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I finally got a decent internet connection at home and spent a good deal of time looking at the past MalleyGrams and all of the journals. Wow! It was really neat. ... Keep the MalleyGrams coming! BF

... has his own website (which I highly recommend that you visit).  Well, if you have a minute, give John a holler and definitely check out that website of his PO

... your web page is cool!  I especially liked your pictures that showed the damage as you "hovered" over the site!  LL

Please send your URL again so I can periodically check out your web site.  I enjoy reading it and even know or remember some of the people mentioned (plus I was the guest of honor once too.) TL

John, that Malley Web idea of yours is fantastic.  I've just spent the last hour reading and looking around and I tell ya something it's been one of the best reads I've had in awhile TW

I was able to get into your web page, finally.  I'm impressed with its design. . . and with everything you have accomplished the past few years.   Your travels, in particular, sound like a lot of fun. SP
you ain't seen nothing yet - keep coming back

MALLEY-MATE!!!! yes... i'm privelidged i am the first (hopefully of many!!!) CB
so many Malley-Mates, so little time

Wow, I'm so honoured, I remember surfing your webpage a couple of months ago and came across 'mate of the month' and I was wondering if I was ever gonna get put on.  Thanks Keimosabe  MW
you're welcome, Tonto

…the whole thing was creative, the way you put the pictures in it, layed it out, etc.   Alex thought it was just great.   He especially like the "Chips Anyone?"   He just thought that was so funny.  LJS
he's just a kid, what does he know?

I am planning to read your malley news next!   I find it interesting!    Thanks for sending it always  MB
thank you for reading it

this is the first time I've ever visited your web-site.  Nicely done  SM

you have a great home page  PL

Well, John - I'm impressed by your home page(s)  JE

I just looked at your website.    Nice.  KK

just reading the Mallyweb: IT's FANTASTIC!!!  BdW

I love it.  However I don't understand it all.  I like your Friday-Trivia and -Gossip very much.  BdW

Anyway, he asked me to check out your site - I'm glad I did.   Good stuff, please keep it up!  JD

John, I've checked out your web page and, (please don't take this personally, but) frankly, it doesn't hold a candle to Cribbage World.  In addition, your cribbage board logo looks suspiciously like Cribbage World's copyrighted logo. I wish you many more years of happy pegging and good luck with your fledging cribbage web site.  Cheers!  [BZ]
a cribbage board is a cribbage board - of course it looks similar

Hi Malley, love your newsletters even though I dont know who all these people are, your talking about apart from the old TP gang.  BS

You have some pretty outstanding photos on your MG.  RM

I'd like to add a comment about your Christmas card which is pretty much what others have been telling you. The artwork certainly surpasses what most people are capable of and probably deserves testing with a card company or publications needing cartoons/sketches. In fact, if the Santa Claus cartoon on our card was an original, you might think about contacting The New Yorker magazine; it's definitely their style.  SM

but what a wondrous thing a photo is. brings back such powerful memories. thank u for that, John. It's an ancient role:chronicler of the times. and an important one.  MH

Loved the MalleyGram and previous ones. I am glad to see that you have not lost your wit, sense of humor or creative nature. Do you still have a tree house?  RW
No, but next place we buy will have to have a big tree, eh?

Karen accidentally ran into your website doing a search on herself. Well, she told me and I looked it up....incredible!!  SN

It was so fun to run across your web site. Looking at the pictures brought back such wonderful memories.  JA

It's amazing the things Malecek has kept from his days at QVS! They help bring back fond memories of our days in Vulinitu. I would have forgotten a lot of things we did and many of our school mates, if not for the pictures he kept and the stories in his diaries. Amazing! Nice memories and thanks to Malecek. We owe him big time.  JV

I was absolutely taken back today going through some of the updates from the QVSOB sites to see your site. I was excited to show my family here in Perth the photos you had of me when I was in form 3A and 4A in 1971 and 72. It was great to go through your we site and to catch up with the history.  AT

I looked at your Web Page with great interest and it sure brought back a lot of happy and sad memories of life at QVS.  LT

Thanks for the message and the introduction to your website. It did bring back sweet memories.  NM

You have a really cool website, do you get many hits during a month?  DW aka JW
about 100

Love your MalleyGrams  TH

I was looking at your website earlier. What a marvel it is! It makes me wish I'd kept a diary all these years LF

just spent the last two hours going down memory lane on your webpage, especially the QVS retrospective. It's an incredibly rich historical source MPH

Lots of good memories. A while back I showed Cheryl the Mally Gram. I said you blogged before blogging was a verb.  TL

I do enjoy you newletters... also love your humor.  GN

the website is a dandy! You have done a great job at providing a lot of information and photos....GREAT JOB!  SF

I have enjoyed your MalleyGrams... You keep an amazing set of records - I am so impressed!  TM

I stumbled on your site (again). As usual I find quite a bit of it interesting reading.  WF

...your Malleygram's are awesome.  TH

..maybe you should go into the card business, John! We always get a chuckle from your cards. MJ

I love the Malleygrams you send to me  VM

Your "New Zealand cereals" page made my day. I'm glad that someone has bothered to scan a grape-flavoured ricies box; I never thought I'd see it again. Thank-you,  VSai

I've finally caught up with all your latest A-Z. I've really missed reading your Malleygrams. Always amazes me how you remember so much. Personally I think it should all be made into a book. I'll buy it. Makes great reading.  CW

Especially, I enjoyed reading Mally A to Z and impressed how active you have been.  NU

Enjoyed your Malleygram John....keep em coming.  RS

Funnily enough I also received my sisters xmas card on the same day. I threw hers out after reading it and I have kept yours! Homemade cards are the only ones worth a damn!  CB

WoW!!!! I am SO impressed by your journal web page;  ST

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