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     I grew up playing cards. The neighborhood gang played 500, canasta & rummy.  I have recorded that Kincy and Terri taught me canasta on July 2, 1963.
    In August of '61 Steve and I decided we would play rummy up to 5000 instead of 500.  It took us four days and I won 5170-4090.
    At uni I'd skip classes to play cards in the basement of the Engineering Building. The Holiday Inn night clerk loved to gamble and I cleaned him out one night taking all his cash ($33) and a beautiful sweater playing canasta for penny a point.  At Honeywell (late 60's) at breaks and lunch I would play high speed cribbage or buc euchre with Dunker Dan. There was requisite poker evenings with the guys - I was only one drinking Coke®, but it didn't help my bankroll any.   I remember Kincy losing a pair of wingtips, but I don't know who actually took them.  Got into some pretty heavy pinochle while in Hawaii where I was taught a Japanese card game, Hanafuda.  Okay, get the picture? I like cards.
    Hit Fiji and the Whites taught me bridge on October 9th, 1970.  Gail and I were married in 1972 in Fiji.  No electricity, no TV, no video, no computers... so we played cards.  A lot of bridge with the Whites.  And three or so games of cribbage each day. Since I am anal-retentive I also recorded the results of each game.  We decided the first one to a million was the winner.  Six months in Fiji and we made a good start. It continued in New Zealand for six months.  We would play to see who had to do the supper dishes.  Then we bought a billiards table for our first anniversary and we got hung up on that putting cribbage on go-slow, maybe a game a day.  Slowly over the years we accumulated kids, televisions and computers and....we actually stopped playing for about 3 years between 1976 and 1979. We didn't much at all during the 80's.  When I retired in 1991 we picked it up again and rarely miss a day.
    When I was at The StPaul Cos I played almost everyday with Paul and Curt. At the end of 25 games the player with most wins was bought an ice cream cone by the other two (statistics).
   1992 - Excerpt from a letter to Gail's Uncle: "As self-proclaimed New Zealand King of Cribbage I hereby challenge the so-called US champ, or is that chump, to a death match in a cage with no referee. Bring your own board, I'm not afraid, but I get red pegs...okay, green if you insist. May I suggest holding the event in former Yugoslavia - it seemed to do wonders for Bobby Fisher s career. Whoever said "real men don't peg", like hell we don't. "
   We hit a million combined points in 2001. We each reached a million points in 2013. And yes, we practice safe cribbage - we only use plastic-coated cards.

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