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1954 Easter card from Grandma.
1959 Sa - School, then Little League registration and onto Elliott carnival with Kincy where I won a cane and a whistle at darts and more stuff from the basketball game. Found my bike's rear tire slashed. Worked on NUTS, coloring in the cover.
1960 Kincy and I went to bowling league and I rolled 110, 112, 118.
1961 High = 51°F. Gave my speech on conterfeiting (92%) in English using my oversized bill. Bowling trophy party at the Minneapolis Prom Center [ed. - closed in 1987] (ate, talked and walked around).
1967 Watched Batfink episode Hugo For Mayor. Family photos taken. Brought Angi to Melanie's - Bernie and Al were there. Went to hang with Newstrom until I picked Angi up and brought her home.
1969 Letter from Dunker who's out of his Army stint in May and will be moving in with us.
1970 Luckily, David and Peter came back from Suva without any girls, so they probably had been looking for Kelera and Meri, who had been here overnight looking for the boys. I was afraid they'd come back with another two whores and we would have had World Whore II like last weekend when Wati showed up. Gurmit came by to watch the movie and made up a hot ginger-milk drink for my cold.
1971 Woody, cats, a chicken and I massacred a slug of cockroaches (video). Taped the RKS-QVS National Quiz. Movie was postponed again (still no bulb for projector) and Hargrove's house was stoned by the boys.
1972 Volleyball practice with Rewa. Basketball with Phil and Seni (great shot). Whites for bridge (Susi and I lost by 1000).
1973 Bussed over to Papakura High School for a sports meet. Reffed the basketball game which we lost 52-17. Went to Y to get Mike Gawel for supper. We talked until Alton came to get him at 10PM. Back to Y to get score sheets.
1974 Missed Simon even though he came to the flat, so I walked in the rain. Y with Don. Mrs Melrose upset because I jokingly made a comment about the possibility of her skimming the door fee at the YMCA. So I went outside and picked a rose to give to her. College beat Oldmates 22 - 13. Bruce Emery played well. Dunkers lost to Army.
1975 Cardboard mounts came so I had Robyn Bone tape the Maths OH transparencies onto them. Took Moira's 3O and they did area of rectangle. Got Jenny and Margo started on Kepler. Picked up my presciption sunglasses, airline tickets and mailed THE book to Paul M. Gail's last day at Central. Sanders over to plan our trip to Northland.
1976 Simon picked up Fiji slides. Aldies over; showed Doug how a baseball pitcher throws.
1978 T - Kicked David Musk out permanently. Played "tracks" with Te. Mrs Dent complained about my hedge trimming.
1979 Parent interviews. Busy from 4:30PM to 8:30PM. Had a break at 6PM with Ian Allerby. The Kairaus gave me a lift home. She left her purse at school, so we went back and had to call Beckingsale to have him come to let us back in.
1980 F - IBM (Rochester). Filled in application form then Mary S explained the interview method. Went to lunch with Dick Mustain and he told me how the interviewing would go. Long drive to Bloomington and set up the the slot car racetrack that Gail had bought and found it broken with used cars.
1981 Sa - Brought Gail to work and then waited in line for 10 minutes to get a raffle ticket from the Easter Bunny for a basket of goodies - but he ran out before he got to us. Crown Auto where I got two new tires mounted for $30/each. Menards for 2x4s and a plywood sheet. Kids and I cooked supper. Charlie brought over candy for the kids. Gail and I made an M&M trail leading down the stairs to the Easter baskets, then hid the eggs.
1983 M - Dr MacNeil used a refractograph machine to check my eyes and determined that the prism and stigmatism corrections are incorrect. No apology for screwing it up so badly and costing me money. Walked to Hamm Building to get McMonigal to sign an ISD greenie and broke down - more. Letter from Mary B about their Aussie trip. Colored with kids.
1984 W - Finished reading Tonight Show by Robert Metz. Kids went roller-skating with the Swansons. Listened to the Twins lose to California 9 - 2 (Darrell Brown got his only MLB homer).
1985 Th - Up to say "goodbye" to Jim, who bikes to work. They gave us a can of Almond Roca that I put into a box with other stuff which we mailed to NZ for $23.40. On the road at 10AM after tossing away three carry-on bags and just throwing everything into the car. Drove to Napa where we did a very interesting and fact filled tour of Beringer Winery. with its old Germanic mansion. Tasted an '81 Fume Blanc and an '84 Chenin Blanc. Ran out of time so we drove straight to San Fran airport. The traffic was terrible in town and it took about half an hour to cross the Oakland Bay Bridge. Rush, rush dropping the car off and getting a shuttle to United (amid all theses business men carrying a single case there we are with 14 bags and kids...) where we stashed bags into lockers and then got a ride to Day's Inn. Made supper on the Sterno. Jane called to invite us to stay overnight. Watched Cheers episode Bartender's Tale.

Day's Inn

view ex D'sI
1986 Alan picked me up so he could tell me about the new MIS and Info Center. Am not going to hire anyone at all! I will move down to be with Graeme, even though the room is not big enough for two people and he is in a wheelchair! And I am suppose to teach him all about PC's! So I will be worse off and have extra workload. Heard from Peter Gregory that CEO, Ingram, has said that the analysts don't think NZS will last another 5 years [ed. - 30 years later it is still going]. Instead of growing to 2800 it will reduce to 1800 staff (hence the about face for hiring new staff to help me). Other rumors throughout the day so JV had an IS meeting at 3PM to explain the changes. He came out pro B25 and anti PC's so I developed a migraine and went home very depressed. Jeff Wilkinson's last day. Cabbie keeps wanting to move in with Tony, digging at the fence in front, so we have to keep him chained up.
1987 Auckland Lion Safari Action Park in Massey. Got there in time to see the African lions being fed right next to our car (video). Boring ride through Siberian tiger area followed by tame animals such as Arabian camel, donkey, Highland steer, waterbuffalo and emu (video). Watched the three lion cubs being fed, went for a race on the paddle boats - kids won. Magician Alan Watson show in a circus tent. I was chosen to assist. I held a beer bottle and he jammed a 50¢ piece in thru the bottom of it and then removed it. Then it was the "Scream Machine" (alpine tobaggan) (video). Rode down with Ne at full speed and we hit a corner and tipped giving us skin burns on our arms. We all went on the Grand Prix race cars (video of David) - I had Ne squeezed in with me and we had trouble the whole time. Watched a chimpanzee show. Played mini golf on an extremely difficult course (video). Ne rode a camel (video). Watched Trading Places.

1988 Parent interviews at Rosehill College. Started with his dean, Des Dunlop, who assured Gail that David was in the top class. Spoke to Tom Robson and Sue Baker before going into hall. So many friends in there and they are were glad to see me. Dawn Waghorn, Eleanor Bateman, Bob Lendrum, George Hawkins, Ray Kelly, Eleanor Dunlop, Chris Beal and Simon, of course. Found out from Ku that he had stopped a gang fight (knives and chains) and this probably resulted in the Maori classroom being burnt down. Mrs Morell, Economics. Mrs Quinlavin, English. Gave Mrs Keall (science) and Mr Wright (math) a hard time. Found out from Basil Lawrence (woodwork) that David punched out a wise guy that had been taunting him in class. Eric Soakell, his usual jolly self, says that David is coming along in tech drawing. His son, Nigel, a big shot techie at Axon. Barry Rodewall (Social Studies) hasn't changed one bit. Arranged for Robyn Barnes to try to get David to agree to be a percussionist in the concert band. Michewskis, Webbers, Bakkers - Rudy now a teenage counsellor.
1990 Evaluation meeting with Warren. Thank you card and letter from Lynna. Letter from Joyce (Dick has serious stomache ulcer and has to wear suspenders).
1991 Ran into Henry Stern in town and chatted about our retirements. Letter from Joyce - Dick in hospital and will be there until the end. Finished reading Diana Ross bio.
1992 Card from Lessers. Played "Empire Strikes Back" card game with David. Carved a rabbit into a cheese block (for Ne as an Easter gift).
1993 Brought a load to Aldies. James in a wheelchair. David played computer games with the boys while Gail and I discussed Doug's rehab with Trish.
1995 Gail, Ian, Billy, Ponky, Matthew, Jackie and I went surfing - water warm and perfect waves. Each one a winner. I stayed in for an hour. Granny and David stayed in the van. Back to Whites for 3 games of Chinese Checkers. After supper we had Argentine GP.
1996 Th - Doug over for Rock Fever.
1997 F - Brought Ne to work, then trip flights with Kim. email from Noriyo (now engaged).
1998 Sa - Laure called. Brought Peter to airport at 4:30PM to find flight delayed, so I had a couple drinks with with until 7PM. Home for Brazilian Grand Prix race. Doug came by with a used tuner-amp that he bought as a gift for me since I can't afford to buy one.
1999 Su - Aldies over with photos of their Noosa trip. Ian came by with boulles and we all played. Watched video of Noosa and Doug and Craigens biking at Whitford. Built shelves in my closet and sorted my albums onto them.
2000 T - At BP Michelle got me for not paying last time for a container of petrol. Wrights can't do anything because of the varroa mite. John has a photo and article in Pukekohe paper. Played pass rummy.
2001 Couple hours with Emery, then Needham's on Tuimata Rd, to look over their old computer and brought it home. Turn on computer and I have four people instantly chatting to me, plus Ian showed up with a Dragnet video. Gail and I went to Brundell's for supper. David and I were up until 2AM working on Needham's computer.
2002 Joyce moved into Samaritan Village. Chat with Ne and found out that Cabby was put down. David brought him to the vet. Poor David fainted, while there - says came to and found himself on the floor. Sad for us to lose the good friend we have known for 17 years. Chatted with Paul, whose house is on the market. email from Emery who was able to get a refund on my Warriors season ticket.
2003 Skunked Gail. After supper I went to Bert's in the heavy rain and watched Super 12 games: Crusaders just edge Sharks, then Brumbies crushed the Warratahs and it was fierce NRL battle with Syndey coming out ahead of Brisbane 27-20. He has prostate cancer and is taking anti-androgen pills.
2004 Ian, Gail, Christian and I went to the point and took the track down to the beach (aka rocks) on the harbor side and walked around to the sea side and made the long climb up on loose sand. Got back to the bach and I couldn't find my glasses and figured they fell out of my butt bag. So with darkness approaching and the tide coming in I jumped into the van and sped back, ran down to the beach then quickly followed our tracks. Then I had to tackle the sand hill and checked and doubled checked, back tracking searching through the brush on either side. Did that until it was too dark to see, so I gave up and went home. Quick shower, supper and then bridge while downing a Saints 2002 sweet Gerwurztraminer. And what did I then discover? The glasses in my butt bag!

North Head




2005 Left a card and a cupcake in Houghton's mailbox and drove over to Emery's wondering why Mike hadn't told us that their house was up for sale. With $35 per call helpline I was able to fix MYOB so it would open. After watching the ending of "Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" with Russell (trailer) I backed up MYOB files. Stayed on for supper and we were joined by Scott, Sam and Roseann. Was able to hear about their week in Austria where they had gone for a wedding in a small mountain town (Scott and other kiwis did a haka). Home to find Ne and Gail back from Whangamata (tripped over pallet in New World) weekend. Letter from Janet with news and photo of Tom.
2006 Gail and Ne went to their first Curves session and survived the 30 min workout.
2007 Elaine dropped in to share ginger cookies and her latest Bob stories - she wants term III off to take care of him. Steve N sent mail with photos and I sent him a long reply about SEO and marketing. Paul O sent me a class photo from 1956 (not my class but I know a few of the boys in that one). Watched The Contender 2 final.
w Trev
2008 Brought Ian along to Ann H's for TP. Met her daughter, Karen. Had a Lemon, Lime and Bitters as a special birthday drink. Dropped Gail off at Trish's and came home with Ne.
2009 Kathy (still in a Picks' group), Morris (wanting to semi-retire) and Vicki (bubbly as ever) came for a visit. I got fish 'n chips for supper ($12.90). email from Mike Chapman with photos from their down-under trip. Listened to the Twins 12 - Chicago 5.

2010 Su - Watched 'til Death. Watched the Warriors lose 40 - 12 to Panthers.
2012 W - Ian and I went for a swim and soak. Petanque: Ash and I lost. Ian didn't buy petrol at local Caltex because it said pay at FIX store. So I went with him and was on hand as he harangued the duty manager. I told the fellow that it must have changed within since yesterday and he said that it happened today. Had a superb Tohu 2009 pinot noir with the curry meal. Minis came and we had a game of Seven Wonders for Ne to try before shifting to Dominion with Steve until they left and then with Ian. Also tried a light weight Hardys Shiraz Mataro.
2013 Th - David joined us for Scrabble with Anna. Glen T installed 11 Philips LED downlights in the living room, dining room and kitchen to prevent heat getting into attic. Put the sunroom back together as ants are minimal now. Dominion.
2014 F - Up until 3AM so was awake for a fumberdorm that blew in with much lightning. Massive damage all over NZ this past two days. Scrabble at Anna's. email from Anare with photo of grandsons, Api and Solo.
2015 Sa - Only slept two hours and was up at 4:30AM. So it was a long wait. Tessa came on at 7:30AM. Read and drank, read and drank trying to fill the urinal. At 10AM Westenberg showed up and said that I could leave. Judy Kelly nervously explained she would be my BayUrology contact. Gail picked me up in the heavy rain at 11:15AM. Crashed after losing cribbage game.
2016 M - Crashed with my usual "bug". 10 minutes trying to remember "persimmons". Lost cribbage game.
2017 T - Yardwork. Photos from Jim. Burgundy after supper. Watched Straw Dogs.
2018 W - Won Terraforming Mars. Max dropped off the Formula D boards. Watched Mr Pip.
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