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1959 Mama took us to a laundramat. Painted my First Aid kit box. Organized my Chamber of Commerce info packs [ed. - for Social Studies we each had to send away to a city and ask for information. I of course sent to a few and when all these brochures, post cards, maps, newspapers came flooding back the collector in me was hooked. I got out my atlas and proceded to mail off requests to every city with a population over 100,000. It was like Christmas in summer - our mailbox was stuffed everyday for a month or so]. Played baseball with Kincy. Cleaned popsicle sticks [ed. - we would wander the neighborhood roadsides and collect them, together with bottle caps and cigarette packets and matchbooks. I recall that the first person to see (or step on?) a cigarette pack got to slug the other guy in the arm while yelling out "Lucky Strike"].
1960 Washed the clothes [ed. - ringerwasher, so you had to fill, wash drain, refill, rinse and wring]. Played basketball at Fair's. Mr Roed and Mr Fair cut down a giant cottonwood in Roed's yard and all the kids watched the major project. [ed. - there were 10 of these trees, now they have all been removed].
1961 Su - High = 74°F. Kincy and I threw darts. Dairy Queen after Mass. Dad took a petition around neighborhood to get our block put onto city water. Mom, Angi and I cleaned the attic. Steve home from up north and we shot firecrackers off with Kincy.
1963 Shots at Breth's. Played keep-away with Karen and Daneeta. Signe said Linnea can't sleep over and that she can't go with me to Linnea's. Fair's are moving in 10 days. Denny over at Newstrom's (Gene's mother died) and he checked out the clubhouse.
1967 Su - Farm: Went to church with Grandpa and Rose, then back to the field camps to make breakfast. Hung around shooting rifle before taking down the camp. Dropped Steve and Mark off at their farm.
1970 Murphy couldn't get out of bed so I went to 4B to pacify them and one of the Canadian girls ended up taking them for art which was okay with the boys. Rehearsal - Arthur was all bedecked out in his Hannibal outfit and almost everyone came, even Ken and Colleen. But when she heard that Murray had decided that he can play Selma better than her she looked very distressed. It was a very sickening thing to see happen and for stupid reasons.
1971 Jesoni and Sayasi came up to trade stamps. I bought a beautiful tapa Tongan 4' x 6' from Saiasi Nuku for $4 after two days of bargaining (he wanted $5 and I started at $3.60). Food store - 172 pounds of butter missing in past 6 weeks. Everybody seems to be out flying a kite today. Made mouth guards, which I used to floride my teeth.
1972 Went to Korovou with Murphys for an Indian firewalking ceremony to honor the goddess Devi. 12 walkers and the whole thing lasted about 15 minutes. [ed. - still waiting for copies of the photos that John promised. In 2011 I was able to get copies of Ken Atmore's: see one].
1973 Gail went ahead to the bus while I waited for mail that never came. Bought a couple bottles of Cold Duck (sparkling red wine) and waited another half hour for the bus which went right past us. Found out that it only stops at the depot; luckily we were able to get booked on the 3PM bus, so we went back home and played pool. Waited half an hour in Hamilton for Gurmit who brought us to the Forsman farm which is about 8 miles north. Pink house on a hill [ed. - I learned later that pink is the color of primer paint]. When we opened one of the Cold Ducks it exploded all over the kitchen (shaken too much on ride?). Not a good start with the family. Gary is a 4th generation kiwi, his great-grandfather being a founding father.

1974 Bridge club at lunch. After school practice with girls - "Meteors". Basketball committee meeting. I signed up for the NZIB Coaching Association. Eagles Yellow voted "Most Improved" team. I was put onto the Summer League committee.
1975 Softball tournament at 7:30PM. Lost to K+W 11 - 5. I went 1 for 4 - little dribblers. Scored a run.
1977 Dinner at Aldersons with Sanders. Good Montana Mont Royale bubbly. Delwyn and Nadine babysat.
1978 Su - Manurewa heated pool with Aldies. Ne was on her own using water wings. Aldies came for supper with take-aways.
1979 M - Finished reading The Long Valley. Colored with the kids.
1980 W - Put the kids' double desk together. Slumberland to order a mattress. Maplewood Mall to pick up a phone. Put the steel shelving together.
1981 Th - Streasicks' for a walleye supper, followed by baseball in their back yard with the kids.
1982 F - Annual review with John - averaged Exceeded Performance Outcomes [form and Eliason memo] and John is very happy with me. Afternoon with the recruits ragging on Cathy. They like my "air-raid mentality" description of the way she operates. Box from NZ with a speaker, my lyrics notebooks [ed. - tossed in 2011 because I can find it all on the Net now]. Letter and wedding photo from Dianne.
1983 Sa - Read Vitamins for Better Health.
1984 M - Got up at 6:15AM to get a good start at work. But the battery was dead - so I took the bus for the first time ($1.15) at 7:06AM. Chatted to Larry Benson on the way. Met with Sharon McCollam at long last and she gave me a list of 18 problems to fix on the code sheet. Took the wrong bus home and had to walk from Ivystone and Isle [ed. - Cottage Grove names streets in an area with the same first letter - we lived in the "I" area on Ironwood.] Shots. Picked up slides at KMart and we looked at them.
1985 T - Doug scaled my teeth with his new ultra-sonic. Rick Hanson came to try to solve a formatting problem in a Burroughs to IBM conversion. Made Ne up as a clown for St Mary's book night.
1986 W - Gail brought kids to their First Reconcilliation. Finished reading Encyclopedia of Rock Volume 3 - The Sounds of the Seventies.
1988 Taped "The Complete Beatles" and "21 Years of NZ Music".
1989 Ne at NZ Catholic Schools Netball tournament that St Mary's won - best in the North Island. We brought the dogs to Prince Edward park for a walk. David and I got earrings for Ne at Choice.
1990 Walked to Lady Luck Casino for a $2 all you can eat brunch. Mom played giant slot machine while David illegally taped it (video). We left at 1:30PM. Short drive to reach Hoover Dam and stopped for photos and video. Four hours to reach Prescott, stopping north of it for a few more photos and video. Joyce moving slowly, but Dick in great shape (video) - aside from his c-bag. We heard all about it over supper. The house is next to a highway and will soon be surrounded by many houses in Cliff Rose. Lucky very chubby and steals items, especially shoes, and hides them under the table for ransom (video).
Dam and

1991 Brought Gail to Middlemore for a chest X-Ray. Finished M33 in Andromeda.
1992 Finished reading Corridors of Time.
1996 T - Got budget squared away with Denice, Roy out to set up a network in Print Room. Former pupil of mine, Douglas Fowler, doing a "section" at school, so we caught up. He is a geography teacher. His wife, Vanessa, works for Doug.
1997 W - Day 44 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 Th - First "ghost" of a workstation took 2½ hours. Talked to Senad and found out that he spent 8 years in Bosnia with his grandparents. Doug over and joined me for supper then we played lyrics.
1999 F - Audrey's where I completed rebuild of her computer, then Sandspit: Rm 14. email from Nick (now HOD Computing). Emery gave me a Goofy Sipper.
2000 Su - Called Dad and heard the difficulty in finding Yukiko at airport MacDonalds. Spoke to her briefly and then to Chris, Angi and Johnny. Sophia, across road, asked if I would mow her lawns. Whites over for German Grand Prix. Brought Ne to Brundell's where she will stay for 3 weeks. Setup his new computer and has a lovely meal with him (excellent Wyndham '98 cab sav).
2001 Dropped the van off at panelbeaters. Megan's to try to speed up her computer. email from Judy describing her great time at Bechyn festival.
2002 Bob continued with his stories: turns out that he worked at Cedar Point Resort on North Star Lake, so he knew about Birkeland's cafe in Marcell. Checked out the Hi Vee store near Joyce's new digs and everything was cheaper than in the cities. Got some mini raspberry filled rolls to share with everyone, stocked up on fruit for Haubrich visit and picked up a Cap'n Crunch Choco Donuts. Sleepy Eye and found Eloy's apartment. We stopped at the bank so I could give Lori an anniversary card. Lunch (chicken sandwich) at Hardee's and then four hours at his place scanning photos and we only scratched the surface of what he has. Over to Lori's to look at the grandparents' wedding photo on the wall and two small ones of Rose as a baby. From there we drove through a lightning thunderstorm to get to the Jackpot Junction Casino, where we waited until Jerry joined us for a buffet supper. Joined by Joe Malecek (dad's cousin), who lives at the casino, knows everyone and has stories galore. Our server, Keven Smith, knew Jerry from being driven to school by him for so many years. Also met Galen Kodet who was manning the coat "check" room (which I thought was appropriate). Managed to find my way in the dark and rain from the casino to cousin Suzie's farm.
Aunt Rose

2003 1st email from Rosalie Devcich (taught her at Rosehill) now living in Sydney. Roofers back to blast house and we had leaks galore upstairs. Struck up a conversation with Roulesh at bank who is an Indian from Lautoka. Audrey's for a gin & tonic and did some more computer lessons.
2004 F - Up at 8:30AM as Graeme began doing my room today. We got the framing put up. Had lunch with Graeme and heard more about his Canadian adventures, as did Gail when we all had coffee when she got home. She then skunked me. Audrey's to meet Sally, young Jack Russell, and sort things out on the old computer. Gail and I visited Trish before going to Hickford's for TP.
2005 Clark's to get my jacket. Warriors final home game and Stacey Jones emotional send off. Got a SJ face mask. Ann and I had a photo taken with Richard Villasanti and Lance Hohaia. Had a 4 - 0 lead with 20 minutes left only to lose 4 - 16. Had four tries disallowed!
2006 Gail and I went to Clarks' for lunch. Met a beauty therapist, Sharon (and daughter Charlotte), who was training Alex. Heard some stories of their San Fran trip (impressed with American flags on all the houses and the bums hanging around in ritzy areas). Hector, the kune-kune, was chasing Star, the horse, around the paddock. Emery's to drop off some inorganic and show off the new car.
2007 Finished reading The Third Eye. email from Herbert - their house burgalled while they were in Europe. Painted David's lower ceiling.
2008 Watched Chuck. Dale Oliver "man of the match" article.
2009 Th - email from Julie M (photo-a-day). Letter from Dad (big arthritic pains). Brought Gail to Smithies to get our veggie garden supplies. Joan's to do some computer training. Watched The Brothers Grimm.
2010 F - Emery's for Wendy's and then TP at Mike's.
2011 Sa - email to Sean F and he replied with photos of his folks. email from Anton Welsh, out of the blue. Fairburns and Larry over for a walk through with me pointing out things. Most of it outside and a long time on the pool maintenance. Let the girls play pool while we were doing that. Nathan expressed an interest in Goofy, so I let him choose one of my extra items. Dominion after supper. Watched Warriors 26 - Penrith 12 (flashy play by Locke).
2012 M - Dominion. Watched Transporter 3.
2013 T - DSE to get a second radio/cassette/CD with mp3 conversion. Then New World for prunes and onto 3B to prune bougainvillea. Got skunked. Watched Take Three Girls which had a very young Jo from "Man About the House". skunk
2014 W - Completed my first PixiePit game with Anna. Carcassonne. Finished reading The Kill Clause. Watched Amadeus DVD that I bought. Skunked Gail.
2015 Th - Pruned (mostly flax). Lost cribbage game.
2016 Sa - Anna's to fix her phone's ring flasher. 55 minute walk. Carcassonne, curry and Survive.
2017 Su - Terraforming Mars, supper, Istanbul and Indian TTR. Desli left and we did TTR-Swiss a couple times.
2018 M - Up at 8:30AM (fell asleep after 2AM) to meet plumber who said he'd come back at 3PM when water can be turned off. Terraforming.
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