Pittsburgh    28 - 29 July 1997
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Mon 28th - Allison Park/80°F
Stayed with Gail's uncle, Leland, his wife Marge and a cardinal named Gordon who is fed peanuts (video). We were joined for a meal on the deck by the daughters. Lori, Mike and 6-month Julia. Paula (8.5 month PG and due) and Kyle. Was a fun meal (with a very dry Mondavi '95 Sav Blanc) finished off with a peanut butter chocolate pie. Leland and Gail had a good spell talking about family. My favorite story was tailgating at a university football game with Lori's friends and Lee led his "harem" on a march around the parking lot. We were told later that it had been the longest P&K had ever stayed and the first time that Kyle had talked.

Mike - Lori

Marge - Julia - Leland

Paula - Kyle
July 28 Diary
Tues 29th - Allison Park/78°F
We went to see Paula and Kyle's place, then onto "The Strip" which is an old market place with Italian shops, fish market, fresh produce etc... We had gigantic fish sandwiches at Wholey's Fish Market. Then over to check out Lori and Mike's place. Jarts - Lee and I split two closely fought games (video) and then he beat Gail (video). Lee told us about the All-You-Can-Eat breakfast (video).Went out for a Chinese Buffet and back home to visit. Heard about their shivaree.

Lori - Julia

Mike - Julia
July 29 Diary
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