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1959 Elected to be the student council representative. Bowling league at Luxury - we had free games and made teams; mine is Gary O, Gary Gaustad and Lyle P.
1960 Chris brought my soap carvings to school for "show and tell". The front yard was sodded. Played checkers and baseball with Kincy, then football with Billy.
1961 High = 75°F. After school Kincy and Steve came over and we hung with Signe, Debbie, Sandra and Angi.
1963 Brought Chris to Saturday school and Angie to Southdale. Bought Gene's wood. Bill, Steve and I ran off plays. We got Kincy and picked up Chris and Angi. They ate lunch over then ran off plays with Denny and Jeff. Listened to Twins 15 - Bosox 4 (Killer had 3 homers) Bill and I played some whiffle ball with Kathy. Then canasta and chess.
1965 Brought Barb Jensen home from high school and helped her with her homework.
1966 Watched Beverley Hillbillies episode The Soup Contest. and "The Virginian" episode Ride to Delphi.
1967 Watched Dragnet episode The Shooting Board.
1968 Watched Batman episode The Minstrel's Shakedown (video). Rehearsal and meal for Jim's wedding. Sat with Dale and Snooky. Given a billfold.
1969 Su - Went to Mass with Gail at Christ the King. Went over for TV in the evening.
1970 Ceremony in chapel for the Governor, Sir Robert Sidney Foster. I sat up front with him and was served a bilo as a VIP. He struck me as a sincere and nice guy. Spoke to him a few minutes about the school library. His wife's accent sounded like the Bronx.
1971 Stayed home from school and read a lot. First parking meters in Suva (article) Photo shows first ticket being written for an expired metre.
1972 Gail told that the Dept won't approve her for teaching at the staff kids school. At lunch I cut my toe (the one without a nail) while cutting grass by the walk. So I limped down to 4B math class and to the volleyball matches.
1973 McDougall asked me if Mitchell was competent with New Maths. He has applied for job at Pukekohe. Jr basketball.
1974 David plays the piano. Simon brought his cassette player so we could listen to Mom's tape (ice fishing). Fran gave us a piece of moldy bread, bless her soul. Practice at 1PM with 5 girls - most on dribbling. Boys practice - mostly 3rd formers. Breezes to watch Irma La Duce on their new larger screen TV while sipping an excellent Lincoln rosé.
1976 Upset with James Barrett [ed. - last place with 12% on final exam] and moved him to sit up front. Also blew up with Diana Dickson, Helen Bold and those girls.
1977 Mr J approved English textbook order and I had Tom Berea write it up since he was out today. Worked on Stationery order during my frees. Ne doesn't crawl any more.
1978 For a dare I put on Nadine's extra large and multi-colored sweater. Sarah and Margaret did the radio station for the first time.
1980 Su - David brings home worksheets that he takes out of the rubbish bin. He helps Ne to do them.
1981 M - Curt broke a croquet mallet. He and his brother are swinging on the willow branches and also striping the leaves on purpose so I had to have a talk with them.
1982 T - Al took me for a walk to tell me that Bernie is complaining about me and even siding with Cathy. I told him not to worry. We played for 25¢ today and Paul skunked Curt. We went to the United Way ice cream social. Tossed the football around with David. MacDonalds for supper then Snyders where kids bought coupon books and got free gifts.
1983 W - Up at 3:30AM wide awake so I watched a Japanese movie. Decided to go to work and got there at 5AM. Meeting with Chapman for an hour - I have a 12% increase up to $27,030. Scott was with us from school to 9PM.
1984 F - Stayed home for garage sale - busy the whole time, sold our kitchen set for $30 and Ne's old bike for $5. Took things off shelve units and sold them. Signed immigration papers in front of a notary ($2). Watched "Dukes of Hazzard" episode Happy Birthday General Lee. Cyndi Lauper on "Tonight Show" and was funny (view).
1985 Sa - David had a special session at his drum teacher's. Tim M and Steve Karl spent day with David. Nadia and Pania with Ne. Kathy and Lia came over so we had a full house.
1986 Su -Visited David Smithers at his Eastern beach unit. Walked along the beach, up over a hill and down to Buckland's Beach. Noted all the teenage cruisers in their hot rods. Dave cooked up a meal for us and we had an excellent Woodley '84 Chablis. We followed that with a game of Cluedo. Watched Emmy Awards.
1987 Finally made it down to train Emma Thomas. Phil Waters came along to observe. Left Norm behind to train Mana Fakalata. Stayed until 8:30PM. Talked to Ian - Susi has her visa so they arrive on 3rd. Letter from Joyce. She ended up in hospital when she couldn't breathe in New Jersey.
1988 Most of the day pricing and discussing things with vendors. I called BSS I was told Graeme didn't work there anymore. He called later and said I was mistaken. Watched thirtysomething and Seoul Olympics.
1991 Walked up to the water tank. Drove Joyce to Collins. I brought tomatoes to Novaks and visited - Chuck has an Apple IIc. Heard about his eye problems. Then tomatoes to Noreen and Paul Schaffer and visited with them for a couple hours. Home for tacos. Watched The Torkelsons first episode Fence Neighbors.
1992 Betty brought over some magazines. Walked to surgery where I instructed Jocelyn on how to copy a file and Doug cleaned my teeth. Finished Alejandra Variations.
1996 Sa - Walk with Gail. She had to deliver Doug's "The Club" key to him at Middlemore (visiting his mother) so he could get into his car (Trish's note on back of cereal box).
1997 Su - Day 76 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 M - Bird chipped another hole into the styrofoam, so I was on the roof for the first time (using the 20' ladder I bought) but can't find how they get under the roof.
1999 T - Peter Gough's for first time. Older man married to a young Chinese lady, Li Fen. Spent 3 hours there. David put a new motherboard into my new computer and still no go.
2000 Th - Two hours at Berthe's and an hour at Sandspit. Doug over for RnR Trivial Pursuit.
2002 Heritage Park pavilion for the Krohn reunion. Colleta, Louise, Hansens, DeWanzs, Elbers (got some details on Mike's job at Lodgenet), Bill & Shirley, Dave & Erline, Gutzkes, Haalas, Dents... Meal then I joined the yung'uns for a game of bocce ball and won. After zipping to library to check email I brought the People Weekly trivia cards and a session with Chuck, Rachel, Cheryl, Ne and Gwen. I did a "lollie scramble" demonstration using Tootsie Rolls (David informed me that in USA 'clowns' toss candy).
2003 Played Upwords while watching "Nutty Professor II".
2004 Auckland to pick up my Compaq laptop ($58.50) to repair and about same for travelling in twice. But, as predicted, it isn't fixed and did eventually freeze. Stopped in at QSS and discussed business possibilities with Karl. Then over to help a blonde Eloise setup an magazine ad in Publisher. Couldn't get my new glasses as Perriam's being rebuilt and closed for a few days. Countdown - got a spice rack, plus the usual. Emery's to hack away at trying to set up a network. Postcard from Steph. Crib with Ne. Finished reading Mine Enemy Grows Older by Alexander King.

2005 Couple hours at Brundell's backing up photos.
2006 Ficklings to back up their data as hard drive failing. Little Jenny has discovered her tongue and has it out all of the time. From there it was off to see Harris. He has a friend who has CFS and has spent most of money trying to cure it and is depressed. My cholosterol level is highest ever, so we are going to double my Lipex med. New World where I had a chat with Scott. He finds it too quiet on the farm to sleep. And he has been putting in a lot of overtime because of the month long strike that emptied shelves in Foodtown, Woolies and Countdown stores. Finished reading Bridge of San Luis Rey then went to Clark's for supper and an evening of RnR TP with Mike. Alex honored by being allowed to do a makeup job at NZ Fashion week - she's only a new student in the field. Charlotte in process of buying a larger horse. Mike had a large bag of Virginia peanuts he brought back from SanFran. They were surprized that they were salted and how salty they were. I taught them how to eat the whole thing, shell included. So we really needed the excellent Kim Crawford '04 Merlot and the flavorsome Corbans '02 Shiraz.


2007 email from Jim F, now in South Africa with Pat. More photos from Teresa. email from David who is going home after work to an empty apartment. Patched hose leak (along west fence). Welcomed Ann back from England. Wendy's and we were off to welcome home Mike from ten weeks in the hospital with a little TP. email from Nick off to bike around Otago.
2008 After supper I lost the cribbage game. email from Steve N, back from North Star Lake. Listened to the Twins 4 - Indians 6.
2010 T - Stephanie joined us for a meal, exchange gifts (coasters) and we looked at her France and family photos.
2011 W - Gail spotted carpets with black oil paint that had gotten onto her slipper. Finished Love is Eternal. In to sign Power of Attorney papers. Began setting up for garage sale. Watched Hot in Cleveland.
2012 F - Up at 7AM to accompany Gail to hospital for a CT of her bowels. Shop for fruits and veggies (left wallet at home but had cash). Gail made a Goofy quilt.
2013 Sa - Up at 8AM and watched two America's Cup races. Called Dad. He had forgotten that I had the Bechyn book sent to him - thought it was a donation he made to the church. He was in sad shape and I urged to see a doctor about his pacemaker (overdo for a replacement). Exchanged some car stories. He didn't remember ending up in a ditch in Dec '54 snow storm. Petanque where I trained Bev Taylor, while others played a game. Carried Bev's ball box to apartments and found out that they all have double glazing put in (leaky roof rebuild). Voted - Richard Moore standing for mayor and Timothy Lee for Health Board. Finished reading The Chemistry of Death.
2015 M - Concordia.
2016 W - Finished reading Stone Cold. Nick and Christine stopped in for a few hours of chit chat. Ne over for Mombasa which I finally won. Bath. Watched Snapped episode about a murder in Minnesota.
2017 Th - 3B where "doing this for 20 years man" replaced bedroom glass and fitted security stays to 5 windows. Meanwhile I was patching holes in walls all over. Home for supper. Back to tidy up this and that until 10:30PM.
2018 F - Irene dropped in for a couple hours visit. AJ moving into a cabin in Waiuku. Watched Neanderthals.
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