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1959 School - in Science we saw a movie "The Work of a River". Played softball at Christian park and lost my wallet. Archery with Billy. Mom bought Silly Putty.
1960 Babe Ruth practice - Had a good solid hit and the others were fair enough to get Mr Lampert's attention, who talked to me while I was fielding. Elliott Carnival with Steve Tinker. Went bowling - I got 108,111,103 and Steve had 77,79,59. Chris, Angi, Kincy, Steve N and I saw "Sink the Bismark".
1961 High = 46°F. Kincy just lost in basketball 48 - 50 to me. Family photo at Organ Notes (where Angi has organ lessons). Bowling at Buckhorn Lanes - Angi 118, Dad 49 and I had 154.
1963 Brought Angi to Mary Ann's. Checked the clubhouse and the melted snow leaked through the roof. Gary's and we talked for 2 hours. Called Kincy about Scout-O-Rama.
1966 Talked to Tom Makousky at work about joining his group (band) in Lakeville.
1970 Filipe Bole expelled for stealing beer from Hayson's. McDougall got in trouble with the education department over it. But he maintained his stand to keep Filipe from returning.
1971 After school Taniela and I worked on the hatch. Bridge at Whites - Dave and I lose on 6-bid vunerable and doubled. I bid to keep Ian from playing every hand. Paranui took a pup and named it "Hipi".
1972 Shots with Puran. Deve's to get sugar and benzine. Murph's to watch Scalphunters again with Eric. Murphy to me: "You know why people despise you? Because you're poor".
1974 Band played Purcell's "Two Tunes for Trumpets" at assembly. Had to move chatty Sharon Firman in 4Mathsf. Science looked at mold and snails. 2,000 Bic pens arrived. Gave Lack a chewing out for his poor efforts. Tape (oldies and Super Bowl - Miami 21 - Vikings 7) from Woody.
1975 Got out of Parent Interviews by coaching the Roadrunners for Neil. George spent the first half playing ping pong. I had some disagreeable words with Bernard over his lack of socks. They beat Merkins 32 - 7. Meteors made a good comeback to beat COGS 36 - 22. Joan had 18 points.
1976 5ths started factorizing quadratics. Asked each student if they understood. Bruce Robertson said: "Most of it". I said: "Not good enough" and asked him again. He said: "Yes". I said: "Don't lie to me". Letter from board congratulating me on my promotion..
1977 David picked half the feijoas and they aren't ripe yet.
1978 Su - Kawakawa Bay. Te and I explored rocks and small caves. Kids played in the sand. Be chased seagulls. Video.
1979 M - PR meeting - slow learners and Des talked about numeracy. Sold a basketball to Karen S, took shots with George and he gave me a ride home. Brochure from Benton, IL. Mike stopped over.
1980 W - Knox Lumber with mom but couldn't find fence boards. Checked out Read Drug. Took kids to park where they when on the spiral slide about 1000 times. Kite went well since it was quite windy. Fed ducks. Tried Plywood Minnesota and finally got 35 planks at Budget Power. Over to Holmberg's to get Dick's saw and met his mother.
1981 Th - Paul beat me at cards. Letter and photo from Dianne Neil. Read Meet Babar and His Family to the kids.
1982 F - Had to stop doing a Deltak on COBOL because so many changes for MiscMed. Lesser was going to have the day off but he had to come in. Larry called and said not enough renewals were coming through, so I bumped that up. He then wanted to know if we could re-rate the policies we re-rated in January. John and I checked the logbook and couldn't find it. Called Doug and he explained what had been done and what I need to do. Curt skunked me and Paul. We gave Bev flowers for Secretaries Week and I got her to autograph her photo that was in the company magazine. Tom and Kathy over with a pumpkin pie that Tom had made and a Mondavi red. Women took Sugar for a walk while we played catch with kids. Showed Tom the train set up only find that the engine doesn't work. David told me that Eric crashed it off the table and broke it. We made it through the meal but then Art called saying JUA blew up. So we went in. We figured out that a counter blew when it reached 1000; while I increased it Tom restored the database. Bob McMonigal and wife were there and I waved "hi" to them. Back to our place at 11PM.
1983 Sa - Had Butch adjust glasses again. Brought mower in to Newport for a tuneup. Hiked around So Washington County Park so David and I could test our new hiking boots and his compass. Followed deer tracks and found a ground nest with 4 eggs. Down through a dried up gully and saw brown creepers, nuthatches.
1984 M - Dr. McCann says that prism in now 1dn which isn't what it should be, but better than what it had been, so I should wear the glasses.
1985 T - Got through customs with no check at Nadi. Long wait before we could check in for the local flight. So we cleaned up (watched a Hindi taxi driver do his morning ablutions including passing water through his nostrils both ways). Ne and I went up to the viewing area and I got photos of the planes. Into the grotty cafe where we had to wait to have coffee - wait until the other five people were done with the cups. Flew over Viti Levu in an 18 seater. Air came out of the vents as fog. Pilot read a newspaper for most of the 20 min flight. Landed in Nausori 10 minutes early, so though White was on time for a change, he was late. Macu and Taresi were along in his yellow van. Short tour of town and then MH's for supplies. Short, rough ride to Sowani and ACS. Found Susi pregnant. Kids got on well with Tracy bringing Ne (all dressed up in a sulu and hula gear) to the school. Macu and David played all day. Kid's watched "Heidi's Song" on the Betamax video player. Susi cooked up lamb chops on a fire that she built out the front door. Gail, Susi, David and I played cribbage. After supper went with Ian to local one flourescent bulb shop to get beer. Kids thought that the toad in the store on the dirt floor was great. Gave Whites the non-traditional sevusevu, handkerchiefs, 7 dwarf birthday invitations and the Mad Card Game that we all played until kids' bedtime. Susi, Ian, Macu (who joins everything) and I looked at our photos. David was eaten by mosquitos.
to Fiji

sunrise at Nadi

18 seater


Rewa River
1986 W - On my way to Rolling Mills (to avoid a Powercorp demo of a laser printer) when I got collared into the goat package demo [ed. - the mill is in countryside and has a farm surrounding it, hence the goat management package] that Bill Cromwell had arranged. But no one from the farm showed up so I set the computer up at Pension [ed. - goats as investment] and left Shirley and Graham Joyce to review it. Got to RM and spent an hour with Barb trying to get her QuietWriter going with DisplayWrite 3. Powercorp network presentation at Dennis Gadd's.
1987 Gave Monica hands on lesson, then moved her computer to her office and brought the Taharoa machine to IC. Arney Durham showed up and wanted to take it, but I wouldn't let him. Had a good fight. Anil gave me a ride home - he is considering buying a Red Hill house and wanted my advice. Letter from Norm Clark advising me of my promotion to Supervisor. Heather Long called looking for a job. Gail and I went to Simpsons to play cribbage on their Italian game table. We skunked them 3 times while sipping an '86 Babich Fume Vert and an '83 Nobilo cabsav.
1988 Ne's second netball game - they won 11 - 2 and she made 9 goals. Birthday card for Bob H. Watched Desperately Seeking Susan.
1989 Got up early then waited 2 hours for the Whites. Had a picnic lunch (video) at Cossey Dam in the Hunuas and then hiked to the lookout and down (video). Granny at 77 made it with only a few stops. Was a fun walk. Home for coffee and cake and home videos that had Granny laughing. Made up double-chin birthday card.
1990 Scott Green brought out the COMPAQ LTE to trial. Took charge of Print Line SE computers as James was having problems. Helped Ne deliver papers.
1991 Helped Mr Cooper bring our freezer to his house. His daughter taught with Gail many years ago. Gail's lowest cribbage score at 66. Gail had a mole removed - 5 stitches. 187 cups in my collection [ed. - less 50 in 2013].
1992 Brought Ne to physio (shoulder) and ran into Morris Jones - tried to recall how we met.
1993 English teachers ready to crack since they don't know much about computers and they have to teach it. Closed room down at lunch because I caught Shay playing a game. TP at Ann's where we gave up on the Australian Baby Boomer.
1994 Whites over for Japanese Grand Prix. I lost the race in the final corner when I lost my tires and spun off. Ian and I went to school to get a computer.Supper followed by bridge.
1995 Watched George Foreman beat German Shultz in 12 rounds. Watched the Warriors 42 - 4 victory and finally a Vikings game.
1997 W - Fab and Ve installed software on B2 and B6 computers. Fixed Rolle's screen problem and got Bali's laptop going on the network, but not from his office. Japanese girls came to work on Rotorua report. Chi has dyed her hair brown, something she wouldn't dare to do back home. Jim bought wrong wall boards (moulded pattern - I asked for smooth surface). Bed at 7PM because Ve put perfume on and gave me a migraine. The dizzy teacher (pack rat and mentally disturbed) at Gail's school finally quit.
1998 Th - Gail brought Laure home. I worked in B2 and Karl keeps trying to re-wire that same monitor. KFC for supper. Doug over for Scattergories.
1999 F - Postcard from Hikaru. Used Doug's chainsaw around yard. Laps. Tried again to fix Mike's mouse. Went to Bev's for TP in Paul's new 4-wheel drive.
2001 Up early and go, go, go. Brought Ne to doctor in Papakura, then over to Helen's for an hour, pick up Ne and went to Needham's where we waited 20 minutes and Gordon arrived just as we were leaving. Set up his computer. Charles Stubley's for the first time to work on his computer. Home at 5:45 all worn out to find Brundell who stayed for dinner. Ian and Jackie stopped by. Many calls from Helen who can't send email.
2002 High = 78°F. Joyce home from Samaritan with 11 different pills, plus breathing medications. Joyce needed heat, so put the furnace on for her. I can't go out or have windows open because of the juniper pollen. Purnie brought a walker for Joyce. Joanie visited. Gail had a long talk with her aunt Kay. Fried chicken from Albertson's and a Beringer 2000 White Zinfandel to celebrate Joyce making it home. Chatted with Emery (Matt died on Sunday), Fab (wants to pay for me and Gail to fly out to DC for her aunt's wedding) and Ne (wants help with resignation letter).
2003 Whites arrived at 9:30. Susi came with us in the van and we met up at the Cambridge Country Store where I bought a bottle of Blueberry Angelica (Liqueur). Over to Cambridge Motor Park where Whites settled into the 9-person cabin with kitchen while Malleys headed for the cheap 5-person plain cabin with fridge. After a lunch we then drove out past Lake Karapiro to climb Mt. Maungatautari. Christian had the lead and kept us on track by finding the next orange triangle on a tree. We lost trampers along the way but amazingly Sally, who couldn't even walk a month ago, made it to the top - well, not exactly the top, but close to it. Back to camp for supper and games - Uno, cribbage and checkers until it was time for "CSI". Susi and I polished off a fruity Corbans 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon.


2004 Emery's for KFC and to check out Chris' red cast on his right leg. Mike's (last day at Pellow's) for TP. Home to watch the Kiwis lose 10 - 37 to Kangaroos in the ANZAC test. Trish called to inform us that Rachel Hartwick had died.
2005 Got double skunked! Watched Original Sin and I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.
2006 Ian brought over his Sudoku game board that he created (instead of painting windows) and we played it a few times and he had supper with us.
2009 Pukekohe to get a hand-held Dyson vacuum cleaner. Steve's for a farewell meal for Jackie who is off to Wellington. Trisha telling everyone, over and over, that I think she used a photo from a few years back on her Facebook page. We put the kibash onto Ian's four-finger-lift story. Sue Baker in local paper article.
2010 F - NZ Herald article about Supercity sucking up Matakana had photos and words by Simon Breeze and Margaret Baker. Wendy's with Emery and then over to Bev's new place on Whiteacres. Colleen showed us her scrapbook of her and Dave's Aussie Adventure. Couple games of TP.
2011 Sa - Ian dropped in for a game of Dominion before supper. And he returned to play Alhambra with Ne after getting Susi from work, with Domokamicas waiting outside their door in the cold. We had Jelly Tip ice cream.
2012 M - Watched The Kid and Going Bye-Bye!.
2013 T - Gail brought Ne to airport at 2AM and got home at 11AM. Hoffsis called but I was back in bed at the time. 3B where I finished plastering the bedroom walls. email from R who made it to Port Pirie. Used my Goofy phone when Russell called.
2014 W - Saw locum, Rick, who gave me nitrofurantoin for possible urninary infection (blood past three days). Path Labs to give a sample. email from cousin Donna (on route to Hawaii for 20th).
2015 Th - Picked Andres up (after a bit of a wait I drove around the block (10th and Devenport) and there he was - not at the corner as he said he would be). Kim's where we played Betrayal at the House on the Hill with Max. Played Kingdoms with Jamie (father for a week) and Clayton. Then we all played Colditz on Max's new board. Ended at 1:15AM and Clayton who was taking Andres home got pulled over by a cop right in front of me. Finished reading The Blind Watchmaker.
2016 Sa - Concordia, takeaways, and a couple games of Alien Frontiers with affogatos inbetween. Watched The Bank Job.
2017 Su - Discovered a photo of Bishop John Levoir in the Bechyn book. Little pruning at 3B and put the bin out. Max pulled out of Formula D at the last minute. Kim came and we played the Australian board but just for fun. One of my cars didn't finish and the other was last. Gail won. Then we played Golden Ages and I won much to Kim's amazement.
2018 M - Mitre 10 to get a DUX cistern. Gail and I brought a load to 34OC and we played Terraforming Mars. Installed the cistern.
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