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Ping Pong  Each dorm has a ping pong table.  Some regular paddles can be had but most of the time the boys use a piece of the wall that they simply remove as required.  Even with such unorthodox equipment any boy in the school can beat me even if I have a newly purchased paddle.  I have never been good at it, but these guys are phenoms.

Volleyball school page Okay, its played on the rara and being Fiji, the ground is usually wet and this makes the leather soccer ball very heavy and it pretty much ruined my hands.  So I became Rewa House's coach and would only play when the ball was dry.

Rugby For those of you non-British subjects, rugby is GOD. The top team is called the First Fifteen (1st 15). If you play on that team you are untouchable. If you happen to be the teams only goal kicker you can't not be expelled no matter what you do. This was proven while I was at the school where things were complicated even further because the headmaster was the team's coach.  School Boy NZ Tour    Letter to editor.

Cricket Next in line of importance comes cricket and the top team is known as the First Eleven (1st 11). Guess how many players there are on the team. For those of you who like to think that it is the English form of baseball, you are wrong. A match (game) can take up to 5 days to play.


Bob, the streak, Hayson
1972 article.


I had one, so I removed the legs from our kitchen table and used it a backboard which I put onto a tree just out the door. Not much room and a cliff but the ball never went down it. When I moved into a fancy house down by the school I moved the backboard to a tree below the school grounds. Very lumpy ground, so dribbling wasn't going to happen. Now I see from a photo taken in 2010 that there are backboards on the tennis court. I wish I had thought of that back then.

Tevita Lenati

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