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26 Aug 1970 - QVS Portico
Misc  Staff play put on for the boys.  Murray and I wrote it.  Unfortunately, no one took photos.  For some reason I have a strong vision of Jemesa dressed up as Frank Nitty.

Scene 1 - Satan and St Peter are at the pearly gates and famous characters come to be judged.
Scene 2 - feast being held in Hell for all the newcomers.

Original Outline
Final Script
Post Play - From my Diary
The Cast
EricCharlie Chaplin, Hitler
BrianSt Michael
DickSt Peter
IsikeliSamson, slave, pirate
PaulineDelilah, Cleopatra
PeterCorruption, Hannibal, slave, pirate, Igor
DianahFlorence Nightengale
John McBluebeard
SimonFrankenstein, Superman
JoneRepulsion, pirate
JemesaFrank Nitty