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Staff Meetings 4 March 1974 - After school:
"EJ told us the usual, Moira (Senior Mistress) went over the register (roll book), Barry (Deputy Head) gave us ideas as to what to do at form meetings. Dawn (slow learners) told us about improvement classes".
1 April 1974 - After school:
"Talked about changing staffroom and committees. Lloyd thought the students were getting worse and we hashed that about. EJ asked us watch out for the Maori gang".
8 July 1974 - After school:
"Mike Edwards gave a very loud talk on the forms of Behaviour Deviation".
7 Oct 1974 - After school:
"Des explained the Metric System".
14 June 1976 - After school
"Mr J upset that we want to change the fingernail polish rule and the general feeling of the staff toward keeping up student dresscode standards"
1 October 1979 - After school
"Mr J spoke about Textbooks allocation of funds and care for them. Flo spoke on report cards and Barry spoke about homework."


Moira's Rules 29 May 1974 - Instructions from Head Mistress:
Please place on detention any girl
  1. wearing earrings
  2. wearing rings
  3. wearing bracelets
  4. wearing nail polish
  5. wrong shoes
  6. wrong sweater
  7. coloured skivie
  8. hair not tied
  9. blouse unbuttoned at collar

Miss McB
1976Roll: 1135   Feb 12 Newsletter    Fair
Mathex 1976 Delwyn, Nadine and Patricia made a large model of a Maths teacher's head. Red lights for eyes, a set of false teeth that were geared to a motor that opened and closed them. You could flip open the top and see the brain (old clock parts, springs, gears...). They recorded me spouting off mathematical terms with sound effects and quotes. TV 2 news interviewed the girls and taped it in action. Peter Guy's report
Best Excuse 28 Oct 1976
Monique Vlaar's homework was put in a tree by her brother who had crawled out a window to do it. Monique would never lie, so I believed her.
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