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1959 Billy, Danny and I goofed off with Ang, Signe, Kathy and Debby. Wrote out my Mormon poem for Angi.
1960 In Gym we had races, I did the 100yd in 16.5 and 220yd in 39.5 sec. Stayed after with Tinker. Kincy, Bill, Sandra, Angie, Signe, Jerry, Kathy P, Steve and I played baseball.
1961 High = 67°F. Last night Kincy and I were in the lower bed so we could stay up and whisper when Mr D forced us to seperate beds. Was funny at the time to Kincy and me; have no idea what his father thought. Got up at 5:30AM, played chess and watched TV when the girls got up. After breakfast we played ping-pong. Played catch with Billy and Kincy. Softball: Bill and I beat Jerry, Kincy, Signe and Paula. Beat Kincy in basketball 44-28. Bill came over and we watched a Tarzan movie.
1962 Easter Sunday.Chris got an Etch-A-Sketch. Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100: "Good Luck Charm" by Elvis.
1966 "M.D. & the Interns" created in Engineering Bldg basement study room at U of Minnesota. Worked until 7PM. Kincy and I went to Putt-Putt. Luxury Lanes and we talked to Dick Mustain. Pool at Kin's.
1970 Ratu Penaia Ganilau, a member of Board of Govenors came to the school for an official visit. Read about the ceremonies at my QVS website. Tea in the staffroom and lunch. Taught in the afternoon and Ratu Ganilau moved about from class to class to observe education in action. We had switched timetables so each teacher would be doing a good class and most lesson were rehearsed.
1971 Eric on radio talking sports. Simon and I spent day building hatch for play. I tried to start his manual gear car and put it into the garage. I wore the battery out with all my jerks trying to get it into gear and he ended up pushing it in getting wet in the rain. Hargrove took a puppy and named it "Caeser".
1972 Taped Kris Kristofferson album at Murph's and had lunch there. Ratu Sukuna girls over for a dance. Gwen came over from Levuka and was Bob's date to it.
1973 Dinner and cards at Toblers' Bruce and I won 3 games to 1.
1975 14 Column Cash Books finally came after 2 years. Bridge lesson at lunch. Philosophical discussion with Denice Belsten. Pouring and Mogford gave me a lift home.
1976 6ths looked at analytic method for derivatives. Gail bought Te a dressor ($22). Finished Man Who Sold the Moon. Basketball: Rebels beat Merkins 26 - 18. I played 2nd half and made 4 points. Sandy Wirepa gave me a lift home.
1977 Glen C and Brent B covered textbooks at lunch. Had Joseph Ripikoi and Phillip Jones up doing navigation problems. Ne has German measles. I went onto Valium (insomnia). Aldies over - Doug and I listened to 1966 singles.
1979 Su - Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe on TV - great stuff!!!!!
1980 T - Ridgedale and La Belle's where I bought a rachet set, a giant plastic bat [ed. - junked it in 2008]. Got a Hanna-Babera viewmaster for Ne. Mom brought us to K-Mart where I bought a Coleman stove and a flash for the Polaroid. Changed car oil. Kids washed it. Visited Chuck and Inez in St Paul. Looked at photos of their lake home.
1981 W - Went in to ask the Division manager, McMonigal why we couldn't have plastic document holders. He gave me a story and said new ones cost $4 each. So I called around and found a supply that worked out at 63¢ each if we buy 1000 at a time. He told me to get as many as I liked. So now I am the big hero in the group, everyone else being afraid to approach him. Me, I thought it ridiculous that he would be involved such a minor issue. Called H&R Block to tell them that I need an 1128 form. He knew who I was, as does everyone in the office, my case being so unusual. Called dad and we talked about getting a house. Watched North Stars win quarter-finals over Buffalo.
1982 Th - Ne takes a penny from Gail's purse, hides it, then later claim to have found it. Watched Mork & Mindy episode Cheerleader in Chains.
1983 F - Busy on five greenies that had to be done today - turned out 3 didn't need to be done. Lavonne just doesn't know what she is doing. Paul called to say Bernie got the job. Means Labine didn't and when he came down to pay me for the LTD ($50) he looked depressed. Ne and Amy were in my room, so Gail chased them out and locked the door, leaving Sugar and key inside. Ne pulled out upper front tooth, so both are now missing.
1984 Su - Hid eggs and setup Easter baskets before Towns brought kids home. Dad and Lavonne came and we had a nice visit and meal. David did magic tricks. When Towns left we played Pigmania. Joyce gave us $300 to buy a color TV.
1988 Made a video of house and yard. Mike Hopley (locum for Ritchie) listened to my complaints, checked things out, called a couple firms and decided to have lenses re-made at no cost. Ian, Susi and Granny stopped in on way to Woolies' prior to her departure tomorrow. Had a Babich '87 Classic Dry White and rum baba cake. Played tape prior to giving it to her. David picked out Three Amigos and I chose House. Birthday card for Sandy C.
1989 Sa - Under house pounding wedges into floorboards to eliminate squeaks. Ne didn't want to deliver papers because she hurt her fingers at netball.
1992 Had to go to Gail's school and pump up a car tire.
1993 South Auckland Computers for the first time and met Dale. Patrick Vallayi from AEC out to fix Janine's Mac. David not home from uni until 9:15PM - he was debugging.
1994 Set up a computer and got the modem going in Reading Room (lively drama class with Mr Greaves). Mike's for TP.
1997 T - School holidays. I worked on B2 and B6 setups while Ve cleaned in B1 and Fab typed. Yuki and Chi dropped in (do you date = due date). Gene O'Connell visited Ve.
1998 W - Ian left his car with us and took the train to Wellington as Peter Menzel to see Te Papa. Laure tackled B2 while I finished up in B1 and Karl worked on that same monitor. We had a Babich '97 Pinot Noir with supper because it is Secretary's Day (Laure).
1999 Th - Brought Ne to Brightside Hospital, where she had her tonsils removed. She had a private room with a nice view and neat TV. I slept and read until the operation was over. Nurse asked Ne if I were he boyfriend! Picked up KFC on the way home. Doug arrived with his chainsaw for RnR TP. Gail brought Ne home at 9PM.
2000 Sa - Roché and Shirley over for the first time. Vegetarian meal with bubbly grape juice.
2001 Spoke to Lavonne about hers and Dad's heart situation. Upwords.
2002 Ne called at 1:30AM and spoke to Gail for a couple hours. We checked Target, Office Max and Home Depot. Had chimichangas from Taco Don's! So big, but so good that we had to eat them all in one go. Then we went to visit Joyce at Samaritan. She went for a mile walk today! Says that her roommate, Evonne, has a 260 lb butt and she pities the poor nurses. I painted gold fixtures in bathroom and fixed door so it will close properly.
2003 Paid off the mortgage while Gail found bedroom dressors at Absolutely Everything and David a new Sealy bed - king single that may be too high for Chardy to get down. Ford's working on all four of their computers. Put David's old mattress in van (ready to bring to Mangakino) and slept in there.
2004 Cath Campbell over at 10:30 with her "wall of perfume" that killed me immediately. Saw Dr Harris and decided the burning pain in my left calf was probably just part of my CFS. Emery's to find a painter doing the exterior trim. Farmers where I ran into Scotty who told me Ann and Russell were at a funeral and that Christopher broke his leg skateboarding in Taupo and the A&E sent them to hospital in Rotorua where they stayed a couple days. Scott looking for a dark green t-shirt for work as the one New World gives him looks a bit poofy. This after I had put my arm around him and told the clerk we were catching up and didn't need any help. So who comes out of the changing rooms but all four de Villiers, so we had a long visit, while Roché was trying to find new work clothes. I got the thermal underwear I wanted and also a pair of green cords. Hit a couple $2 shops, Whitcoull's where I got a deck of cards from Ann H and then Mitre 10 where I got a dehumidifier and sensor lights for inside garage. Dick Smith where I bought a smoke detector. Em's still not home so I went to Aldies' where I cleaned up David's computer while under the watchful eye of Taz. Trish gave me some food to get me through the 3 hours. Clark's. Mike used my question about Shumacher's weakness in his latest magazine Pitpass column. Caught up with Sophie - up on term break from Christchurch. Charlotte using salt solution to combat her nasal/sinus problems. Had supper with them and we unanimously dumped the Unison 2001 cabsav/merlot/syrah and moved onto an Alan Scott 2002 Pinot Noir. Mike and I played "Rock Fever" where you win a Back Stage Pass and when Sandy got home from getting Alex who just flew in from Wellington joined. Busy day and got home at midnight.
2005 Perfumed Cath over. Gail and I went to Paul's for TP. Watched Kiwis lose ANZAC test.
2006 Ian stopped in with an umbrella to be made into a pancho. 50 laps in the cold pool water. Ran into V-8's traffic at the Pukekohe Golf Club and it took me 15 minutes longer to get to Papakura. We got to the stadium in time to watch a guy propose to his girl. Great game for a change with a win (match report). Listened to Twins 12 - Angels 10 (Cuddyer walk-off homer in 10th). Made a SPELD badge graphic.
2007 Ian and Susi came for lunch and British Grand Prix race. I spun off on second corner, got blocked and bided my time in last place until the time came to make my move. David won and I ended up in 2nd. Poor Susi spun off 7 times and came last. Ian tossing two magnets in air to make them "buzz".
2009 email and photos from Florence. Emery's where we spent three hours and couldn't get MYOB going on new computer, even with two calls to helpline and paying for the useless advice. Long afternoon and I got home after dark. PICC line was removed today and all the associated equipment and meds were taken by district nurse.
2011 F - Gail and David back from Waiheke. Played Alhambra and then Sequence. Had Chinese for supper. David and Gail went to Minis'.
2012 Su - Skunked. Alhambra. skunk
2013 M - We played Monopoly - the Card Game with David.
2014 T - Lunch with Paul and Irene. Heard all about Seeka from Tazmania who takes anything in their house without asking - drinking ALL the red wine and eating anything chocolate. Skunked. skunk
2015 W - B12 from Kaye then Giles who says my sugar level is excellent. Skunked. Had a momentary panic setting up the computer and I had to find cables and converters for the monitor. skunk
2016 F - Up at 12:15PM and Ian was long gone. Scrabble at Anna's. 40 minute walk around the long block at 5PM to get back at dark. Lost the cribbage game.
2017 Sa - Carcassonne (yuckie L & P cookie), curry and Burgundy.
2018 Su - Watched Bruce Almighty.
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