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1959 Badminton with Kincy. I made a pitching rubber, home plate and a backstop. Baseball with Billy and Kincy.
1960 I got the baby squirrel from Kincy to keep for the weekend. Steve, Billy, Kincy and I played checkers.
1961 Postcard from Steve. High = 73°F. Whiffle ball with Bill and Chris. Kincy back with firecrackers.
1963 Bought I Didn't Mean to Hurt You" by the Shirelles. Steve's and then home. Called Linnea and Bill.
1965 Steve, Kincy and I returned from Marcel. Kincy, Judy, Terri and I went to miniature golf and it was great fun.
1967 Chris, Steve and I went to Jerry's to pick up Steve and Mark. Had a tour of the farm and ate lunch. Redwood Falls and while we were looking for Grandpa and Rose's new house we ran into him at Katie's. He gave us a tour of the house. Set up the camp at the farm, Chris and Mark sleeping in the tent and the Steves and I out in the open. We had a walkie talkie and cut in on some guy from Civil Aviation for awhile. When it got dark we went down to the big rocks in the river and had a fireworks display. Worked our way back going through the woods and ended up in a cacti patch.
1970 Staff meeting: library fine system (no one pays and most books are stolen). St John's over for a rugby game against Suva Grammar. Two Canadian couples arrived and camped at McDougall's. Going away party for Arthur at Murphy's. I hung around with Isikeli and Jone [ed.- bursar]. Bob Hunt in fine form insulting everyone including me.
1972 Buckets with Jesoni, Penny and Gail. Murph's for golf, beer, hot shower and a meal.
1974 In Science we looked at a movie on bromine.
1975 Doctor declared David's illness as a "5th infection". Tournament game at 9PM. Beat Breberg 13 - 7. 2nd the whole game. Struck out, sacrifice to center, two singles up the middle. Scored on Bernie's homerun and drove in 2.
1976 Lloyd gave me a ride to school. Jr Basketball: Dragons beat Saints and are the girls champions. Raiders knocked off Bishops and Brendon was upset with David M's reffing. Crusaders beat Saints when Lorraine Howe put the ball through the wrong basket. Trish visited. Brought Te to basketball and he got upset when I wouldn't let him throw the ball onto the court. He had a good old scream. Doug picked us up, had a beer and left. Watched Maude.
1977 Mr J told us that the Maths Dept got very high ratings from the inspectors. 3S had a contest on brackets. Meeting with Kelvin Taylor who is taking over 3U next term. First meeting of the Rosehill radio station students and Eric Anderson. Michael Whistler and I set up all the radio gear in the bookroom. 4H had a contest on decimals.
1978 Sa - Doug over to watch a 3 hour Elvis special.
1979 Su - Alan Benson over and he and David took the train out and around the block. Ne wandered off and visited two 6 yr old Australian girls around the corner. Beethoven had a trim by a Mr Horn in Ramarama.
1980 T - Towns to load trailer with our stuff. Unloaded it at townhouse then over to mom's to get the last of our stuff there. While unloading at the townhouse met Lee Carrington. Returned the trailer and then back to mom's with Big Macs. David went into wrong house, they all look the same. Set up the kitchen table, brought file cabinets up and tried to set up a work corner. Put together the room divider and the entertainment center. At 11:30PM a tornado warning came so we were in the basement for half an hour.
1981 W - David and I went to Target where he bought 12 dinosaurs and a Strawberry Shortcake coloring book for Ne.
1985 Made our big presentation to Nigel Evans, Derek Harries and John Varney. It went over well, almost swayed to IBM based on cost issues. Basically the original plan that Varney made was the way we will go. Every change that Alan made was removed. Whole thing degenerated into Harries and Varney slugging it out over purchasing problems. Bruce Cave tried to convert a program from PLC to IBM. David and I went shopping. Brought Gail supper at school where she was doing interviews and brought her home at 8:30PM.
1987 An hour with Dave Edwards who is doing a BIAIT (Business Information Analysis and Integration Technique) study.
1988 Peter Taylor assured me that a car is in the offing - maybe two months. And they may give me a promotion - yeah, sure. I met Anil's brother-in-law who's working for Geoff Beales. We chatted for 15 minutes and he seems to be an okay guy. Stayed until 7PM and met a real friendly Maori cleaning girl, who went with Whites to a fashion show. Ne Got up at midnight to watch the Coca-Cola 48 hours rock n roll weekend begin with a 12 hour salute to Mandela.
1990 Left Yuma at 9AM, heading out on 95 North. Bought a book on cactii, jewellry, Mexican jumping beans and pewter items at Hardies in Quartzite, AZ. Into California and stopped to explore cactii (photo and video). Joshua Tree National Monument (video). Into Nevada. Sonic drive-in at Henderson for a late lunch. Made Las Vegas and the El Cortez Hotel & Casino at 4:30PM. Even though we were way early Mom was waiting at the front desk. Had a free supper, then worked our way to the elevator, but we weren't moving fast enough, so security kicked us out. Drove (video) over to Circus Circus - boring acts once every hour (video). There was a kids area and had good variety. We split up to meet in 30 minutes, leaving the kids there. Gail and I lost our $10 straight away. Had to wait a further 2 hours until we located mom and forced her to stop (she had won a $640 jackpot). Drove to The Mirage after midnight to look at the royal white tigers. Front desk was about 100 yards long with a floor to ceiling aquarium behind it (video). Back to El Cortez around 1:30AM.



1991 Skunked Renee. Finished reading Let Sleeping Vets Lie.
1992 Removed kitchen wallpaper in preparation for painting the ceiling. Cribbage when Gail got back from visiting Maureen Pendergast (in sad shape with MS). Made the "Oldie but Goodie" birthday card. David Hawkins, running for Mayor, in paper.
1993 Set up Lego software onto a computer for Des and Nick to try out. 1992 Music & Video Yearbook came. I made supper. Doug over for Rock Fever and we listened to his Their Satanic Majesties Request.
1995 White's - They were off to bid on a microwave and ended up buying a box of Hershey's chocolate instead. Won the German Grand Prix on last move. Couple rubbers of bridge after supper with an acid '94 Corbans Rhine Reisling.
1997 T - Day 43 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
2000 deVilliers over and we played Pigmania. Brundell over to talk to them about South Africa.
2001 Spanish Grand Prix and I had my typical race. Loaded laptop with graphics packages and tried them out.
2002 Up at 10:30AM and was able to send the birthday girl (Patty) off to work. Worked on compiling all the family news from yesterday. Patty came home with a "German" meal from the Kaiserhoff for me. Went to get photos of Joyce's apartment at Realife - met Rodney, the maintenance man. who was fixing her toilet. Followed by a tour of New Ulm and stopped in to see their trailer home. Cheryl stopped in on her way home from work for a visit. Joyce called. She got food poisoning from the mall Chinese food. Had people from Minnesota look at the house twice, so that sounds good.

2003 emails from "A" - Arlene with more questions organizing her trip to NZ, Angi who is happy at her new job and Audrey who has Outlook problems. Read "The Long Watch" and "Gentlemen Be Seated" both by Heinlein. Night class - I couldn't get alarm off so we had class in B Block. Covered file management and fonts.
2004 email from Roxane with many photos from Alyssa's wedding. Marion's who had forgotten about me again... we removed Spooner.A virus. Home to pick up Clark's computer and Brundell arrived. Had to leave him as I was late. Spent time with Trish over a cup of tea. She had just brought David home from intensive care - had three seizures last week. Billie had attacked cowardly Cuda, so blood all over house. Graeme's to look at photos of his Canadian trip and got a scanner installed so he can email pics back to his son Daniel. Finally made it to Clark's around 9PM to return Alex's computer. Played RnR Trivial Pursuit while enjoying an omlette courtesy of Sandy. Poor Mike couldn't find any Drambuie.


2005 WFSN - removed network card as computer kept shutting down. Bell's to install software. "Thank You" (for tee shirt) card from Sophie. College with Ann and Russell where we joined Ian, Susi (McGuigan 04 Shiraz) and Nick Downes for TP in support of Hockey. Had the lead until the Sports round. Finished 3pts out from 1st. Chose golf balls that I will give to Russell.
2007 Had a soak in the hot tub and sure enough, Francine shows up, just as she did a couple years ago. Cleared Bob's racing books that Mike may like to have. We got home around 3PM. email from Rosalie with photos from Drury Reunion: Sarah Hirst - Rosalie / Rosalie - Tessa Bolton / Margaret - Sue Baker. Finished Greek Coffin Mystery. Played Upwords. Watched The Sin Eater.
2008 Up at 9AM so I could get the Charade in for WOF at 10:30AM. Only that is when the phone techie decides to come (not the 4PM as arranged). Took about 30 minutes to track the fault to the outside junction box, so we don't have to pay. Nothing wrong with the car, so I was off to Pukekohe and Briscoe's to return the crock pot Gail bought and got a heater and dehumidifier instead. Copy Plus to finish processing PC-1 - met Gena. Got a magazine article that Steve N has written. Watched What's Really In Our Food?.
2009 W - Clark's to catch up with Sandy (back operation) and look at computers.
2010 Th - Cleaned the house for Clare's inspection at 3PM. Listened to the Twins 7 - Chicago 6 in 10th inning on Thome's walk-off.
2011 F - Thome hit 600. Lawyer's only to have the receptionist get us to sign a form. Ian over for Dominion.
2012 Su - Dominion. Watched Endeavour. Stayed up to watch the Warriors blow their 6th straight in the final minute.
2014 T - Watched Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman on line.
2015 W - After supper we played Concordia and Kingdom Builder.
2016 F - Anna over for Scrabble. Mombasa.
2017 Sa - Bora Bora then Stone Age. Mexican supper from Barrio Brothers - I had chicken/jalepino salad and shared great calamari. Istanbul with both expansions then Terraforming with all cards. Gail went to bed and we finished off with Kingdoms. As we watched I explained AFL to David - Swans beat Dockers by 100. Finished reading Girl in the Spider's Web
2018 Su - Up at 11:30AM. email to Steve. Weeded. Watched Warriors lose to last place Bulldogs by 1 point in last minute.
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