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“Hilary Hall, an English School for boys is suddenly invaded - by girls! Charging in at the head of this "St Trinian's"-like horde is Miss Whitchurch, principal of St Swithin's, a girls' school which, due to a government botch-up, has been ordered to 'merge' with Hilary Hall. Miss Whitchurch is supported by her senior mistress, Miss Gossage. Determined to defend his school to the bitter end is Mr Pond, head of Hilary Hall”.

August 26, 1971


Hillary Hall

Headmaster - Godfrey PondJohn Malecek
Sporty Teacher - Richard TassellDick Hargrove
Stuffy Teacher - Rupert BillingsSimon Breeze
Student - Hopcroft MinorJemesa Robarobalevu
Caretaker - RainbowEric Sigston
St Swithin
Head Mistress - Evelyn WhitchurchPam Kacimaiwai
Stuffy Teacher - Miss GossageIan White
Sporty Teacher - Joyce HarperPauline McDougall
Student - Barbara CahounFran Breeze
Reverend Edward PeckIsikeli Koroi
Mrs PeckColleen Atmore
Mr SowterEpeli Kacimaiwai
Mrs SowterDianah Hayson
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Tassell  Pond  Billings


Whitchurch  Gossage


That's Murphy in background

Hopcroft Minor

The Pecks


The Sowters
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