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News in Brief

David Drops Down (Under)

David had a long trip to get to Newcastle from Minnesota, so we weren't surprised when he slept right up to the wedding. We had three days with him before he shot back to Marshall in hopes of having a white Christmas.
Bill Breth
While we were in Australia a childhood friend of mine died. He had been in a motorcycle accident months back and he almost recovered before he passed away. “Slim” was always happy and fun to be around.
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Why would Gail and I join David on a flight to Sydney and then drive 3 hours to go to Newcastle? Matthew White and Leah Ashley invited us to attend their wedding (see below). We were able to see a little of the city and surrounds. Mostly joining the White clan here and there. There were the beaches, of course, where the brave challenged the waves. The young men (and Shane’s wife) got up a game of French cricket.

My favorite outing was the large Blackbutt Nature Reserve where we saw kangaroos, wallabies, koalas (one actually moved), lizards, a couple wombats and many different birds (that's a froggy mouth owl in the photo). And a young magician who put on a good show (for a children's birthday party) with a little juggling tossed in (get it?)

David left, with the Waiuku crowd on Sunday, a happy man since we had brought his favorite Expresso machine over for him to bring back to Marshall.  Gail and I were invited to join the Whites at  an alpaca farm north of Newcastle. They are interesting creatures - both Whites and alpacas. The owner, Gary, is a remarkable person in his own right. I was sat next to him at the wedding meal and heard about his travels and life. He gave us a bottle of his own brand wine.


We have known Matthew for 22 years. He and David grew up together. We were honored to attend the outdoor ceremony. Jackie read a sonnet. Jason Oliver performed "Slice of Heaven" during the form signing. Gail and I had the best seats at the reception for a superb meal. Speeches by Leah’s mother, Shane Oliver, Ian, Banno and Matt had us laughing for an hour.

Malley Muses
The graffiti I spotted in Australia seemed remarkably similar to that found in New Zealand. Coincidence? Is there graffiti in Muslim countries?
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