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Dining Hall and Food Store

Meals  The boys stand at the table, a prayer is said by the head boy and then its everyman for himself.  At the front on a raised level sit the head boy and his deputy and, in my the first year, the Peace Corps and VSA's.  I spent many days running up and down paths on the cliff between our house and the kitchen.  Most mornings I would be woken by the handbell that called the boys to chow.  I would throw on a shirt and run down to my piece of bread, boiled egg and pawpaw.
Meals were the basic meeting place for the whole school where they were on charge and not staff.  Many times the quiet Matereti would lead the boys through a discussion that saw the likes of Bola and Loruama making idiotic suggestions.  Always a hand vote and always a majority in favor of complaining about something.  Mainly about the food.

Foodstore  Jo, the deputy HB, was president of the food committee.  Mere Matron would set aside the best servings in the food store where Mataiasi and Hari Mani would eat during meals.  Boys would continually be pestering them for tins of corned beef etc...  I thought that we were losing a lot of supplies that way, so I asked Jo to eat in there and stop it.  It didn't help much, so I created forms for recording issues, but still a lot went missing.  In fact most of the butter disappeared.  Hari Mani quit over the issue.  And finally, I started eating in the foodstore myself.

Chores   Each term a different lower form was assigned dining hall duty. That meant that they would set up, deliver the food and clean up afterwards including washing the dishes. Casava was a regular staple and a group of boys used their cane knives to peel a large pile each day.

On Saturday mornings they would clear the tables and benches out to wash them down good and to be able to scrub the floor.
And fruit salad was made, stuffed into milk cans and put into the cold store to be readied for Sunday's special dessert.
Long beans and Chinese cabbage.
Peeling yams.