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1959 School - we had photos taken. In Gym I was able to do all except 2 stunts. Dick, Bogren and I stayed after in library.
1960 In English speeches on: how to change a diaper and how to shave. We began "Kim" (read on-line) by Rudyard Kipling. Bowling - 109, 113, 115.
1963 Su - Kelley came over and we played football and then basketball at Jr High.
1965 Watched Green Acres episode: Don't Call Us We'll Call You.
1969 Hawaii: Details in Peace Corps Journal.
1970 A beaut of a staff meeting today - read it here. Mitchell was missing and no one bothered to take his classes all day! I had to watch over 4A building up the beach. Took in a Fijian softball game (Rounders) - they use axe handles and different rules. Sakiusa N was up in the evening. He and Murray were discussing Fijian gods and he would cover his ignorance by saying "its a very long story".
1971 Jone Peoko came to house seeking help with his maths. Foodstore which is basically empty. And only two knives in the silverware. Murph's for pool and this time we gossiped about Mitchell.
1972 Letter and reference from McDougall with job offer at Rosehill College. Letter from Jane Mitchell. Megan's birthday party (w/ Shaun in photo) where we watched Way Way Out. Whites for chow.
1974 Su - Audrey brought Lyndsey over to "take care" of David while she and Gail went to the bread shop (only open on Sunday mornings!). Kelly's Beach with Breezes and Peter. Fran "bought" tomatoes. Had a barbeque on the beach. David had a whale of a good time kicking in the water. Simon took the back roads in the Hunuas and got lost. Peter left at 7PM

1975 Gail drove me to the lumber yard where we picked up two plywood sheets. Found out that Mark Saboe works there. Began building third crate. Gail came home late with a speeding ticket. Bradley brought David a couple vests. Klybergs came over - I bought 24 tapes from him. Letter from Doug with a Brain form. David was up all day, but then woke up many times overnight with teething pains.
1976 Greenhill got his cot out of the crate. Cassette letter and 11th Christmas card from mom.
1977 Noeline stapled 4th form exams. Catherine, Jacqui and Kay covered 4 sets of books, and boys put up new speaker, which works great. Last classes with 5th formers. Jr basketball: Reffed Orions over Sweathogs. Played, fully-clothed and with a headache on Whiplash team. 3 books for Te from mom.
1978 Mom left for a South Island organized tour, without her coat. Last day of teaching seniors. Had accredited students covering texts and stapling 4th form exams. Gave Nadine her birthday card. Painted trim on the re-hung back door and spilt can over the cork tiles, so I ended up replacing 3 of them.
1979 Sa - Mike called and said he had wine... so we went over to Sanders. Watched Shane and Vanishing Point.
1980 M - Gail, Ne, Aldies and Mom went to "Twin Cities Today". Trish got to announce the show on air. Ne got a certificate for a shirt just for being cute. Cheryl Tiegs was the guest star and just happens to be Doug's favorite babe (photo). Meanwhile I was at work listening to Warren Peterson tell us about IPO department. Open book test on linkage editor and I got 90%. Very nice supper at Towns which included a pecan pie for dessert.
1981 T - Skunked Paul. Gail asked if she would take the 5th grade class for the rest of the year.
1984 Sa - High = 42°F. Breakfast at McDonalds because we had a 9AM showing. Renee came back from her overnight with news that all of the cars bumped into each other. Five cars of little girls. Well, the lead car slowed too quickly make a turn and the four following cars banged into each other. Two cars had to return home. Renee went to the camp. No one was badly hurt and only one car was crumpled. We have no idea what happened at camp, because all she talked about was the accident. Played Bingo.
1985 Su - Went past Kawakawa Bay through the hills to Orere Point which wasn't much and onward to Waharau Regional Park where we went on a bush walk and sat on the boulder beach while kids mucked around. Home at 6PM and watched TV for the first time in a long while. Took down adzed kauri shelf.
1987 Took day off to do Christmas shopping, but only found two German crystal Goofys [ed. - one has broken and tossed]. Wholesale Tree Co where I got a couple evergreens to put into the large concrete planters. Played catch with Ne when she came home from school.
1988 Watched Chained Heat and Paradise.
1989 Cleary took James' Mac to start our day. Met with Robert Cram about his needs for a Mac. Stayed until 9:30PM. Watched Married With Children and an all-time favorite, Bride of Frankenstein.
1990 Gail and I brought Leszek and Beata to Omana where we walked through the camp area and a barbeque on the beach. Leszek cooked - for the first time ever. We had an ordinary Villa Maria '90 chardonnay with the meal. We walked to Mareatai and got back at dark. Home for dessert and to play "Couch Potato" and I kidded Beata about being one. They left at 10:30PM.
1991 Went to the beach (Doug) to get a sunburn. Left Carmel's bach at 4PM. Called Steve Graham - he turned down the database job in Melbourne, has quit Air NZ and is now on his own. Had our first waffles from the microwave maker.
Trish & David
1994 Stephen Colville came back to school in mufti and helped me until 5PM. Had our first Burger King in NZ - at Manurewa Southmall.
1995 F - Set up a computer in Ann Martin's office for timetables. Des left at 2PM to move into his new place and won't be back for a week. So we get a call from Apple saying that "Apples for Education" order needs to be placed by 5PM today. Got Jason cleaning mice. Ian and Tracy over. We had a sweet South African J C LeRoux bubbly with supper. TP at Mike's. Finished reading Melissa.
1996 Su - Gail and I walked trails at Clevedon reserve.
1997 M - Fab and Cecelia inventoried safe software. Gave them a ride home. Cribbage.
1999 W - Ne's first day at Katies. Final night class (emailing). Julia Kuggelein gave me a bottle of wine. Stuart Lyons asked me if I could do Glenbrook and Pukeware schools.
2000 F - TP here - usual crowd with Brundell. email from Breeze making me Project Director for A-to-A. Our first Christmas card - from Lynna with a newsletter that included a photo of Yuki.
2001 Doug called to thank me for his website. Whites over for bridge - men winning.
2002 Read "Why I Live at the P.O." (read it) by Eudora Welty. Watched Kiwis tie Britain in second test. Ian and Susi came for the San Marino Grand Prix race that I won.
2003 Smiths only to find out that new computer won't start, so I am sure it is the harddrive as I put the old one in. Played with Codeman in the box, helped Jaz read while Johnny removed nits from Edie and Corinne made supper. Meanwhile Jaz was attempting to put makeup on and managed to hit most of her head. Stopped in to see Trish. Had to herd their goat, Zeebee, up the driveway. Bells where I updated AVG and sorted out the PDF problem.
2004 Brundell's with his new printer (my old one) and after a couple hours I came home with his old printer for Ne to use. After being skunked (again) I pruned the flax area by the pool. deV's to move a little closer to finishing the computer. Shirley gave her father the end of the week to move out. She gave me a math problem that I solved in less than a minute that no one else she asked could do and that she solved over two days of many hours of guessing. They had a leak in the recent storm and insurance company is paying for major repairs. Gail went to Howick Historical Village with her class and I put together a CD with the photos she took. email from Jim who shared memories of Hasegawa.

Gail, Kathy and Joan
2005 Made my first Skype call - to Ian.
2006 Trish stopped in for lunch and a gab. Money stolen from James, neighboring actioning dog bite suit and a section of her colon to be removed. Karen's service pamphlet and a CD of photos of her from Paul with a note. Gail and I brought the remainder of Steph's belongings to Hunua. Mike's for TP.
2007 Watched The Recruit.
2008 Gail's first time out of the house as we went to the Physio in Pukekohe and there we met Leigh, our care helper Robynne Armstrong is handling Gail's right arm rehabilitation. Watched The Bucket List.
2010 W - Zipped over to breakfast and discovered what Warwick told us about the $10 voucher was misleading so with them we still paid $7.50 for "cold" which suits us just fine as we loaded up on a wide variety of fruit. Travel agent told us 11 minutes, Warwick said 10, so we gave ourselves 20 to walk to the pier. It took 30 minutes and a fellow there told us to bring our voucher to the ticket office, but when I got there I was told bring it to the boat. So we finally get to the gangplank only to have a tour group of 30 Spaniards beat us. Finally it is our turn only to be told "wrong ship", so we ran over to the other "Ocean Spirit" where Chris took our photo. Captain moved the vessel from the dock using a joystick while standing at the stern. Kane, who liked to say "excellent" held a briefing and from there we sat on the fore deck. First stop was Oyster Reef and Gail went in for her first go at snorkelling. She sort of meandered about and didn't get too far but apparently was able to see the expected underwater sights. Once everyone was back on board it was lunch time as we crusied to Upolu Reef. Gail did better and got out further this time, but ran out of puff and was one of the first ones back. Time for a coffee and orange poppyseed cake while playing cribbage. Outside on upper deck for the return ride - Captain steering with his foot. Most people had a sleep, as did I, until we were woken for a glass of bubbly. Returned to the hotel going through CDB and stopped to get a photo of giant Jelly Babies at an art centre. Decided to return to and check out the Night Markets. Tremendous racket by parrots as they hit the palm trees lining the streets to roost and then came around 50 or so flying foxes that gave a very surreal feel to the oncoming night (video). We loaded up on Chinese and hoofed it back in time to catch Colbert Report.

Going out

Coming In

fruit bats
2011 Th - Finished reading You Forever. Put shells into guest bathroom. Made Christmas card. Watched Rove LA
2012 Sa - Christmas shoppers filling parking lots, but I still got into DSE to get a connector. 3B to take heat pump apart and clean it - only works on auto? Put a new washer onto toilet and made it worse and it now leaks at the wall. Wallpaper removing until supper. Watched Sons of Tucson.
2014 M - Couple games of Concordia with fried rice thrown in. Watched Whiteout.
2015 T - Six speaker system from Mighty Ape arrived and I spent an hour setting up to the computer and laptop. Watched Believe.
2016 Th - Many problems with modem/internet connection had me tied up on that. Bought an Netware wireless extender but fear it might be the adapter in the computer. Time will tell. Finished reading The Pop Sixties. Watched Captain January.
2017 F - Bayfair to get Ural from the lovely Deb. Won the Instanbul game and just lost to David at Archipelago. Rueben sandwiches followed by Terraforming Mars.
2018 Sa - 75 minute walk along beach (chatted with guy on bike at Omana access - there everyday) and 20 flights. 34OC where I weeded and laid a brick along fence. W&F other fence (moving a pile of chip away from it) and put up shade cloth over side patio. Castles of Mad King Ludwig.
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