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1959 Played crash with Billy, Paul and Chris. Jump rope at Kathy's. Then we played raiders and swung around at Signe's. Billy and I played pitch-first against Fair's house.
1960 Kincy and Laurie over and we played Video Village, Rummy and Scrabble. They ate lunch at our place and then we got Kincy's camping gear. I went to Gary's to help him pack. Kincy and I played pitch-first against Newstrom's garage. Sandra, Signe, Lynn, Angie, Kincy and I played Video Village. Kincy slept over and we searched the skies for Echo. I beat him at checkers and chess.
1961 High = 80°F. Whiffle ball with Steve, Chris and Danny. Darts with Steve. 500 rummy at Steve's. Talked to Kelley for 2 hours about baseball.
1963 Su - Worked my first Vikings game and made $10.50 (much better than baseball game). Saw Ken Santos, Ball and Tom Jeffery there. Kincy's to play football and canasta, and Signe's for a couple hours.
1968 Steve brought his Triumph over and we went on a picnic with his folks and the Paquays at Highland Lake park. Met the Roeds doing the same. Steve and I went Putt-Putting.
1970 We had a dress rehearsal for "Holy Hell" and it was great.
1971 Official opening of new biology lab. NZ High Commissioner, Sir John Grace, did the ribbon cutting. Suva with Whites and Waqa Bauleka. Picked up Susi's brother-in-law at Korovou. Ran into Seini and talked for a while. Haircut. Found Whites and looked for earrings. We stopped at about six places on way home. After chow at Whites we had a dress rehearsal for "Happiest Days of Our Lives" in the chapel.
1972 Boys gave Jemesa a gift at chapel and he gave them an earful about their chapel behaviour. Bob and I did a kit check as boys left. Whites for bridge. Ian and I won.
1973 Worked on garden and played cribbage. Painted Spiro Agnew portrait - first one on canvassy-type paper - the previous had been done on cardboard.
1975 Painted a sea monster for Te. Cosby had a manualist on who played songs with his hands. Snyder covered bimbos.
1976 Aldies brought us to Papakura Town and Country day. I bought 21 45's for 10¢ each. After the parade went to Aldersons for a little golf with Doug. After lunch there we were brought home. Basketball: Rebels beat Cagers 55 - 16. Played first half and had 4 points. WEREwolves lost to Rovers 34 - 30 in overtime after being ahead 20 - 13.
1979 Sa - Played "To Grandmother's Home we Go" and David won. Ne said she asked herself if she could have an apple.
1980 M - Carver to register David. Met principal Mr Karnith and secretary, Mrs Waller, showed us around.
1982 W - Fished all day and night. Gail got a big perch and Ne caught the most. David cast his rod into the lake and we couldn't retrieve it. Lunch on the boat. Cleaned the fish. David and I went into the woods to find him a new pole. Set up the tent. Colored with kids. A snapping turtle going from bog to lake was surrounded by kids and dogs. Back out after supper (with a soda pop like Reunite rosé) and got 4 bluegills. Rain came but kids still wanted to sleep in the tent. Ne came in at 1AM but we sent her back.
1983 Th - 12 albums from Columbia House arrived [ed. - all for a total of $1] including Go-Gos' Beauty and the Beat. Watched Reggie episode Its My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To.
1984 Sa - In NZ: Details.
1985 Su - Ian and I drove to the university to check out the NZECS display and sit in on a couple lectures. Met Rob Green who is having a great time at New Plymouth where he is in charge of bringing in computers. Also met Dean Hoskings and Pam Weber of MDL and made it clear to them that some day in the future I might like to talk to them. Heasley had dropped in while we were out and he came by with Ilaitia for a short visit and to pick up his stuff. Ian, David and I played Wizards' Quest.
1987 Ian called and I told him to be patient. Postcard from cousin Steve in Vienna.
1988 Team briefing and Peter quoted what Blair had said about IS and mentioned the Info Center 3 times and that impressed my staff that we finally are acknowledged. Spent the whole afternoon on the phone to Powercorp. I had to sort out Framework and dBase problems. David spent night at Bombay with his Dungeons & Dragons friends.
1990 Towns brought us through the beautiful Granite Dells (video) on our way across Mingus Mountain (video). We stopped at Jerome, a ghost town that once had been Arizona's capital (video) thanks to the local mining wealth. We had a look at the mining museum and wander through several shops (video). Down to Sedona in the Verde Valley, home of the rich and famous. We had lunch in a dive called Friendly Bob's Restaurant. I had a rueben sandwhich. Next stop Chapel of the Holy Cross, built into the side of a rock outcrop, which is among the many red rock formations photo and video. Strolled through the very chic Tlaquepaque Village where I found a bronze Goofy key holder. Back in Prescott I bought 10 cartons of Pall Mall at the Yavapai Indian Reservation, tax free, to bring to mom. Gail and I walked along the highway a mile to a church. Looked at Town's photo albums. When I ironed my shirts Dick had to come and see it. Had a bad Christian Brothers rosé with supper.


1993 4 hours on my back in B12 as I took the tables apart and moved the network wires under. Gail went to Valentine's with staff to farewell Vicki Singh (sent back to India by NZ government). David and I had a Mexican takeaway. Clark's to with a video card, put games on and show him how to print using EDIT.
1994 Gail went to a staff do at Nancy Hawks. Doug over for Rock Fever.
1995 TP at Ronda's with Bev.
1997 M - Day 49 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 T - Finished ghosting workstations. Helped Yu Ching on internet. Krassi came at 5PM to do profiles and security.
2000 F - Roché called: Brundell stopped in at Shirley's sister's restaurant in South Africa. Three hours giving Bob Needham internet lesson. TP at Houghton's.
2001 Dad called. Gail and I picked up Ne in Papakura and visited Ann and Russell. Cribbage - Gail stopped my 9 game winning streak. Read "In Youth There is Pleasure" by Maurice Duggan. Long talk with Trish. White's for a few rubbers of bridge while watching the All Blacks beat South Africa. Champagne virus on my computer.
2002 Slept as best I could in the smoke filled house (tried to stay totally under the covers) and got up at 11AM. Went through the monster Sunday paper. Went to Mystic Lake Casino with Mom and Bob for a meal - great selection and first class quality chow. Bob couldn't find his way back to our table the first time. Mom stashed food into her huge purse.
2003 Paid the car re-licence ($217) fee. Afternoon with Jasmine figuring out how to use the AlphaSmart and setting up an email account and sending one to Suzy Cato. Met Jon's friend, Colin, who drove trucks in US 4 years and his partner's son, Cody. Brundell's where we (Deb) cleaned up the SoBig virus, had supper, looked at digicams, backed up and scanned.
2004 Gib-stopped my room ceiling. Postcard from Jackie who is really getting into New York and from the Cathos on way to Brittany. email from Linda L getting into Creative Memories bigtime. And one from Harlan who is hoping to get up north before it freezes. Town to renew license for car ($200). Got waste pipe and put it in for the washing machine drain. The main drain blocks due to fat put down the sink, so I keep unblocking it with a wire. Possum eating Indian bead tree bark. Brundell over for supper with an excellent Spy Valley '02 Savignon Blanc. He visited Berthe today and got her to call me.

2005 Mark Plasha [haven't seen him since DLS 1964] exchanged emails. Began rebuilding Ann H's computer. Letter from mom with photos. Gail went to see Irish Rovers with Ann and Russell.
2006 email from Monique who is now a grandmother, Flo giving birth to Maxence. email to Fiona, who also had a boy last week. Couple hours with Elaine B doing photo management. Front tooth filling out again (last less than 2 years each time). TP at Mike's.
2007 email to Doug and Mel (Amy born last week). Whites over for 3 rubbers of bridge: I played one hand and was set, Gail played one and won... the rest of the evening was "pass".
2011 Th - Brightside Hospital: Craggy perfumed nurse, Ricky, for the morning stretch. Sharon P, from Papakura, in the evening. Finished Crime and Punishment. I was cold and the night nurse, Merema, brought a heater. Tried my Hindi on her and we ended up talking about being a Gujarati in NZ.
2012 Sa - Gail and Ne went to Tokaroa to pick up a poodle. Moved a bucket of stones, but instead of petanque I had to bring petrol to Gail and Ne who were waiting at McLaren Falls park with "Muppet". Not the 20 minute drive because 29 closed and I detoured into Bethlehem. Gals went dog stuff shopping and left the pooch with me. She just laid by the door. Goofy sticker and card from Stephen W. Paul and Irene stopped in (here for Tania's second child's arrival) and regaled us with stories from recent trip: LA airport (fingerprint check [Paul is missing one], moneybelt problems with body scanner and Paul strip searched), Denver (fires and floods), Isle of Man (no interest in tourists) and Czech Republic (6 witches from a market). Plus the story of how Chris caught Irene's mother's cleaner in the act of stealing money with a hidden video camera.
2013 Su - Finished Country Music: White Man's Blues. Alhambra. Watched Salt.
2015 T - Kingdom Builder. Box set of two Perrin series came today. Quick Hippy Birthday card for Heather S. To show how inactive I have been, I am at my heaviest (75.8Kg) in many many years.
2016 Th - Mahjongg here and I had a wee nap. Won the cribbage game.
2017 F - Bayfair to get Lotto winnings, $5 notes and groceries. Turned veggie garden. Main building to bring pull tabs and get books. Watched Kong: Skull Island.
2018 Sa - Ne and I split winning at Ludwig with KFC between. Watched Angel From Hell.
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