Boys Will Be Boys

One time in a bar in Olivia some boy from another area got into a dispute with one of dad's friends. Well, when the guy left, Dad's friend (or cousin) came out and said "follow that car".  And so, a car chase over the gravel backroads began. It ended when the chase car wasn't able to stop or negotiate a sharp corner and went into a deep ditch. My father was in the front and his head hit the metal dashboard hard enough to dent it (the dashboard, not his head).
The second farm had a gravel pit on it. Dad recalls how he and friends would hold races at the bottom going around the circuit with stones and rocks being thrown all over. He said that he had a lot of axle problems after that.
Dad was in the back of David Frank's coupe on the way home after a Sunday night at Klossner. David fell asleep and the car rolled down a long bank toward the Minnesota river. There were 5 guys in the back seat and 2 girls up front. The car landed on its side and they got out and made their way back up to the road. Someone eventually came by and brought them to Morton where they roused the doctor. My dad's white shirt was covered in blood and his back hurt, so he wanted to be the first one to be treated. Off comes the shirt and there's no wound!! Turned out that Alvin Zetah's hand was cut by the rear window and as it was draped around behind dad in the close quarters it had bled all over him. Luckily, car was insured and an adjuster saw Dad and gave him some money for lost time due to the accident.
Then there was the time that he went through an amber light at Lake and Portland. There was snow on his rear window so he didn't see the cop car trying to pull him over.  He sped up so that he would make the rest of the lights.  Cops must have thought he was trying to get away from them. He finally saw the red light when they pulled even with him.  He had had a few beers but they didn't say anything about that.  But he was arrested for careless driving.  He heard that chewing tobacco covers the alcohol breath, so he asked if he could smoke a cigar, which he promptly chewed. He was locked up and was in a cell for 2 hours before mom bailed him out.
listen to Dad talk about more accidents
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