ate apples off of the tree. Aldies dropped by with thick shakes and my sunglasses.
1977 Stationery issue to 4ths and 5ths and we finished right on the dot at 3:30PM. Tape, photos and newspaper clippings from mom.
1979 Sa - Breezes brought a bag of corn and picked up their fish. Sanders came and we put latches onto closet doors.
1980 Su - Jonathan, the dimwitted redhead from a block away came over. His sole idea of play is to tease those smaller than him. Went for a run.
1981 T - Sandy Erickson, the nurse, spoke about chemical dependancy. Excellent talk about casualty auto insurance. Bud Shommer told us about career planning. Skunked Curt and gave him the punch card.
1982 W - Rode to work with Cathy - her vent leaks and my legs froze in the -55°F windchill. S2K training was about commands. Letter from Barb DeWanz asking if I could help her fiancé get a computing job. Northern States Power guy out to clean our stove's pilot lights, but oven grill still won't stay lit.
1983 Th - Had to shovel out the driveway, roads not plowed and I got stuck in front of Dorothy's house. Her husband pushed me out and I went home and called Arlyn and Jim and decided to try again. Picked up Dorothy who walked up to 85th. Went to Jamaica via Hillside which had been plowed. Picked Arlyn on 80th. Got stuck trying to get into Hinton. Several strangers helped push us to 80th and we took 61 to work. Shusterichs over for 40 minutes of bridge before they went to a concert.
1984 F - Dropped Sugar off at Towns and she went wild with Lucky. Drove to Hills to watch Gail's cousin, Jeff, play against SW Christian. Lost 69-63, blowing a 15 point lead. Jeff had 10 points. Renee wandered around with Gwen the whole time. David sat on the stage and a couple local boys made friends with him.
Joyce - Lucky
1985 Su - KMart then White Castle for lunch. Drove downtown to take a look at the remains of the Winter Carnival ice carvings at Rice Park. -25°F windchill made sure we didn't stay long.
1987 Powercorp. Rayner announced his promotion to System 36. Barry Small gave a presentation on Vitel telex system. Lunch, another demo and meeting where we layed it on thick about the poor performance on the big order.
1989 White-haired Ken and Colleen arrived around 4:30PM with a calendar featuring their Four Square at Acacia Bay. Bruce wandering Americas with girlfriend on way to Britain. Christine in India for a couple months. Ian, Susi, Simon, Fran, Chris, Jim, Trevina, James, Stewart (computer games with David all night [video]) and Trefina (just bought a caravan to live in while at Auckland U). Heaps of meat to be barbequed and after the meal we talked about Fiji days. Mitchell bringing 13 toilet seats from Glasgow, arguing about who blew up the lab, toad stories, flooded roads stories (video).
1990 Dad called from Chris' and we had a nice long chat. Charlie Malecek died. Mary Kosak married and living in Apple Valley. Bernie now has a lady friend, does maintenance work in Redwood Falls Armory. Dad losing short term memory. Spoke to Mary Ann whose mother passed away last week. Renee went with Trish to organize 400 puzzles for Parent Center. Doug and boys dropped in for lunch on the lawn. Pruned lemon tree and we took a load of branches to tip ($1). Brought cans in to recycle for $11, a badge, colored pencils and a color book.
1991 Karioitahi where the waves were wicked and we had rocket rides for an hour. Ran into Dwayne T and had a long chat with him. Whites for coffee.
1992 Got a $6 flytrap at D*E*K*A. Brought computer in to Graeme to get a new power switch. Brought Ne to 91FM (north shore) to get NKOTB tape she had won. Completed reading Book of Austria.
1994 Mrs Guy, who was loading her car, asked me if I were the "famous" Mr Malecek". So I said "Yes, are you the famous box stealer?". I had taught her son, Peter in 1976, now age 32. Long hard slog putting new At Ease onto C10 LCIIs. Doug over, with apples, for RnR TP which he won easily.
1995 7 LCIIIs delivered. I set them up in the print room. Marilyn and Steve from AEC came out to put more memory into them. Ne and Jason went to museum to a Bob Marley exhibition. Gave Ne $5 to buy a souvenir for Jason. Gail got a cake which we decorated with candles and embarrassed the poor boy when they got home. TP at Bert's.
1998 T - Laure came to visit and Douglas in to help. Third formers first day and James had put his shorts on backwards.
2000 Th - David discovered a leak on hose by pump, so I shot into Mitre 10 and though it was closed they let me in and we had the hole patched within 30 minutes. Doug over with KFC and photos of his Perth trip. Played Scattegories and he slept over.
2001 Gail went to Opoutere with Susi and Jackie. I had a quick swim before heading out to Sandspit to waste two hours, as the new network card wouldn't work either. Our very first email [ed. - and only one through 2013] from Inez and two photos of Chuck's big fish that he caught in Texas. Senad and Titania went snorkelling at Goat Island and she found the water freezing and the sights disappointing in comparison to Thailand.
2002 Whites came for a swim. Had some of Susi's Queen A Regency Red. Finally did some work on Ann H's computer, while watching NZ lose final to OZ in 7's at Brisbane.
2003 In to have Doug check out a throb in lower jaw. Wait and see. Met his new assistant, Leigh. Doug had been telling her how I am NEVER late and then I showed up 10 minutes late. Vanessa stopped in with her two little ones, Samantha and Christie. Roseanne's, but didn't get the river stones as planned. Clarks and Sandy only minutes late this time. She had just picked up 4 month old Lily, Jack Russell cross. Got the printer going and inventoried the hardware. Sophie back from her second day at Papakura library - learning the ropes. Met Gail and David at Brundell's for a meal and tour of the property. Had a lovely '99 Maglieri Cabernet Shiraz.

2004 Looked at NZ Chefs website to see if I could help them with it. Brought Yuki to join Gail's class for the afternoon, collected my $22 Lotto winnings and went to Bells to get their modem going. Brundell's to restore his files (only 8 months since backed-up) to new computer. Gail in newspaper photo. After supper Ian and Jackie joined us for Chinese Checkers.
2005 Trees on vacant lot across road removed. Aldies with time to spare since flight was set back 15 minutes, but the car wouldn't start, so I tried the emergency thingie - no go. That's when I discovered a loose terminal connector, and was able to get us going. With a little speeding I got the boys to the airport half an hour before flight to CHCH left. Straight home and out the door immediately to Edith's for a final session on her computer. Left loaded down with cookies again. Stopped in town and got a new battery connector and put in it on. Ne went to Aldies' to housesit next two nights. Clark's to meet Charlotte's new horse, Spirit. Sandy and I walked over to gliding field with Lily as C rode on S. Met Alison and her daughter, Georgia, who goes to school with C. Mike home when we got back and I joined them for a fish supper. Had a go with C's new iBook.


2006 email from Plasha (leaving for Panama where he owns an island). Pukekohe to get the repaired salt cell. Gail and I went to Emery's for KFC, and then a rousing game of TP.
2007 Deanna brought her new laptop. First time meeting hubbie, Jim, (car towed last night while at Blues game). Gave them a tour of the yard and sent them home with a cabbage.
2008 Forced myself up at 11AM for Trish and David's visit - only to find that Gail had forgotten and she was off shopping with Ne. Saw Trish's photos of her TransAlpine train trip with her father. Made up a batch of biz cards for Dee.
2009 Super Clinic and Gail was told she could start walking. K-Mart where she got a watch. Dropped off things at Aldies. Water bill for $3887! Shot out to turn off the line to the paddocks, but couldn't find any sign of $20/day leak. email from Colleen who has an over active thyroid. Swam with Ian.
2011 Th - Dee's where her laptop harddrive is dying and she can't view attachments. Her netbook had no AV program going, so I was a busy boy for 3 hours. Stopped at Holmes flooring and had a chat with Darryl about doing our stairs. Ian over for a couple games of Dominion.
2012 F - Had Ne's battery checked - OK. Bought two tires for her car while I was there at Beaurepaires. Stopped at Blackmore's and gave him the go ahead. Watched America's Funniest Home Videos.
2014 M - Tremendous left ear ache. Watched Grand Designs.
2015 T - Up at 9:30AM so I could go with Max (in a small BMW convertible) to Martin's in Katikati and meet his wife, Julia, and some of their five cats. We played tested Gods 2 and Ars Brassica (twice) and I won a couple times. Martin gave us avocados. Discovered that Jerry had died on 19th (obit) so I emailed to Steve.
2016 W - Papamoa to buy shorts, get David Copperfield, cash and misc from Mitre 10. TTR-Eu and KingBuild. After supper I did another bag of prunings at 3B and took portable stove apart.
2017 F - Scrabble at Anna's. Had to exchange twice and still was in it at end. Stopped to chat with Heather and meet Barb G. Burgundy after supper.
2018 Sa - Right collar bone hurting more each day. Emery and Jocelyn arrived from Whakatane around 4PM in Ann's new car. Visit, walk to the beach for photo ops, supper (blueberry wine) and then more visiting until bed time. Watched Man on a Ledge.
2019 Su - Removed strawberry cover. 34OC for 3+ hours of yardwork while the women went to a movie. Colored a Goofy page.
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