Twin Cities Oldest Cab Driver
Born in New Folden, Minnesota in 1922, the eldest in a family of seven, he has lived through the Great Depression, World War II and life in the Twin Cities and he has done it all on wheels. Here is a pictorial life and times of my father as seen through his eyes. Every event, era, place or situation is recalled to him by what vehicle he had at the time (audio). No family photo, but the first car he recalls is his father's Maxwell that they had "up north" - here's a pic of a 1920 model.
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horses He hated the horses - they were so weak and slow and that meant more time in the cold. But the Allis-Chalmers tractor, that was speed! tractor

Soldier Boy
corporal He hated growing up on the farms (his words). So what does a farmboy do to get away from all those chores?  Enlist.  Basic training from Nov '44 - Feb '45 in Kilgore, Texas. Home as a corporal before shipping out to Europe as a member of the 1st Battalion 353rd 89th Division. Where he ended up in a dream job - Sgt. in charge of a motorpool in Vienna, where he met my mother. In his own words: letter   more... Vienna

Family Man
Back home 1946
1st car - Plymouth
"How you gonna keep them down on the farm, after they've seen gay Par'ee?"  We became 'city slickers' where my dad worked at Minneapolis Moline (tractors) another easy job. One summer with me and my sister in the back seat, Dad raced another fellow on 212, passing each other until we had a flat tire. me
1st son and 2nd car ('46 Ford V8) 1948

2 kids 1954
On the left is the Ford we had that dad painted an ugly "grasshopper" green.  Photo on right is the Plymouth that was totalled at 38th St and 10th Ave in Nov 1958 (details). He bought the Pontiac with the settlement money. Photo below shows the '60 Chevy bought brand new (on 30th Sept 1960) and behind it, the 1953 Pontiac. plym
South Dakota 1957
logo chevypont
Angi in back seat

The Chevy was rusting out and he had a couple steel plates put in to fix the floor. In 1969 he traded it in for '66 Cadillac from his freind John Mann. Sorry, no photo. He sold it for $250 in 1973 after havng to replace the transmission twice (from rocking it out of snow ruts).

The 70's when cars were BIG
Plymouth Duster 1973 $3000
This was when he got into real estate (sold 22 houses in 1979). I always thought he should have been a car salesman... 1977
Buick in 1977
At age 90 Dad sold what would be his final car.
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