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About the School 1972
Q.V.S. was founded in 1906 as a boarding school for the sons of chiefs. In 1942 it had move out of its buildings near Suva so that the newly arrived American forces could use the site as a base. The school had two temporary sites for the next ten years until it came to occupy its present site at Matavatucou, 50 miles North of Suva.
Today it admits pupils for their ability rather than their parentage. The racial qualification has broadened, too, and there are several Rotumans and Banabans, two Indians and two Europeans at the school; but it is still primarily for Fijian boys.

First impression from a letter written Feb 14, 1970:   The teachers are all great guys - 8 Europeans, 3 Fijians, 2 PCV, 2 VSA's and an American on the way. There is a lot of kidding that goes on.  It is expected since they live with each other in this small community for three years (the length of their contracts).

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