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1959 Kincy and I slept in tent in his backyard. Rode our bikes to Diamond Lake Park. Lake Nokomis with Daniels and Debbie. Kincy and I cleared large and sharp rocks from the swim area. We stole an innertube from Deb.
1960 School - selected for the 8th grade All-Star baseball team. Kincy pitched to me. Babe Ruth practice.
1961 High = 81°F. No school for me today because I am exempt from all of the semester exams. Mowed lawns [ed - with a push mower! - we were the only family without a power mower]. Squeaky now living in a nest in a tree. Kincy, Karen and I were up in the treefort. She says that Ralphie gave Signe a ring. Babe Ruth practice - I had some good strokes and also hit flies to the outfielders. Door-to-door selling TV Times subscriptions with Kincy.
1962 W - High = 66°F. Watched The Bride Came C.O.D.
1963 Last day of school - we pushed Mac's Fiat to a different parking spot and filled it with old paper. Stopped at El Dorado to celebrate. Drew floor plans of Dad's apartment building's first floor. Kincy came over - I beat him 7 - 0 at Home Run Derby and twice in chess. Ricky called and wanted to know if I liked Linnea and who she liked. Sketched Grace Kelly.
1964 Picked up my 1958 Chevy Malibu, that dad had helped me choose. [ed - moved from Bloomington to No Mpls and the 1950 Pontiac couldn't be relied upon to get me to work. Night Owls meeting.
1970 Kicked Soane B out as librarian - stole a book. Discussion with Kini Q and others about the States. After an hour of tearing the US down he asked me to help him get into a school there? Tonight's movie was The Living Desert.
1972 Postcard from Perrys in Samoa. Popi collected rocks for my barbeque pit. Simoni made me a sasa [ed. - broom made from a palm from frond]. postcard
1973 4ths changed mecuric oxide into mercury. On bus duty; I put Owen in charge of keeping kids off of the grass. To Jeremy Batchelor in Bio lab: "Are you whispering sweet nothings in its gill?". Vernon Smith brought us some lemons.
1975 Ate with Jim, Pat and Brenda at Old Piper Inn which runs old-time movies and cartoons.
1976 Gail finished weaving a wicker wastepaper basket for me.
1977 Te talks the whole time at meals and doesn't eat, so Gail sets the timer (on the stove) and when the bell goes he is done “eating” whether he has eaten or not. Watched Fawlty Towers and then Frost interviewing Nixon.
1979 W - Michelle P, Carol L and Susan M had their first stint at stationery and textbooks. Box of Christmas decorations and Tootsie Rolls from mom.
1980 F - The $12 record player stopped turning, so I took it apart found a sticky washer, gave it a little silcone and good as new. Gail brought kids to stay the night at Towns. Called Kelley and we talked 90 minutes about jobs and friends.
1981 Sa - Went to Cottage Grove via Tower Rd - liked the older section which reminded me of Richfield. Took back roads to Afton. Played a little basketball then across the street to Selma's where I had a cherry cheesecake ice cream cone. David ran his train around the tracks 100 times non-stop. Kids went swimming in the pond. After supper we had a wander through the reserve - mosquitos were bad and our can wouldn't spray.
1982 Su - Stopped at LaBelle's and got a frypan for mom's 57th. Dick, Estelle, Chris and Adelle R joined us for a boring birthday party at Mom's. I decorated the garage and we ate in there. Chris had a broken finger - got drunk and broke it in a fight (or so he said). We made $38 from mom's garage sale.
1983 M - At work to make a point about how upset I was over something I stabbed a pencil into my right palm and the lead is still visible in 2018. Played croquet with kids and Nicole. Played jarts with Gail. Dug out Chris' baseball pants and though they are too large for David he wore them all day and to practice. Watched After George's pilot.
1984 Went to Ne's Little League game at Hillside. Lots of fun as they lost. Ne had to make many throws from mound area to first (she is the catcher). Completed reading Podkayne of Mars by Robert Heinlein.
1985 Th - Set up Displaywrite2 for Terry Shannon and got the printer going. Finally had a chance to see Alan. HE DOESN'T WANT ME HELPING USERS! Meeting from 3PM to 5PM to plan our PC vendors moves. So I missed bus and had to wait until 6PM for a ride from Alan. Spoke to Ken McKnight who is trying to organize computers for St. Mary's.
1986 F - Alan down trying to prioritize after yesterday's meeting but I got him onto power problems. When he asked for a detailed record of occurences I blew up. So he left. I've had it with him, had it with NZS and Powercorp is royal pain. Users pissed off. Warren can't put together a decent proposal. Had our very first fire at 62 Beach and the little fireplace did alright.
1987 Ne's netball team won their first game. David went to Mark O'Kane's for the night and to hunt rabbits. We went to Kathy's 40th. Spent most of the evening chatting to Noel Johnston, Olive, Joneses, Chris and Jeff from Papakura High School. Enjoyed an Australian Reisling by Orlando and an excellent Abel '84 cabsav. We stayed on for 90 minutes after everyone else left.
1988 Wairoa dam to do the Repeater Track. Gail only lasted 20 minutes before she went back to the van. Ten minutes later we were on a metal road and hit the repeater station a couple minutes later. Stayed there 30 minutes to eat and try out walkie talkies. Followed the road down for half an hour and we got sight of the third reservoir. From there we went onto the track following a stream down to the road and meet Gail who drove over to pick us up. Videos: (Going up - At the top - Going down)
1989 Super frost - birdbath iced over (Video). 4 applicants for the WP position. Chat with Alan Wissing about the QA contract. Looked at Works Admin area. Postcard from Fran who wrote it on plane to Singapore.
1990 Nuttal, Taylor and I reviewed the Purchasing Dept manager's new policy. He was consistant in his rage against Norm McKay and his inability to process the paper trail. Gollan doesn't like me negotiating prices. But conceded to my wishes and won't change anything. Project meeting and John Mathison explained how he wants to set up support for Operations.
1992 Watched Ne's second game of the day as they beat Athletic. Walked to post box. Aggravation which Ne won.
1993 Manukau where I bought Guiness Hits of the 80s. Doug and James stopped in for a couple hours - James to get games and Doug with his DOS 6.0 books. Went to Yanni's with Janine and Jim. Sat next to Pam and and across from Mike and Irene. Food was good and the baklava was lovely. We each smashed our dessert dish. Then the Greek dancing took hold and people got a chain going. A gay fellow had us in stiches. Annie Whittle, chain smoker and very short with too much make-up, was in attendance.
1994 Brought Tracy back home. Ian and I walked along railway tracks to get photos of the town. Canadian Grand Prix. I had 4 spin offs and came last. Ian made his pork spare ribs specialty. Looked forward to it all week. I couldn't stand it and Gail thought it was off. I thought it tasted like hogget. Forced him to get the package out of the rubbish and sure enough they were lamb ribs.
1995 AA jump started the car. Showed me car's manual choke and that explained why the car dies so often. He also discovered light was on in the boot and draining the battery. Picked David up at 10:10PM at bus depot (had a test).
1997 F - Des stormed out when I said I wouldn't do Intranet stuff for next term. He then told Rolle that he wasn't taking over for me when I was gone for the three months. So Don asked me if I knew anyone who could do it and that's how David got the job. Postcard from Steve in Kaui. Susi and Ian joined us for TP at Bert's and then bridge until midnight.
1998 Bushy Park (pretty run down) with Ian and we bought a royal gala apple [ed. - it died after a couple years] and a lime tree. Whites over for Spanish Grand Prix, then a game of Hollywood Squares with Jackie joining in.
1999 Gail and I went to Awhitu Bush Walk with Whites. BJ, daschund, was our guide exploring the stand of young kauris. Whites came over for bridge.
2000 Couple hours at Wright's (rug being cleaned). Night Class.
2001 Only 3 at night class where we did file management and formatting emails.
2002 Tent became like an oven, so I was up and out of it at 8:20AM. Nellie and Emanuel drove up from Phoenix to take some of Bill's stuff. Tested camera video mode on the kittens (too large to upload).
2004 email from Angi (gets massages at her desk at work) and Shranko (hates White Sox broadcasters). Talked to Joyce just back from Tylers graduation party.
2005 Gail and I went to MCC to check at Freedom as to why her new chair is nowhere in sight after 6 weeks only to be told that it would be ready in Aug. Went to Trish's in Manurewa my first time and James (he now drives a scooter) showed me around. Rummikub and Scrabble cards. Dropped photos and video off at Emery's. Chat with Ve who had Mexican for her birthday in Italy.
2006 Steph got a Canon A700 that we sorted out - its brilliant. Karen Lees passed away.
2008 Kelvin and Mosi arrived at 1:30PM and removed tiles and lino on the lower level. I took up the carpet from the hallway. Skunked Gail - third time this week. Went to Warriors game. Juniors won. K Gordon Trio played - NZ's best guitarist who played "Voodoo Child" with all the Jimi moves and "Sweet Child O Mine". Pregame fireworks display was the highlight as the boys lost to last place Rabbitohs 35 - 28. skunk
2009 Unfortunately, the clock/radio alarm went off at midnight and frightened Elaine. Sue Singhal visited.
2010 Su - Hit by a dose of kerosene smelling wrapping paper at Emery's before we headed to the game. Watched the second half of Under 20's in their win 19 - 0 over the Dragons. Treated Ann to an egg and steak "burger" from a stall down at playing field level at the Northern end. Warriors ahead at half 8 - 6 but thanks to the refs lost 20 - 22. Fan blew a horn with 30 seconds to go and Dragon player thought it was the end of the game and kicked the ball over the touch line, giving Warriors one last chance. Leak in roof tank increasing so I had to turn the water into the house off.
2012 W - Up at 4:30AM. Grace Hospital where Liz was a chatty and interesting admitting nurse. Delay of an hour and then afterwards took 4 hours to be released. Marie kept bringing us coffee and food. Kumar said the lump looked like a tumor (no surprize, eh?). Sent Gail to United Video at Fraser Cove to buy candy from all over the world.
2013 Th - email from Oberg (Dewey had Dupuytrens operation). Glen paid me $60 finder fee for Anna's lights. Scrabble at Anna's and David won for the first time. Bunnings to get draft tape and a cushion mat for my desk (now that I am standing). Lots of Dominion after supper.
2014 F - Anna's for Scrabble. I won thanks to a 7-letter: squires.
2015 Sa - Up at 7:30AM to have bandage removed from eye at Eye Clinic. Cold had me in bed for the afternoon. Skunked. Made flight bookings for Gail and Colleen's trip to Melbourne. Watched Stormbreaker. skunk
2016 M - Up until 4:30AM so I slept in until 1:15PM. Watched Quantico.
2017 T - Bayswater took down a grandiflora magnolia on the fence line allowing more light into our sunroom. Couple games of Dominion.
2018 W - Terraforming. Mexican. Watched Can't Pay We'll Take it Away.
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