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1957 Postcard from Mom - family is in South Dakota. I was staying at the farm.
1959 Played army - headquarters in the garage. Sarg. - Billy and Paul, Corp - Chris and privates - Jerry and Angie.
1960 Kincy and I were up at 6AM to take bus into Minneapolis to have a look around De La Salle. Went bowling at the Lincoln Lanes. I got 115 and 83. Chris learned how to ride a bike. Luxury with Gary - he bowled 170, 173 and 134. Sandra, Signe, Angie and I played Video Village and Scrabble.
1961 High = 81°F. Steve and I playing so many games of 500 rummy we decided do a game to 5000. His cousin Denny was over and we played whiffle ball.
1963 Called Signe. Went to JC Penney and bought pants and shirt.
1970 School pictures. Went through dorms looking for library books. Put on "Holy Hell" using the school portico, since it was felt that such an unreligious play could not be performed in the chapel. Huge success, we had the boys howling with laughter with our hamming (Details). After we washed up we went to McDougal's to drink and sing until 2AM when we had eggs and ham. Arthur made a farewell address doing Winston Churchhill and split my gut. Everyone was congratulating everyone, even the ones who didn't think the play was funny before we put it on. Home at 4AM.
1971 Collected textbooks then library. Sailosi V scrubbed down the kitchen. Dinner with Dick and Roko. Put on "Happiest Days of Our Lives" for the boys. It was terrible - many hesitations and jumps over lines. Lulu, cat, wandered across the stage. Epeli was the only good one. John McIntyre had a seizure - luckily, after we finished. Cleaned up and down to Hayson's for chow and a drink.
1972 Afternoon playing bridge at Whites. Ian and I lost. Four of us went to end of term party at Jo's to farewell Epeli and Jemesa. I sat with Niu and Tueta the whole time. Joe obnoxiously loud with his guitar. Epeli said his "good-bye" (off to be 2nd Secretary at UN) and Bob presented him with a gift. Then Jemesa gave a bitter farewell and that kind of ended the party. Bob and I went to Whites and we talked until 2:30AM about being away from our homeland.
1973 Garden, cribbage and snooker. Painted another Yosemite Sam, this one to keep. Gail ran around block with me, then we played billiards.
1974 Finished reading The Disappearance. Heather McGhie visited. Gail came to the Y and shot baskets for an hour.
1975 Pilot light went out on furnace and I can't get it to go again. Cooked a chicken supper. Gail's first day at work and she came back with toys for David and stickers for me.
1976 Put insulation above Te's room. Bill and Paul dropped in and stayed for lunch. Paul gave me a supply of DJ jokes.
1978 Sa - Gail gives Ne and David a garden lesson (video). David gets the mail (video). Lamorna sat the kids while Gail and I went to Annabelle's for a meal with Joneses, Sanders and Terry & Jean. Mike made some furniture for Debbie Dorday (article), who is in charge of the cabaret acts.
1980 T - State Fair. Arrived at 10AM. Went through an old train with history of Fair displays. Listened to Blue Rock (band has a girl fiddler) with an audience of mostly farmers who tittered when they sang "Son of a Bitch". Interesting craft booths - wheat weaving. Beautiful oak furniture stall, Carter coins. Walked around The Midway and decided to do the Fun House ($4.80) which was tame, but the kids liked it. David tried his skill at "drag a line" and he got a coin purse. Rain reduced our choices of kiddie rides - they did get onto a car ride. Food house where we tried: Mandu wanton (like an egg roll), Indian fry bread, Folalfel, Egyptian pocket bread. 4H displays, Audubon, David didn't want to leave the model train displays. Childrens Farmyard had chicks on a ferris wheel. Looked at cows, pigs, and horses.
1981 W - Beat Curt and Paul. Had a nice cinnamon ice cream cone.
1982 Th - Fished first thing in morning with no luck - froze for 3 hours. Went to Bemidji where we stopped for photos by statues. Gail and kids went on a Tilt-A-Whirl. Ne loved it. In the Chamber of Commerce we saw all the oversized objects that Paul Bunyan used. Also had a stuffed Lobo, legendary deer killer wolf. At the Indian Trading Post we bought gifts and I got choke cherry jelly. Pamida where I got a collapsable water jug and a filet knife. Had lunch in Lake Bemidji State Park. Did the Rocky Point track and there where we found an infestation of thousands of catepillars. Stopped at a tourist place so Gail could get wild rice and I bought dewberry jelly, Chaching and Assam teas and stickers. Gail got an leather choker and a bird house kit. Back to resort at 7PM. Quick supper and out in the boat - only teenie fish caught. A pair of loons with a juvenile were near us. Had a fire in the woodburner while coloring with kids. Kids slept in the car after finding the tent too cold last night.

1983 F - Mom over with Ne's birthday gifts, including the "Magical Musical Thing". Much jewellry from Chris and Mary Ann.
1984 Su - Went to Mike's sister's (Jen and Pete) place in Tuakau via Kingseat hoping to see Mike's father, but he was out for a ride. Rudy Bakker is now a qualified pyschiatric nurse there. Other side of the motorway is all "pick your own" fruit and veggies. Reason we went was to watch a video of Mike's niece, Jackie's wedding and to down Penfold's '81 Cabernet Rosé.
1985 M - Mitchell brought Ian to the computer course in Auckland so I had a chance to say "hi" when he brought him home. Gail decided to buy 2 dogs at $200 each. Mike called with his thoughts on 62 Beach. Played "Pigmania" with Ian.
1986 Stodtarts delivered two book cases ($123 each) [ed. - using them in 2014] and the hutch. Dogs' routine - Gail goes to bed, they come into my den. Cabby usually goes to his bed but Monty stays with me.
1987 Got in late and told Norm that I "wasn't in". In walked Carole Johnston and Ian McInnes and Norm was going to train her on DW4. So I blew up and told him he was the hardware technician, not the software support guy. So instead of catching up I had to spend two hours with her. Spent the afternoon putting XT-22 together for Annette.
1989 Ginger back from vet and being kept in washroom over next four days to ensure she rests and has her medicine. Clarks over for a four bottle evening (cab sav: Karlsburg '81 [flat] & '84 [fruity but spritzy] and a Montana '86 [light]), chit-chat and barbeque.
1990 Mom and Janet both called to find out about our plans. Tak stopped in with a zuchinni.Went to JB's Family Restaurant on Sheldon Street for supper. Dick intent on getting his "all you can eat" sundae. Kids had two each. I had strawberry pie for my dessert. Jim and Colleen came down to visit.
1992 After cribbage Gail and I went for a walk. Finished reading Fern and the Tiki.
1993 Petrol at $3.57/gal (99¢/l)
1994 Finished TDL setups, fixed all Transition machines. Last one at school, so I set the alarm in C Block. It went off about ten seconds later. So I ran back but the controller said I am not allowed in C Block, so I can't stop it. Waited 15 minutes, but no one came so I went home with a migraine from the piercing siren. Ian and Matthew came. Brought Bev to Emery's for TP. Put educational games onto computer for Christopher. When I told him that I had brought candy, he said: "We bought candy, once".
1995 Brought Domo to Waitakere to see a kauri. Stopped at the new Info Center, which was like a museum. Ran into Sue and Paul Pommerade. Did the Nature Walk - 50 different plants in 20 minutes. Lunch at the kauri. Parakai Hot Springs. I went down the slides 7 times and gave up as there were too many little kids walking in them. Sat in the hot pool for an hour. Had supper there. Home to look at Fiji photos. David went to a Georgie Pie party. Gail called Cleary's at 11PM to complain about Sasha's barking.

1997 T - Day 50 of our 3 month journey around the world. See 1997 Trip Photo Journal.
1998 W - Bickertons came to see Mrs McIntyre about enrolling Lee, so I toured the school with them. Krassi came at 6PM to get internet going on the library network.
1999 Th - Hickford visited. Doug over with KFC. James making rude calls to Jill Stotter. David kicking Doug's legs. After he swam we played Rock Fever.
2000 Sa - Gail went to Brundell's to stay overnight with Ne. Ian came with a very good Vigneti de Sole '98 Valpoicella.
2001 Mike S had some work in the area so he stopped in for a short visit - Lia now a stewardess for Qantas.
2002 Watched Once Upon a Time in America. Glass of wine outside before we went to Chris' - now organized by Celia with everything labelled, so he can't find anything. Celia made us a great Filipino meal. Bob and mom left me there to look at the wedding photos and videos. Found out that his high school buddies call him Crease. He gave me the Goofy sucker.
2003 Night class and no data show so we crowded around one computer and I talked about monitors and spreadsheets.
2004 Brundell's to hack around with his latest Outlook problems. Marion's to inventory her system. Had a shot (David's air rifle) at a couple possums in the Indian Bead tree (chewing bark).
2005 Three hours at Bells' doing digicam with little Ryan's help. Made up a Malley Tabloid.
2007 Rushed to Papakura only to wait an hour for Russell to show up. It was 26,000 at the final Warriors home game. At half-time Stacy Morrison drove a four wheeler into the sidings at the end of the dj race. Warriors broke it open in second half and beat the second-place Manly 36-14. From there we went to visit Mike H at Middlemore. Took about half an hour to find him, as it did Ian, who was just leaving. Showed us where they took skin from his thigh for the graft on his lower leg. He hopes to be out this week, after a stay of 6 weeks. Watched The Man Who Lost His Head.

2008 email from David with photos from Houston. Postcard from Steph. Eric and helper think they have found and fixed our phone fault.
2009 W - Postcard from Florence, in Greece for a week with Denis. Listened to the Twins 9 - KC 3 (Cuddyer 2 homers in one inning). postcard
2011 F - Annemarie was my nurse and she pulled the drain tube from my belly. A few calls from Gail - settlement today and pool inspection holding things up, so she had to pay the bill and get a certificate to lawyer. She came in and we were left an hour early (3PM) by pleading traffic woes. Home for a real coffee. Spent the night on Gail's bed.
2012 Su - Photos from Paul of his latest grandchild, Kaden. Watched The Scarlet Pimpernal.
2013 M - Listened to the Twins at Cleveland where John Adams received an award on the 40th anniversary of his beating the drum (over 3000 games!). Skunked. Dominion. skunk
2014 T - Listened to the Twins 20 - White Sox 6. Split the cribbage games.
2015 W - 3B where I put up shelving in the garage. And tried to put up hooks in bathroom. Played Kingdom Builder and then home at 4PM. Russell called - he has retired and is looking around Ngtea for a place. Willie and Sue over and we taught them Dominion and Kingdom Builder while having an excellent Morton Estate 2011 Syrah. Watched Blondie Plays Cupid.
2016 F - Anna over for Scrabble. Walked back to get her Oddproj and heard for the third time about her fall. Lost cribbage game. Watched Partners, Clipped, DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode Magnificent Eight and Sin City Saints first episode The Fool Monty.
2017 Sa - Watched the All Blacks beat Australia 35 - 29 in an excellent game of footy.
2018 Su - Finished re-reading Complete Directory to Prime Time Network TV Shows. 34OC where I mowed the long wet grass, weeded along drive and removed roots from out front. Washing machine not spinning. Checked out Bev's key chain collection (up in garage). Gave Bev our Toyota one that I found under Yaris seat when I dropped the key. Put the Yaris in the garage to remove everything from it and give it a good cleaning inside and out.
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